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Shahs of Sunset Update – Adam is still Passing the Buck and The Sip and See

Updated: May 17, 2020

I have to say watching this episode, I had to refrain from yelling at my television.

I find with some shows, I’m yelling WTF and other shows I’m yelling, “that’s right you let them have it”.

I’m still stuck at WTF with Shahs.

I’m not sure how many people can truly take sides and not have the leg to stand on when it comes to the argument on why Reza is right and MJ is wrong and vice versa.

The last few episodes we saw Reza putting aside his anger, realizing “karmatically” it would be just wrong and told MJ he would not be pressing charges and not pursue any restraining order.

But….while playing pottery barn with Adam, when Reza brought this to the attention to his husband, Adam agreed in dropping the charges, however he wanted the restraining order to stay. I love how editing slowed down their reactions when Reza agreed with Adam, after they replayed how he told MJ he was dropping everything, including the restraining order.

What upsets me the most is how Adam is still blaming MJ for all of the gossip fest.

Yes, Reza should stand by his husband, but no one is going to tell me Reza doesn’t know who Adam is behind closed doors. Did Reza have any respect for Adam when he took 50K of their money (supposedly) and invested it in some shampoo? Reza is beyond lucky and blessed his shampoos have sold out and with great reviews.

It would take a lot out of me to cough up 50K and give it to some couple in Vegas and trust they would come back with my investment, let alone to take the savings without my spouse’s permission.

Reza was lucky.

As for the whole Tommy thing, I want to touch on this. Tommy isn’t the most socially graceful in social settings, that being said, that doesn’t mean the rest of the cast is any better. How many fights have we seen with just GG alone, a fight with MJ, a fight with Shalom, a fight with her sister, a fight with Asa….I mean the list goes on doesn’t it. So even though we can single out Tommy it wouldn’t be right. If you’re going to point out someone’s behavior, you must take into account of everyone else’s as well.

Now let’s move on to the Sip and See.

I’ve heard of these before. Very old school and traditional.

While everyone was invited, with the exception of Reza and Adam because of the restraining order, GG decided not to come because she was too busy getting her teeth whiten, while Mike chose not to go because he was still upset with what MJ told Paulina about he being a control freak.

Once again, I must say, the Sip and See wasn’t about Tommy or MJ, but a celebration of a new life, and for GG, who wanted to have a child at that point in the show, and lost one, was immature on her part not to show support, yet she claims to be changed and more calm.

As for Mike not to support her (after he argued with Reza when he showed up for her MJ’s mom retirement party and Reza had a shit fit about that) is now upset because of what MJ said to Paulina only tells me how Mike is just picky and choosey about what “arguments” work for him.

As for Shervin, he did show up regardless, even having privy to the conversation that day, while shaking his head, perhaps just because he could have been thinking “why does MJ keep throwing herself in a hole”.

The fact remains that this group is still immature in many ways.

The one person who has always been consistent in this show is MJ and hasn’t she always?

I mean I’m not saying, let’s all side with MJ but think about MJ’s behavior and who she is as a person.

Thinking back to my Youtube review, MJ and Reza are one in the same and all of the sudden now everyone in this group wants to claim change and peace but no one has peace within themselves.

I can see why now Nema is not “well liked”.

He has enough bullshit of his own to deal with and a good reason as to why he doesn’t want to partake in other people’s bullshit. I understand.

While I still feel Nema is grasping at straws within a group of people who have years of established friendships, I think Nema’s arguments about his relationship with his parents and their divorce is something he needs to find forgiveness with.

Parents are not perfect, especially old school parents. And old school parents who had children in the mid to late 90’s believe me when I tell you, either those kids will instill their practices in how their parents raised them or you have the out of control millennials who don’t know how to clean their ass, let alone how to make a bed.

Nema has to find solace with his parents at the time, thought they were doing the best they can in their decision making. So to me this story line is a dud, same with Destiney who was crying over a father who didn’t want to be found. It was just distressful to watch something we all knew was a filler for the other storylines taking place last year.

Moving on Sara’s party, also known as the scene of the crime, you remember, when Reza talked about all the abortions MJ had, we revisit now Reza having to tell MJ that he’s not planning on lifting the restraining order as per Adam’s chaos with naked jenga which began all of this bullshit in the first place.

Of course, now MJ being told by Nema that Reza told him and Mike (I think it was Mike), he does not plan on lifting the restraining order, now Reza and MJ once again at odds and the “scene of the crime” now because another breeding ground of arguments.

Side notes:

GG making fun of Sara’s brother and his looks.

Um…GG – Shalom?

Don’t have any more parties at Sara as it seems this place is set up for more arguments in the near future.

Until then.


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