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The Bachelor – Are We Over Hannah Yet?

As we left off episode one, the women on the group date were left to write their sexual fantasies, leaving some to wonder and discuss why Hannah was still there, and not questioning why Peter still has her there.

Meanwhile, backstage, Hannah is crying because she feels torn about her feelings and Peter asking her does she want to move in to the house with the other girls. Clearly we know that was not going to happen, and being Hannah, her best choice was to walk away, which she did.

It was clear, both Peter and Hannah had big unresolved issues when it came to their feelings and decisions about their relationship, which perhaps, they couldn’t resolve, until it was conveniently done for the cameras. It was a “heartfelt” moment watching a very painful Peter, holding Hannah and wanting to kiss her but they did not.

Let’s just look at it like this. If Hannah really wanted Peter, she would have asked him out on a date and not the man whore Tyler who was messing around with Gigi Hadid, at the time. I mean a guy still had to get his five minutes of fame before he disappeared into the sunset.

But there was something amiss where for some reason Hannah is fighting with herself about why she didn’t choose Peter again and again. I’m not sure what that is. Yes, on paper and what we see on television, Peter is perfect. He seems like a great guy, however, I don’t know him personally, I only know what I see on television.

Could it be Hannah doesn’t have belief in herself that she is good enough for Peter, I don’t know…it could be anything at this point.

After stare down and no kissing, Peter says he cannot do this.

So while they are saying their goodbyes for the fiftieth time, they cross over to one of the girls airing their concerns but yet expressing how they completely understand because she and ex are best friends. I mean come on now…how is that the same?

Let me give you a real life example. Me and my ex are very good friends, however, we are not emotionally invested in each other. I have no desire to be with him on any level.

“So here sweetie, what Peter and Hannah were having in that particular moment is not the same as what you and your ex have.”

You know what sucks is how it seems this show is playing on Peter and Hannah’s emotions and it’s very clear, Peter is still not over Hannah.

This season could be a variety of scenarios. If Peter picks someone and she turns him down at the end, this was all a ploy for the new bachelorette.

If Peter does have two in the end but can go with neither one, it still can be a ploy for a new bachelorette which can only be was his mother crying at the end because they want him and Hannah to be together…?

Is ABC out to make Peter a “bad boy”?

As Peter gathers himself and makes it back to the ladies in waiting, he first explains why Hannah was there…again.

Then he tells them he’s not in the head space to spend time with them and continue on the group date as he has to clear his head, not feeling in a good place for the moment.

This led Natasha to go on a tirade of sorts, questioning Hannah’s motives and if Peter is not really over her, how is this can he pursue someone else.

Let’s set the record straight on Natasha who Peter later on in evening, when they did reconvene she is straight forward and a source of strength.

Natasha does not represent someone who is strong. If she felt so strongly about not wanting to be with someone who is confused while the ex is still lingering around then she should leave. Also, what’s with the attitude? She hasn’t kissed the man, yet it seems to be okay to go around with a street mentality of “don’t you know who I am”. Not the representation of all women of color mind you and it sucks to have to stereo type of, in order to get our point across, we have to be “street”.

This make looks Natasha dumb. Especially since this is only the second week and now we are dictating orders of how things should be.

If she was a source of strength and knows her worth, she would walk away. She spent the entire night complaining how he is not available but then why make yourself available to someone who is not?

But why walk away, for as long as she has that camera on her and also with this attitude, it shouldn’t be a mystery as to why she is still single.

This street mentality doesn’t work, not on a show and not in real life. Peter said she was direct and straight forward, how long do you think that will last with him or his family.

We’ve seen it time and time again on this show. Relationships have ended after the family had their say on what they think of their potential partner, especially if they exude a display of ego and self centeredness.

In addition, what woman sits there and accept this stupidity of competing with an ex who is still present unless you have super low self esteem. I’m talking about a real life situation and I know, as a matter of fact, I’m sure it’s has happened. Personally, I’m not sure I would want to be involved with someone who still displays affection for someone I am with. They are either out of the picture or I am.

When Natasha finally has a conversation with Peter, she uses the word “we” – not WE bitch…”I”

Natasha using we, in this situation, is a form of escaping her feelings and making them feelings valid. But yet she is the one with the “strong suit” of speaking her mind but seems can’t speak for herself.

This show is so sad because Peter still has very strong feelings for Hannah and can’t discuss her without feeling like he’s going to break down and cry while trying to keep his composure, everyone in this season is subject to becoming Peter’s rebound.

In addition, as much as the audience would like to believe Natasha may stand a chance, we have all seen in seasons past the women of color last for as long as they do until they get booted off. With the exception of Rachel Lindsay, who became the first woman of color bachelorette, however her wedding was a missed detail as I don’t even recall ABC making a mention of it.

What’s annoying me is look at the list of potential bachelors they could have had this season and how ABC continues missing the mark on really good men that could have made this season not only dramatic but maybe some real shit. Here were three men who I believe would have made the show great!

Daron, 25 , An IT consultant from Buckhead, GA, Mike, 31, A portfolio manager from San Antonio, TX and Dustin, 30, A tech entrepreneur from San Diego, CA (info from Hollywood Reporter)

As for Hannah, I think going back is a realization she made a mistake, however, in her heart I believe she feels Peter is not the one. If this was the case, Peter would not be the bachelor. Hannah had every opportunity before he was approached and instead of making it happen, she goes after another unavailable guy, Tyler who at the time was dating Gigi Hadid, but that’s long over now. If he was the one, why would the decision be so difficult to make?

With the group date reconvened that evening, after much one one one time, Sydney received the rose.

Rose Ceremony

The next evening, the ladies discuss their thoughts about Hannah B. being there and once again Natasha is running her mouth. Tammy was also another one complaining about not getting enough time being as though, I believe another group date was supposed to happened but didn’t.

Lexi got one on one time and makes a comment about Hannah randomly showing up. She didn’t just randomly show up.

These women are really dumb.

Kelsey breaks out a bottle of champagne (only to have a new bottle shit in her face) she wanted to share with Peter and sets up everything on a table to prepare for her special moment with Peter but Mykenna comes out and takes him, leaving Kelsey to complain, feeling disrespected and calling her a snake during her interview.

And… another snake was born when Hannah Ann opened up her bottle of champagne accusing her of knowingly opening up a bottle she placed there.

Now why is Kelsey is an emotional wreck crying her eyes out like someone died and this is only week two!!! WTF?!?

Why are any of these women so emotionally invested?

Tammy made a good point through her own craziness – that she wants no part of the champagne drama.

Hannah Ann apologized but through Kelsey’s own craziness she accused Hannah Ann of not apologizing.

Clearly this whole #champagnegate woke up a crazy Kelsey who was stealthy all of this time. Who knew champagne can do that.

Who got the roses:


Victoria P.





Hannah Ann





Victoria F.





During the interviews (as roses are being handed out), Courtney makes a comment about we all want to be Mrs. Weber.

But why???? They barely know the man.

For prestige? For fame?

If anyone thinks this is the most dramatic season yet, I’m looking at it as the most pathetic group of ladies displayed on national television.

More on the dates in the next article.

Until then.


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