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Can Real Housewives Survive without Nene Leakes or Does Nene Leakes Need Real Housewives?

Let’s be real for a minute. For all those die-hard Real Housewives of the ATL fans what were your thoughts on this season?

Is the cast losing their “Swagg”.

I began watching RHOA in 2012, Season 5 credit: “thatsfuckingenough” on YouTube - and I have to say, that was the season that sucked me right into the lives of these ladies in the ATL. I have a neighbor back in NYC who was watching from season 1, so when she was sharing with me the highlights of the show, I made sure to watch when season 5 began (I have since watched the marathons from season one).

Since season 1, this wasn’t the first go around with Nene Leakes in front of a camera.

As a matter of fact, Nene Leakes, “[she] had appeared on TV shows like The Parkers. In 2003, she had also landed a minor role as a stripper in the film The Fighting Temptations, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Beyoncé. However, none of her scenes are present in the final edit of the movie, therefore she is not credited for her work on the production.[5](quote source Wikipedia).

With all that in mind, I believe by the time Nene had met the producers for RHOA, she was set on what her goals were and what she wanted to achieve. I think I can safely say, Nene was no stranger when it came to the world of entertainment. She had a say of who she wanted on the show and perhaps after proving herself to Andy Cohen, she probably had a say of who stayed and who should leave and who to bring on board.

The whole franchise of housewives is bizarre in some ways because you wonder how long were these friendships before they were played out on television. My question has always been, are these friendships valid off camera.

But back to Nene Leakes. Nene is no stranger to confrontation, after all confrontation is her middle name. She has no issues speaking her mind and if you really want to know the truth about something, just talk to Nene and she can probably set you straight.

However, this season was a different Nene. A more zen like and desire to correct friendships by apologizing for any wrong doing or any hateful things she had said in the past, however, this didn’t fly with Kenya Moore a trouble maker since season 5.

This also began a split in social media where more people were siding with Kenya, why that is, I’m not sure? Could it be her marriage to Marc Daly, where her best friend Cynthia was not privy to an invite? Could it be baby Brooklyn?

Again, I’m not sure. Because if you want to do a bit of a Kenya breakdown, it was clear she was lusting after Apollo, just as he was lusting after her in season 5. She was in one abusive relationship after another. Her mother, who wants nothing to do with her, as a tremendous effect on how Kenya has relationships with others. She likes creating problems in other people’s relationships, never looking at hers.

So again, why are we are #TeamKenya?

Needless to say, I’m not portraying Nene as the star of the show, but she is. Let’s just be real about that. She’s funny, witty, she has great comebacks and never had an issue calling Kenya a bitch.

Now I know anyone reading this will get caught up in their feelings and that’s okay. People do that a lot these days with things that has ZERO effect on them whatsoever. People will fight and engage in arguments and at the end of the day, it doesn’t improve your life, nor did it make your bank account larger as a result of all the fighting and disagreeing.

Just wanted to throw that in there. It’s okay to disagree and state your own opinion, I always welcome for those to share their thoughts, but I don’t welcome being personally attacked for my thoughts.

Nene has made a name for herself within the entertainment world. Not only has she starred in all of the RHOA seasons with the exception of last season, she has starred in several television shows, as well as beginning her own fashion line which initiated on HSN and now a boutique called SWAGG.

I think anyone who stars in these types of reality television shows should evolve and not just rely on being on television, displaying your daily life. Yes, people do get addicted to the cameras, we’ve heard the stories. Even just playing characters on television and not just on reality TV, but at the end of the day, I believe the Real Housewives of Atlanta can survive without Nene Leakes. I think she is too good to be wasting her time being on this show and just having constant arguments with Kenya Moore. That’s like burning cash or letting the water run from your faucet.

I don’t want to flick on my television to see another fight between them calling each other names. What purpose is it serving other than giving Kenya a storyline?

Even if Nene is a friend of the show, it will still work in her favor because she won’t have to subject herself to the low-level gossiping of Kandi “I’m mic’d, I’m mic’d”, and Cynthia who sits there all day defending Kenya. Again, as I mentioned in my last radio show, what does Kenya know about Cynthia that leaves her consistently defending Kenya for her outrages arguments and claims, not to mention, how she belittles Cynthia every opportunity she gets. That’s not a real friend.

In all honesty, I would rather not have to tune in and see an old battle go on an on for no reason, especially if Nene is making changes in her life to remain more positive and Kenya is still walking around acting like she’s still gone with the wind fabulous.

Nene had many struggles to contend with, one being Gregg’s cancer. Not only did he have cancer, but Gregg was walking around waiting for the hand of God to save him and you know reality shows me that an angel ain’t coming down anytime soon and take their wand and make everything go away. Eventually he came to terms and decided to go ahead with chemotherapy which ultimately saved his life. In the meantime, as we saw from season 10 (I believe), how Nene was struggling emotionally having to deal with a partner who could have died. Yes, at this point Nene became his caregiver and that alone is stressful. I can attest because I took care of someone who was dying and it was a very stressful time in my life as a 22-year-old watching someone die and there’s nothing you can do about it but pray.

In short, it goes back to the question, can RHOA survive without Nene. Yes. I say this not because I don’t want Nene as part of the cast, after all she should be someone who should still very much make appearances, however, if Nene’s casting is just to purely argue with ignorant Kenya then it will be pointless and taking away from others who can probably flourish in this show. Someone like Marlo who I love watching and being a part of her story and even Tanya who has a colorful attitude who loves life.

We, as the audience, need more of the positivity that transpired when all of these shows began. Instead we are seeing more trifling attitudes and backstabbing, don’t we have enough of that in real life?

What are your thoughts of Nene continuing with the show?

I love to hear your feedback.

Until then.


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