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Breaking Down the Couples in Married at First Sight Before Decision Day

Here's my breakdown of the couples as it stands from this weeks episode!

Vincent and Briana


· They are both driven.

· They both stand their ground.

· They show love for each other and have a true caring for one another, most times


· Vincent is too serious and he doesn’t know how to take a joke

· He’s too demanding about a time frame for house and children.

· He seems to lack the respect of Brianna’s health concerns

· Both he and Brianna have different ideas on how to spend money

Do I believe they will stay together? Yes, but for now.

I don’t think Dr. Pepper has a real grasp of what questions to ask when it comes to their relationship and the “unanswered” questions. For example, Brianna likes to get up early and Vincent wants to sleep in. Brianna wants to be able to share breakfast with him but he wants to rest.

This is not a realistic “unanswered” question unless it’s something that really gets in the way of their relationship or finding a compromise. A real issue is one partner likes to have sex and the other person does not. Sex plays a big part in relationships and we are seeing it with Ryan and Clara (more on them later). We don’t hear any issues when it comes to that.

But I think Vincent needs to put his controlling attitude about a time frame of house and family. One thing Brianna said last week was she wanted to be courted. Just because they are married in a most unconventional way, I completely agree with her. When they move out of that apartment and there are no more cameras following them around and messy Dr. Pepper knocking on the door talking about unanswered questions, they will have to figure things out. If I were in a relationship and needed counseling she would not be the person I call or recommend (sorry I had to put that out there).

If Brianna has never dated a Latin guy (sorry my Latin brothers but I’m going there), one thing about Latin men, they can be super controlling. I grew up with a very strict and traditional Latin father. In his world (and still) he was the only one who had the right to complain and/or set the rules. There were times he was not very open minded, so when I see Vincent having these standards of this is the way I wanted it, he might as well marry a robot who will just follow orders and not have anyone question him.

Now keep in mind, I’m seeing what everyone else is seeing but as everyone, we all have differences of opinion of what we are seeing on television.

If they do stay together, I don’t see a longevity in this relationship , only if it keeps going at the rate it is going.

Haley and Jake


· This is the part where I’m drawing a blank


· Too much arguing

· Too much disagreeing

· Too much crying

· The bracelet became a large factor of the relationship

Do I believe Haley and Jake will last? No.

Initially, Haley seemed to be interested in Jake but it was very short lived. He must have done something in Vegas that just put her off where she just lost interest in being a part of this relationship. It can’t be his “obsession” with the eighties. I can see by the look on her face, she’s not into him and I believe after they left Vegas, she didn’t have sex with him thereafter. She’s established a better relationship with Paige and Paige married Chris.

Even with the meetings with Dr. Pepper, Dr. Vivianna and their family and friends, no matter how many times Haley says she wants to work things out, I don’t believe her.

Even in their outings, it almost seems everything she does with him is superficial and I feel bad for Jake because I know he’s trying but it almost seems like a Chris and Paige situation in reverse without the narcissism. It’s nice we see them trying but it’s like watching two friends hanging out.

Jake has tried to make this relationship work, even trying to dress how Haley wanted him to dress. In addition, he has also put unrealistic expectations on himself because he wanted to have a successful marriage and the concerns about his age and having to start all over again. The fact is they both need to stop lying to themselves and move on. And give back the necklace, I mean bracelet. Putt Putt.

Ryan and Clara


· They seem to get along extremely well

· Ryan seems to accept Clara’s chattiness

· They both love to eat

· Clara has an extreme amount of patience


· Ryan never said he loved anyone and too much focused on trust

· Ryan is too much focused on religion and Clara is not

· They are not having sex

· Ryan is too analytical

· Wonders if Ryan is a virgin (not really a con)

Do I believe Ryan and Clara will last? No.

Ryan and Clara are too opposite. Ryan is the type of person he seems to want things in precise moments instead of allowing spontaneity in his life. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying moments instead of analyzing each detail.

The thing with religion is a big deal and it can break this relationship big time. Once again, it doesn’t surprise me how these “experts” mishmash all of this couples or even missing the mark with Chris when they realized, “hey this guy isn’t really into making a commitment”. So if they missed the mark with Chris, they definitely missed the mark with Ryan and Clara.

Clara is very bright and loving. She’s very much into her moments and wants to have fun and be in love. But when you have a downer like Ryan, who can’t even allow himself to have sex but it’s okay to get jerked off every once in a while, where is the level of this relationship? Seems there really isn’t one if you ask me.

I think Clara should cut her losses now.

And then go have sex.

Erik and Virginia


· Erik seems flexible to Virginia’s needs

· Virginia is open to sharing her feelings


· They are both highly emotional

· They both want to live single lives while being married

· Virginia has a lot of challenges Erik doesn’t seem to understand or empathize

· Erik seems to do things to trigger those challenges

Do I believe they will stay together? Yes, for now.

This is a very odd couple. Erik almost seems he married someone he will be taking care of for the rest of his life and he’s happy to do it for as long as Virginia would “just cooperate”. Stop being a party girl, stop drinking, stop spending the night at other people’s houses when you get too drunk to make it home, etc.

Erik and Virginia have their good moments. When they aren’t discussing life choices they need to make, like where are they going to live, everything is fine. Virginia has a problem getting with reality. She cries a lot and wants to run away. However, I can understand, because the last thing anyone wants is to be in a relationship with someone who wants to control every aspect of your life, even right down to the dog.

I get it. My dogs are mine.

When I was with ShitShow, I never said my dogs were his dogs. They were mine and my responsibility. Even if he was a real man, who cared enough to work and show some financial support instead of sleeping all day, not that it would have made my dogs his, but I would have gotten support in the sense that he would have cared about them just the same.

It’s great Erik cares about Virginia’s dog, but I wouldn’t want someone telling me how my dog has to behave and suddenly taking ownership. I think as any animal owner, who would want anyone telling them how to take care of their animals? It’s like me trying to tell someone how to be a parent to their child and I’m not a parent.

Not gonna happen.

Erik has to find patience with Virginia and stop putting regulations on her, “you’re married now you’ can’t do that”, “we’re married now, you have to live with me”, “we’re married now, you have to stop drinking”, “we’re married now, this is my dog” – you get my drift.

Yes, I can understand when someone starts laying the “groundwork” of things you can’t do when you are married. Reminds me of when I first got clean and sober and people would say, you can’t go to a club because there’s alcohol there.

Hmm that may not be a great example, because after having about 10 years I was going out to clubs and none of that phased me and it still does not, almost 30 years later.

Erik needs to find patience with Virginia and Virginia needs to stop insinuating and using her anger as a source of trying to get her point across. But at the same time, I can understand where she is coming from because of her challenges. However, she seems to be pretty clear when she’s talking about going out and partying and doesn’t have a challenge with that part of her life.

Chris and Paige weren’t featured this week, and I believe I will be wrapping them up in a podcast because I don’t think people will get my sarcasm in my writings LOL.

All in all, before the finale comes up, I’m not purely convinced all of these couples will last, even if decision day comes and they plan on staying together. The upcoming teaser they showed a few weeks ago insinuating Chris and Paige will give it another go, I can only guess it’s just that, an insinuation.

Until then. Take care of You.


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