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The Bachelor E2 Part Two – Fashion and More #ChampagneGate

Now that the roses have been handed out, the next day, Tammy fills the rest of the ladies on #champagnegate and the argument ensued with Kelsey and Hannah Ann. With Hannah B. being officially gone (at least for now), the date card comes in and as follows:

Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha (who doesn’t seem thrilled), Deandra (and her reaction wasn’t so pleasing to say the least), Lexi, Victoria F., Kelsey and Hannah Ann.

The date card reads let your personality shine and now Victoria F seems to be having issues and feeling a lack of self worth.

The girls arrive to the Revolve Store where they are greeted by Carson kressley, Janice Dickinson and Chief Brand Officer Riassa Gerona.

Riassa tells the girls they will be modeling the clothes and competing in a fashion runway show and the winner will receive a whole line of clothes (there were 40 shopping bags displayed).

As Janice gives them the countdown to shop what they plan on modeling, Victoria is clearly in distress on what to wear as she looks at the other ladies modeling hats and other potential outfits.

Natasha, as always full of herself, telling Peter how she can’t wait to show these off to him, had Victoria approach them joking around asking what was going on here.

You can see the lack of self assurance and feeling displaced and as she is being interviewed, she no longer wants to speak and falls apart. Kelsey approaches her to see if she was okay. Bizarre of all people, Kelsey would be the one to come over to comfort her. Perhaps she feels Victoria may not be such a threat.

The runway show is about to begin and as the ladies prepare to make their way down the cat walk, two of the ladies take a peek to see the audience of people building up and taking their seats.

As the girls come out one by one, no surprise Hannah Ann pulls the tacky move putting on a wedding dress. Now I’m not sure if that’s part of Revolver’s brand….and Kelsey, not really made for the catwalk, brings yet another bottle of champagne telling Peter they will be drinking that later.

And for all the tears Victoria cried she actually kicked ass on the runway. I was surprised as she strutted down the runway, a confidence she seemed to lack just moments before.

When it came down to the one to one, it was Hannah Ann and Victoria F and sadly Hannah Ann won.

This led Victoria back to feeling as though she did not want to be there anymore and the waterworks begin as Peter and Hannah Ann walk away with all her piles of clothes.

Back now to the group date, everyone has their one to ones and Victoria expressed how difficult this is for her. Behind some bushes (what it seems like) they are being “secretly” recorded (mind you they are mic’d most of the time, Victoria is clearly in distress and Peter tells her how much he really likes and says “you’re the type of person, I wanna see if I can figure this out with so….”

He told her he didn’t want her to go and for a minute, it looked like Victoria was leaving.

Mind you again, this is week two and already emotions are running super high.

As we move on from Victoria, Hannah Ann is running her mouth about the champagne conspiracy and how they all need to support each other (with the exception of Kelsey I’m sure).

As she’s talking both she and Mykenna hear a cork being popped and of course this must bring back residue feeling for Hannah Ann .

When Kelsey comes back from her, yet another, champagne popping moment, she informs the ladies she feels validated and secure in her relationship with Peter. She completely left the door wide open for spoiled princes Hannah Ann to run to Peter to inform him of the exchange she had with Kelsey and how she felt bullied.

One comment Hannah Ann made, which is quite disturbing was. She said, “This is very uncomfortable. A bully who tears someone else down and rips them apart. And she accomplished that.”

Really Hannah Ann? How? Because she’s making you feel insecure about your relationship with Peter?

That is not bullying honey. Not even in the slightest.

Because now she’s insecure, the first thing she does is gets up and goes running to Peter, with her “heart in hand, claiming she’s being bullied by Kelsey.

“Oh what to do, what to do.”

When Peter hears of this, apparently it raises concerns and before he calls out to Kelsey to speak to her in private, he gives Victoria the rose on the group date. At least he had somewhat of his priorities in order and thankfully she did get the rose instead of Hannah spoiled Ann.

While I don’t agree with Kelsey’s behavior, I will say this, Hannah Ann seems to be a very spoiled girl. She reminds me of a girl I knew back in elementary school, extremely spoiled and rotten to the core. What is sad is when a man becomes infatuated with someone like that, he only sees the good and he doesn’t see what a spoiled shit she is.

Also Kelsey is right, when Peter confronted Kelsey after giving Victoria the rose, Kelsey mentioned Hannah Ann using the word bullying is a very strong word and doesn’t understand the definition of what that means, as she had her own experiences with bullying.

Yes I agree, bullying is not what Kelsey is doing.

Is she using intimidation tactics on Hannah Ann by accusing her of the champagne shit saying she knew it was her bottle and opened it on purpose, of course she is. But that’s not anything new that we haven’t seen on this show. If that is the case then every woman who has accused other women on the show of doing slimy shit would be considered bullying as well.

We’ve also seen the Hannah Ann type, very spoiled and coy, but we all know she’s knows exactly what she’s doing. Innocent? Not really.

While Kelsey defended herself, this only left more ill will towards Hannah Ann, which she should have kept her mouth shut in the first place. But like most women who come on this show, they are looking for some man to rescue them instead of just being a head strong woman (not like Natasha) and knowing their self worth and the man they seek should be their partner where both can lean on each other during hard times.

As now the Bachelor leaves us with cliffhangers – Kelsey is upset, who knows if the tears are for real. Hannah Ann looks like she wants to sink in the couch and when Victoria suggested they talk it out, instead she walks away in hysteria and we all know Hannah Ann is enjoying every moment.

Trust Hannah spoiled Ann is not a good girl. Not within the slightest bit is she sincere.

Until then.


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