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So Many Things To Catch Up On!

HI Everyone!

It's been a while now since I've written anything. It seems as though I get focused on one thing and then everything else falls through and I truly need to learn time management.

I truly have to apologize because I began watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now all the episodes I haven't watched are now sitting in my DVR waiting to be watched. For some reason I just have issues watching a group of mean girls throwing their weight around like they think they could.

I have to touch upon Lisa Rinna and her disgusting attitude (even though I do have to watch I suspect her behavior gets worse). The last I saw, she was openly discussing her daughter's anorexia issues and how this was affecting her family.

Not for nothing, but I don't think Lisa should be discussing her daughter's issues. The girl is a grown up and is capable of discussing her own eating disorders. I take this a bit personal because (confession time), I do have my own eating disorders I deal with every damn day and my parents aren't going online to discuss MY food issues.

So if this was the story line Lisa was "stuck" with all season long, other than Denise Richards, why is Lisa still on this show?

The last episode I watched when they were all at dinner (I know way back) when Ms. "Couture" was talking about Teddy and how boring she was. The priceless moment was Teddy bawling her eyes out while her husband didn't miss a beat and continued eating his dinner. I don't know what that means to anyone else but to me was, he didn't want to be part of that drama or the food was damn good, or both LOL.

Needless to say, yes I will watch and give a synopsis of the entire season because to do episode by episode would be too much and boring. Also I'm sure I'll not be a happy camper having to relive the bullshit this show has been serving up.

In the meantime, please enjoy the new Marabelle Blue Unfiltered Video and audio which you can have the pleasures of watching and/or listening in the event you are driving or in a place where you can't watch.

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