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Does Tommy Have a Right in Holding a Grudge with Reza – Shahs of Sunset Rap Up Drama!

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I had to write about this separate from the videos I’m working on about the Shahs season and wrapping up everything that happened.

Season 9 focused on seeing the “better sides” of GG, Reza, MJ and Mike. At this point to include Destiney and Nema is pointless being they seem to be a “supporting cast”.

I will say, it was nice to see more of Shervin and GG’s sister Leila.

Focusing more on the Tommy, MJ, Reza and Adam situation, if you recall, Season 8, MJ gave birth to Shams, and thanks to Destiney, feeling the need to share with Reza about a conversation she participated in with Ali Ashouri, felt the need to tell Reza, “Hey your man sent naked pics to Ali Ashouri and “Merc knows”.

Her delivery to Reza, to say the least, made MJ look like an undercover asshole, as if she attended a birthday party and was whispering to each person on how Adam could have potentially been cheating on Reza. But Destiney isn’t Theresa and we aren’t talking about the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Even after questioning Adam’s behavior, Reza looked like either he didn’t believe Adam, or there was something else going on, we the audience, aren’t aware of.

And just a side note, this is not a judgement on how anyone lives out their relationship because we live in times were people have different types of relationships. And if Adam and Reza have an open relationship that is their business and theirs alone. The question here is did Adam assume it was okay to send pictures of himself, in the context of getting “permission” from Reza but not realizing it wasn’t okay to send to Ali Ashouri.

The world may never know.

But what we do know is what escalated as a result of this miscommunication/misinformation about what led to naked Jenga? Was it because MJ didn’t come to Reza directly about what Ali Ashouri was spreading around or was it Ali Ashouri stating to Reza he felt he was “sexually harassed” by Adam?

The day Reza met up with Ali Ashouri and Destiney led to Reza screaming at the top of his lungs, when he accused Adam of sexual harassment, throwing his drink at him and then calling MJ, while at her hospital bed blaming her for what happened (thanks Destiney). This led a short-tempered Tommy running to Reza and Adam’s house, destroying items in their backyard and then leaving only making Adam to believe Tommy can be a potential threat and had him arrested. To add insult to injury, Adam continued his victim plight by having Reza take out a restraining order against Tommy and Tommy looking at potential jail time.

Basically, that’s in in a nutshell.

What took place thereafter only destroyed the trust and a 30-year friendship MJ and Reza had for each other and thus spending this season repairing their friendship.

Now, here’s the deal.

Did Reza go too far in having Tommy arrested or was this something he could have spoken to MJ about? Did Reza buy into Adam’s “scaredy cat” behavior? Did Reza believe Destiney was just an innocent bystander, having been invited to Ali Ashouri and MJ’s meeting to hear about Adam’s nakedness, only to feel so guilty to run back to Reza?

Here’s what I learned about gossip. Even if you’re sitting there listening, you’re still partaking. And even though Reza thanked Destiney for sharing that information, I say again, her delivery made Reza suspect MJ and question their friendship.

By then it already had escalated (thanks Destiney) due to Reza flying off the deep end accusing MJ of gossip.

Again, let me just be clear, everyone gossips about each other on this show, I’m making a point here, if this was the case, why did Reza separate himself from MJ long before all this bullshit came to surface, as this is the part I’m confused about. Was something going on that led Reza to be more of a friend to GG than MJ other than what we see on television. As much as many would like to believe, their lives don’t stop because the cameras are off.

Currently, within the season, we have seen Tommy completely separate himself from everyone. While we still see him on camera, he makes no contact with anyone except for Mike and Paulina but that’s because they were at his house. He also associated with them at Sham’s sharing party and I looked this up, in the Islam tradition it is called Aqiqah.

Of course, everyone was invited with the exception of Reza and even if he could attend, lest not forget the restraining order Reza and Adam had hanging over Tommy’s head.

This season left me wondering will Reza and MJ ever be the same friends as they were before. Clearly their lives are much different from when they were single. MJ is married to a very angry Tommy, even though he claims he’s working on his anger, is Reza only trying to repair the relationship because he feels left out of Sham’s life?

Is Reza willing to make real compromises to keep his relationship with Adam in good standing but also be a real friend to MJ?

Look, I get it, Tommy is the type of person who’s not easy to forgive, however I don’t condone his actions. Do I believe he would have beat up Adam or Reza if they were at home? I will say he was pretty angry that particular day and sometimes our anger can be our worst enemy.

If Tommy wants to hold a grudge the bottom line is, he’s the only one who’s feeling it.

To rob Sham’s of having a relationship with Reza, in my own personal opinion is unfair. But again, because Tommy seems to ride on his resentments, this is the best way to get back at Reza, by torturing him. Remember their lives are very different and both are left between a rock and hard place because both want to stand by their spouses but yet sacrificing their own friendship to appease their partners. It’s not easy when you want your home life to be peaceful but yet can’t find a balance outside of that. It will be a long time before MJ and Reza find balance in their friendship, and will most likely have to accept, they along with Adam and Tommy will never be in the same room again.

Tommy will always be mad, Reza will always be walking on eggshells, trying to find ways to get connected to a baby when in reality, Reza should have thought about his actions that day he called her screaming about Ali Ashouri (thanks Destiney).

As you pretty much figured out by now, I’m not a fan of Destiney at all. Yes, she’s pretty, I mean before the reunion aired, and while she behaves like her shit don’t stink and claims to have a bigger “dool” than Mike does, Destiney isn’t so perfect either.

When she was dating Sara’s brother, both she and Sara were on the outs because Sara didn’t like Destiney dating him. Now this could have been for all sorts of reasons. Maybe Sara knew her brother was a jerk and didn’t want Destiney spreading gossip about how he really is, “burp burp”.

In addition, when she first came on to the show, we were forced to endure this “missing father” storyline and the overwhelming tears of where could he be? I mean why didn’t she care about this in the first place? I can only imagine when these producers are sitting with a potential cast member and ask them, “so what is going on in your life we can use for a storyline”.

The bottom line for me, this man departed from his family years ago, for whatever reason that was, could be he started another family or was killed. Keep in mind, these are people who escaped with only the clothes on their back, so no one can say for sure when happened when you are fleeing a country that’s run by the immoral points of religion according to “their standards”. As a matter of fact we are seeing it right now in the news.

So for me, unless this was something recent, like he disappeared a year ago, it was more like old news that she probably got over, but did the story for the cameras.

As for Adam, I was glad to see less of him, as mentioned on the reunion episode 2, Paulina, Mike’s now fiancé, has issues being in front of the camera and having to deal with the rest of the cast and how they come off to one another and Reza mentioned that Adam felt the same.

Anyone remember Asa, was a fan favorite and left because of the bullshit chaos, which surrounded her child, the baby daddy, etc.

If I had a choice of the partners I wanted to see on camera, that would be Paulina. I think Adam is better left to his gardening, as oppose to seeing Reza subject himself to fears or lack of explanations of his naked Jenga behaviors.

So, with all that being said. I would love to read your thoughts. Is Tommy’s grudge valid, or no? Please leave your comments below this article.

Until then. Take care of you.


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