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Does Sex and The City Still Apply in 2020

You know when I first began Kink~E Magazine, I was keeping an online diary where most of my friends got rises of laughter from my own dating experiences. It even came to a point where guys, who were aware of my online diary, were only going out with me for the sake of what I was going to write about them.

When Sex and The City premiered in 1998, I think women were in a new phase of their lives. We had a lot of magazines like Cosmopolitan, offering fashion and sex advice, which I will say the sex advice was quite awful.

The fashion tips and styles were from high priced labels that were mostly out of budget for most of us reading this type of materials. Even Elle who focused on the “real woman”, was also out of the element

While dating online seemed fairly new, it was easy because most people during that time of the early internet age wanted to go out and meet people and wanted to be part of the hip spots New York City had to offer. The ones, who stayed home and never went out to meet people, were the people lying about who they really were.

Now when my magazine debuted in 2002, I was asked numerous times, “oh you’re like Carrie Bradshaw” which my response was, “who?”.

So let me go backwards a bit.

I was not a fan of Sex and the City. As a matter of fact, I hated the idea of the show. The only reason why I felt that way was due to a “friend” who watched it and her take on it was this was about four women who hated men.

As you can see from that statement and anyone who really watched the show, knows, this was not about four women who hated men, on the contrary, this was about four women who were on a quest of fulfilling their dreams, while in the process of experiencing dating and having set back with relationships they invested in, while looking for love.

Big difference.

Also my “friend” was trying to build her own Sex and The City cast, with me being one of the supporting cast members and I really didn’t like my cast mates, to be honest. I was not willing to share my innermost secrets with women I didn’t know well, nor did I care to know them.

I think every woman at the point in their lives, wanted to be the Carrie Bradshaw while having three other friends they can advise and go out with, while having experiences of their own. But as you know Sex and The City was just a show and how many of us know three other woman we are super close with and they are close with each other?

I’m not saying it’s impossible but not true for everyone.

I’m not sure how exactly I got into Sex and The City or what season, but once I got my own taste of it, I was truly addicted and then I understood why guy thoughts I was like “Carrie Bradshaw”.

Unlike my own collection of shoes I have built over the years, while I don’t own a pair of Manolo Blahnik, I do have two pairs of Vince Camuto (who I met in real life) and a pair of Jessica Simpson. And while the rest of my collection may not be name brand shoes, they are my shoes and I love them.

As for the writing aspect, I always loved writing about dating and relationships and the reason why that was, it was due to my own personal experiences, especially after my break up.

You see, I was in one relationship after another, so the reason why this break up was so pivotal in my life because after him, there wasn’t anyone else. Did I date? Yes. Did I have sex while dating some guys? Yes.

However, they weren’t long term relationships and not anyone I really wanted to be with on a long term basis, well except for one and while we are no longer together, you’ll get to know him in my third installment of my Trilogy of Affairs book.

However, I did not want to be like a Sex and The City character. I was me. I was a woman not only looking for love, but deciphering my own goals and dreams, because at the time, I really didn’t know who I was. I just knew I had this new life and had very little direction.

It was an opportunity for me to meet new people though. Myspace (for those of us who remember, was one of the sites that seemed like a party 24/7. I met the greatest people on there, people whom I am still friends with today. We have had the opportunity to see how the internet and technology has changed who we are as a society and culture.

So now let’s answer the question. Does Sex and The City still apply today in 2020.

It absolutely does. If you watch the episodes today, you will find everything the character. Carrie Bradshaw writes about and experiences, women around the world are having the same experiences, day after day, night after night.

Shit, while I’m writing this, someone may be getting their heart broken right now, someone could be getting engaged right now and someone is meeting the love of their life right now.

And now with my own personal breakup last March (no love loss), I feel I got myself back.

The Marabelle Blue I know and love and built up to be and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to have this site and to take myself and my audience on the next level of what’s everything in life, love, relationships and of course reality television.What to expect in this little part of Sex and The City topics in Marabelle Blue Unfiltered – a revisit of topics from episodes of the show. They won’t be in order of the shows, I guess whatever is going on in that moment will call for a topic, or even YOU the reader, can pick one for me to write about.

This was one long awaited project I wanted to start in 2018, however, I was in a different place in my life and had to make major changes if I was going to pursue anything and give it my time and attention. Now is the time.

I hope you enjoy your stay on Unfiltered.

Until then.


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