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Clare Broke the Record on Finding Love – Episode 4

I know the presses are buzzing about Clare ending her journey early because of her feelings for Dale.

I know they are also buzzing with rumors that she already knew Dale before coming on to the show.

If you read my last blog I did make a mention about everyone knowing each other. It just becomes impossible not to. I mean think of it this way, don’t you think anyone who’s applying knows someone who has been on the show and will probably get first precedence in becoming a contestant than some random person.

With Chris Harrison in tow, putting the connection together, in their conversation, Clare admits she is in love with Dale and doesn’t want to pursue anything else with the other guys and having a one to one with him will solidify what she hopes to be true, that she and Dale can leave the hotel and get on with a life together.

When Chris Harrison gets all the guys together, he tells them Clare will not have a rose ceremony or any cocktail hour and then asks Dale to go with him.

Blake was unreasonably stressed as though he had invested so much time with her is throwing in his negative comments on how Clare is being so premature in her decisions and how Dale is ruining everything.

Okay let’s look at all sides here.

I can understand Blake’s frustration, he’s not the only one. I get it. The expectation on this show is to date and get to know everyone as much as possible until there is only one.

However, in this case, Clare, had pretty much made up her mind. She was set on getting to know one guy and one guy only and no matter what the other guys did, it wouldn’t have mattered. Even if it all came down, with Clare, finishing out the season, it would have been the Clare and Dale show and who would’ve enjoyed that?

Now on the other side of this, even after Clare had her date with Dale and it was pretty clear to the both of them they were in the same place in their feelings, when Clare confronted the guys the next day she would no longer be a part of the show, and they expressed their own disdain about investing their time and not giving them a chance, she should apologize, she did, but she wasn’t going to apologize for finding love.

Yes, to an extent I understand that.

To an extent, I can understand meeting someone and thinking I was in love and when he arrived here, I found this may not have been the guy I thought I wanted to be with or even in love with.

Perhaps that would be my only fear with this relationship because it did happen fairly quickly.

When Chris Harrison had his talk with Dale after his date with Clare, when he told him the next step was to propose, I was convinced at that moment, Dale was going to skip.

Not only did Dale not skip, he professed his love to Clare and got on one knee and proposed in good old fashion Bachelor style.

“Back at the ranch”, the guys are still fuming at the fact Clare has chosen Dale over them, especially Blake who’s still complaining like a parent how she doesn’t know Dale and she’s making speedy decisions and will get hurt because of it.

I think Blake should take a back seat. He’s annoying AF.

But then of course, I’m a bit bias because the last mess I was with was Canadian too, and he was a shit show, literally.

After Chris Harrison informed the guys Dale popped the question and Clare accepted, he gave them the option to continue the journey with a new bachelorette and stay or they have the option to leave. One of the guys taking it extremely difficult was Jason, because he felt he opened up to her and had a connection and to begin another journey with someone else, he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay.

I will say that Eazy, Riley and Jordan C. are completely ready.

Now, here’s the disturbing part.

Not only did Clare end her journey in four episodes but now a new bachelorette Tayshia Adams is ready to take over the show with the 16 guys who are left who Clare picked.

How shitty is that?

It’s not like she had a choice from the 30 who began. Also, as I’m sure most of these guys may be open to the opportunity, (see in the previews Blake isn’t), I just don’t find the whole thing fair. To bring a new bachelorette to “finish” off the show, is like bringing in a new character on a soap opera in a pivotal storyline and the viewers are just supposed to accept it.

The upcoming episodes depict just that. No one seems happy and it’s not a good idea for any one Bachelor or Bachelorette be a back up plan. Reminds me the sixth season of the Bachelor when the girls voted between Byron Velvick and another gentleman who is long forgotten about.

Maybe bring that back and give everyone a fair chance for the whole entire season.

Even so, even is asking the same question, which will get the truth if Clare in fact knew Dale before the show. Not that it wouldn’t be a bad thing, didn’t Peter know Kelley before the show?

How many other contestants knew each other before a season?

It’s not like they are getting a one up. Kelley didn’t with Peter.

But Peter did start to filter down the line when his relationships didn’t last….

Who am I kidding, this show is a mess.

Until then. Take care of you.


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