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"Last Night on the Bachelor…"

Last Monday night, we left off on Clayton’s journey to find love as Sarah was left in tears after being confronted by Clayton someone mentioned to him, she isn’t being real, being the youngest in the house, the process of elimination wasn’t that hard to figure out. One point for Clayton.

And after all the tears and the bullshit, as soon as Sarah got the rose, she turned off the waterworks, almost immediately, then ‘turned the sword’ on the person who was bad mouthing her.

When she arrived back from here date with Clayton, she stood before the ladies and confronted them about the conversation she had with Clayton and the lies they told him about her, claiming it was a last-ditch effort on their part because they knew they were going home.

As Mara sat there making faces, she cleared her throat and spoke up letting Sarah know she shared her thoughts and concerns with Clayton about the connections he was making, mostly with her, but she didn’t get too specific.

The next night, with the rose ceremony looming, it was pretty clear, Mara would be saying her goodbyes, probably suspecting she wouldn’t get a rose, even though she may have been hopeful. Seems it was a good time to confront Sarah about her “last ditch effort” comment she wasn’t happy about. The other ladies noticed them talking and hid behind a curtain watching the conversation play out.

They didn’t yell, but the conversation took a tone of an outlash of words from Mara calling her cocky and was getting sloppy.

Now at first while I was watching this, as per my video blog (new Youtube here:, I was thinking Mara was just out to create trouble. After all, she did spend a lot of time complaining how she wasn’t getting enough time with Clayton and when she did, Serene, with her bitch ass move, interrupted them, I can understand her frustration.

However, on the flip side of things, in these unique circumstances, because The Bachelor franchise is all about drama, the ideas are how can drama can be created if no one was disrupting anyone’s time. However, would Rachel and Serene get disrupted? No, because they are contenders, so the air time would be dedicated in seeing these relationships flourish while the ones where the relationships aren’t going anywhere, and probably sabotaged on purpose to create drama and frustration on the part of the bachelor/bachelorette vying for time.

Poor Sarah must have forgotten the cameras are recording everything. Did she not realized her lies about Clayton saying he was going to get rid of the person would play back on television he said no such thing? Really Sarah?

If anyone who needs to do better is Sarah herself. Her best interests were never for Clayton, this was all about her. It’s amazing how the producers kept her intentions hidden – especially since Clayton continued to invest on their relationship.

Mara continued on as the rest of the ladies tried to capture the conversation, that Sarah’s comments and behaviors were “insensitive and a little ignorant”, as if Clayton is a trophy to be won and Clayton has a “right to explore every relationship in between”.

In Mara’s confessional as well as the end of the ceremony when she did not receive a rose, mentioned Sarah’s behavior comes off as if she and Clayton are in a relationship and he’s just feeling everyone out before making his choice to stay with Sarah at the end of this and it will be just a matter of time before Clayton catches her sloppiness and eventually get caught and the truth will be exposed.

Even with Sarah holding a rose with a smirk on her face, I sure didn’t expect what was to happen after when they arrived in Austria.

In the end, I wasn’t surprised to see Mara and Eliza get eliminated as Clayton did not build a relationship with them at all.

The dates now move on to Austria, where the first one on one went to Susie. She was graced with the “Pretty Woman” date, shopping for different clothes and then moving on to a designer where she got to try on different ball gown type dresses.

When she got back to the hotel, Gabby looked like she was going to fall apart, after having seen the shopping spree Susie had on her date and emotions heightened when the red dress arrived for her evening date with Clayton.

Anyone notice for the last few episodes, Gabby has been looking like she’s been crying…and crying a lot.

As Susie was enjoying her dinner date with Clayton, the group date card arrives with all of them hoping to get that one on one time with Clayton.

Teddi, Gabby, Genevieve and Rachel are noted on the group date card, leaving Serene to get the one on one with Clayton, leaving both Gabby and Genevieve upset.

In comparison to Gabby and Genevieve, while she was saved on the two on one with Shanae, I’m not sure why Genevieve would be upset, considering what happens on that group date. Also, it’s clear Gabby has more of a connection with Clayton.

As for Teddi, in my personal opinion, is a missed opportunity for Clayton, as he didn’t spend enough time with her to get to know her. He did a really dumb move giving her the first impression rose and then not following up with a one-to-one date with her.

In the same breath, I feel she is much more deserving of someone like Clayton. I don’t know what it is about him that doesn’t sit right with me. Not that he’s a “bad man”, but more like, someone who doesn’t have clarity about what he wants. So far, we’ve seen Clayton make terrible choices, like getting rid of Cassidy but keeping Shanae when they were both cut from the same cloth. Clayton has exuded more of being clueless than anything else. That Red Flag Relationship group date, the minute Shanae started prancing around, he should have given her, her walking papers.

I shouldn’t be surprised at how his journey is coming along thus far.

The group date was the more interesting dates overall on this episode, so for this article, I will forego getting into the Serene date.

The group date, we were introduced to psychoanalyst Katherine, which on their group date card was quoted after Sigmund Freud quote, 'How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved', the founder of psychoanalysis.

Basically, everyone there was invited for a “couples therapy”.


While everyone seemed to surpass sharing their feelings, Genevieve got stuck and literally could not open up at all, about anything. It was clear to Clayton this wasn’t going to work out at all and it was time to end the journey.

Again, I’m not surprised. Considering she got the two on one, it was clear Shanae was going home but Clayton should have done the smart thing and send Genevieve home too. Like Teddi (until Croatia), she has spent most of her time on group dates and for her to even get upset she didn’t get a one on one and Serene did. Like why? She couldn’t even open up in front of a complete stranger, let alone the whole time she has been there, what relationship transpired with Clayton to continue the journey in the first place.

With that, Clayton pulled Genevieve aside and said goodbye to her.

The last one up was Sarah who had no problems at all opening up. As a matter of fact, she was like the laughter bot of the joker from the first Batman. It was a constant barrage of words and if Lindsey from Married at First Sight was present, I can understand hearing run on sentences as well. Sarah’s words were completely forgettable.

But the psychoanalyst Katherine seemed to have caught something I didn’t expect.

When she came out to give the rest of the ladies her analysis, she thanked them all for opening up and being honest, however, she found one wasn’t so honest, in her words, “performative”.

Hmm, who could that be?

Seems Clayton took off the dunce hat and figured out it was Sarah. Nope, it was actually the rest of the ladies who shared their disdain from Sarah’s behavior of, “I’ve got this in the bag” and this “last ditch effort” comment, something Clayton never said.

Once confronted, Sarah began the waterworks but as in Bachelor’s past, the tears didn’t work for Sarah and she was sent home immediately.

Clayton, now, being upset and confused and needs time to think, told the ladies he could not hand out the group date rose, upsetting all of them, having to wait till after the Serene date for the next rose ceremony.

As expected, since we know Teddi does not make hometowns, she was sent home, leaving now Serene, Rachael, Gabby and Susie to introduce Clayton to their families.

Until then. Take care of you.

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