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New Podcast on The Bachelor and Married At First Sight!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for taking the time out to listen to another podcast.

Today's episode, I talk about Bachelor, Matt James and what a shit show this whole season has become as well as Married at First Sight and the drama taking place with Chris and Paige.

Relationships are challenging at best, but throw in a baby into the mix, changes the whole scope on what's happening with the Married at First Sight cast.

In addition, I talk about Bachelor, Matt James, having surprises at every turn, it seems Matt has his focuses on one person and doesn't make any qualms about hiding it, even though one person is still left confused, while two others walk off the show.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these shows and what do you think the turn out will be.

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Commercials: Servboxx and DeCrows Nest

Music credits: FSM Team, Grove Bakery and Summer-Music-watermarked by Twisterium

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See you on the next show!

Until then. Take care of you.

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