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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Hey everyone,

As I continue to multitask my life and being sick doesn't help, I wanted to let you all know I plan on making part of this site a subscriber site where you can pay to see my business coaching techniques and how they can help you succeed in your businesses. I'm really looking forward to this aspect as not only am I doing so much, I want everyone to know you can succeed with the right information.

People get swindled every (I see it every day) and it came to a point with certain people I had to literally discontinue them out from my life because seeing people purpurate lies about coaching and their knowledge of marketing, takes away from well educated people who have been around a long time, who have college education and/or have taken courses to benefit their personal education.

These days, I have to say, I've been questioning people who have been friends of mine for years and still walking around in denial about the election and it makes me wonder what news source are they looking at so I can see what they see.

Situations changes people. Opinions of others can change the way you may view a person without having correct information. I've had that happen to me when someone was plagiarizing my magazine and people actually didn't believe me. Shocking yes, but in the long run, because I maintained my vision and consistency, people were able to see the clear winner and the clear liar.

In the next few weeks I'll be posting a new podcast on the NextDoor app and how dangerous this app is, along with other apps, like Yelp, Fubar and other apps who just aren't user friendly at all.

Understanding the TOS is the upmost importance. How many times have we scrolled down and hit agree, only later to find you violated their TOS and "without warning" your account is dismissed without a care in the world.

On top of that I launched a new subscriber base product called ServBoxx. For the last few months, I have been quietly working on this new idea and currently working on the website. This is an adult type bi-monthly subscriber box which will contain samples and actual products of toys, lubes, gummies, soaps and lots of fun things! For only $25 every other month, you're getting a great deal.

Not only will you be getting the best products, there will be product reviews on the site and how to use and exclusive coupons in the boxes to use on a variety of different stores who are sponsoring the boxes and there are specialty boxes which will be made available for special events and organizations.

Early signs up here at and you will get an automated response with details!

See the video here:

With all that being said, please show your support. I'm working with such a great group of people who have been backing up these ideas. Your support is appreciated.

Until then. Take care of you!

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