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Marabelle loves exploring Alternative topics. It may not be your everyday conversation, but interesting to say the least. 

We are looking to interview people who lead very interesting and intriguing lives by challenging the traditional belief systems in exploring alternative medicines, tarot, witchcraft, hypnosis, ghost hunters and conspiracy theorist.

This is just the short list!

We are also looking for reality television enthusiast, as well as 'Youtube Influencers'.

In addition to these topics, we are also looking for real life situations of people who have lived through challenges and how have you overcome them. If you've have dealt with difficult relationships, cheating, stalking, sexual harassment, rising up in business, starting your own business. We went to hear from you. Don't be shy.

If you fit into any one of the categories above and would like to be featured on the next Marabelle Blue Unfiltered Live please email

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