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Peter’s Mom - Shade Star or Shade Hater?

Tuesday's night's part two season finale of The Bachelor left mouths hanging open, heads shaking and Peter‘a mom furious over his decision to dump Hannah Ann (notice no spoiled in her name).

Let’s start off with Hannah Ann.

After a month of not seeing Peter, Hannah Ann made a visit to Peter's place. There was clear stress present as the visit didn't seem to be filled with excitement.

As Peter held her and propped her leg onto his, the conversation took a turn when Peter admitted his feelings were not growing for her as he thought they would. Knowing this was the end of their relationship, Hannah Ann walked away to the bathroom, with Peter shortly following after.

Also, as I stated above, notice how strange their behavior was. Not the happy couple greeting after a month of not seeing each other. Why wrap Hannah Ann’s leg around if he had plans if ending it?

I mean I’ve seen worse bachelor break ups....who remembers Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi?

I think in bachelor history breakups, that one takes the cake. In my opinion, I haven't seen a worse break up than that one.

But, in the case of Peter, there are points Hannah Ann made that should not be argued.

It was clear Peter had strong feelings for Madison, but he also wanted to sample the rest, that being Hannah Ann and Victoria, before he settled down with Madison. I mean, in a world where you’re secluded and horned up who can blame anyone for being human. We're not stupid. We all know what happens in those fantasy suites, lest anyone think they are just making out all night and they could be....if that's what you want to believe.

Hannah Ann also brought up the point of Hannah Brown with her “endless” returns as per Peter’s request. Remember the fashion show group date how he asked her if she wanted to be a part of the cast? I mean WTF?

Peter, my dear, either you’re either over it or not.

It was pretty clear from the beginning Peter’s quest in finding love was a confusing blueprint. Even after giving Hannah Ann the first impression rose, there was something about Madison that attracted him more than the rest of the ladies, even bringing her on a one to one date to his parents renewal vows. Keep in mind, the family was not given a chance to engage with Madison being this was early on in the process, not to mention how tacky it was to bring her on a one to one to meet his family being hometown dates were two months away.

Also, in real life, while all people are different and we will experience different relationships and/or feelings with others, I think there as something about Madison that resonated with Peter that may relay to what he had with Hannah Brown.

But yet, when Madison did discuss the facts of the importance of her faith and how she wanted to raise her children in that same faith, Peter couldn't help but look like a deer in headlights with her statements. I don't think he was prepared for that and probably never will be. If the one thing I think that was holding back Peter is the difference in their belief systems.

As the girls dwindled down to three, anyone wondered why he chose Victoria over Kelsey? I didn’t find anything wrong with Victoria other than she didn’t like dealing with confrontation and who does anyway. She was also different from the other ladies. Victoria has a bit of a spunk I can respect, even though I didn't like she allegedly participated in a movement I personally don't agree with because at the end of the day, all lives matter.

But Victoria and Peter's relationship was put to test by the producers time after time. In their one to one, after Peter gave Victoria the rose, they were met with a "private concert" starring Chase Rice, who just happened to be Victoria's ex. Now who's gonna tell me no one on that set knew....Please.

Then again for hometown dates, when Peter was in Victoria's town, his ex turned up to warn Peters how Victoria breaks up relationships and she wan't a good person. Now who's this bitch talking shit and decides to turn up AND wants to be blurred out.

Instead of Peter taking this info with a grain of salt, considering the source, he decided to confront Victoria with this gossip, leaving her family waiting, and never meeting them, because an argument about misinformation was way more important than letting it go.

Pretty rude if you ask me.

Needles to say. after hometowns and the rose ceremony took place, Kelsey was left without a rose, but maybe a bottle of campaign was waiting for her in the limo to make things right. In Madison’s case, not discussing openly about her virginity and her deep religious intents and her life partner should have the same intentions, should have been something she should have been forthcoming right from the beginning (this is why they have Christian Mingle people).

Think about it this way, if she has such a strong conviction about this area in her life, and she’s so empowering, then be straight from the get. Don’t hold back and give ultimatums at the end. Even though she did mention it at the finale about how the show plays out during the fantasy suites, she can't take back what she said.

However Madison came across during her one to one with Peter’s mother, it was pretty clear, Barbara was not feeling it at all.

Now, we can call it a mother’s intuition and should not be questioned because she knows best.’s the flip said.

The light in Peter’s face at just hearing the name Madison was more than a telling sign he’s in love.

His feelings didn't display the same sincerity when he realized Madison left Australia and she was not coming back as if he didn’t have a choice the next day with wedding ring in hand claiming, “I love Hannah Ann”, came off as he was in the game the show ”Deal or No Deal” and took the lessor value suitcase out of fear of leaving with nothing.

While Barbara, openly expressed her feelings towards Madison and she not being the one for Peter, you can see Madison biting her words to not give in to his mother's disdain with her. The audience, however, at the live finale, were all too expressive in booing her feelings.

Not cool.

There‘s something to be said about family. When outsiders come in, they will either welcome you or not. Barbara has every right to feel what she feels. That is her son. She is the one who knows him best.

But does that mean she knows what his heart needs for Peter to be happy?

Probably not.

In a more personal situation, while I was not in a bachelor show, I did meet someone I liked more than I probably should have. My mom was pretty clear in her stance at the mere mention of his name (not the idiot I had a short term engagement with if that’s what you want to call it).

After the man (aka ShitShow) left my house and my life (as per my request), it would be four months later I met a guy I really liked. However, there were some circumstances that would prevent us from being in a relationship, one of them being we worked together.

That being said, with other external forces at work, when I shared my feelings with a few selective “friends”, they didn’t hold back in their own disdain about him, including my mother.

How does this affect your relationships with friends and family?

What if you met someone you really loved but everyone else around you didn't like them? Do you listen to your friends and family or do you follow your heart? Chris Harrison took the liberty of going to Alabama to fetch Madison "in giving another shot at love".

Or, was it just another "dramatic" television moment.

As for Peter's mother. which #petersmom was trending heavily on Twitter, created a divided line on those who believe mom knows best and she should mind her business.

To have Peter as the Bachelor was a big mistake as there were plenty of great men in the Hannah Brown season that could have made this season a hit. Again, my own personal thoughts.

I think Peter made the right choice by asking Madison to take it one day at a time and see where it goes. Peter knows his mom is not happy with this decision but that is for them to work out, not us. We are just the audience. After all, when it comes to life decisions, that's all we can do.

Keep in mind, these are real people with real lives.

Until then.


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