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The Bachelor Finale Notes

Thank you to cancel culture for ending my time with the Bachelor.

Probably one of the most boring seasons (especially towards the end), we had a birds eye view on the real Gen Z and the issues they experience day to day with lack of knowledge and any sort of respect for others.

That being said, I’m sure anyone reading the top paragraph will think, “wow pretty ‘judgy’ Marabelle”, no not judgmental but more of a realist.

You see, the time of my upbringing, was a different pace, where we were taught to have thick skin and a backbone, most importantly, respect for others, even if we didn’t like them. The idea of me not liking a person and not giving them the respect wasn’t going to change who they were, but recognizing who I am. No one I knew laid down and gave in to this “oppression” people talk about in this day and age, and I’m not talking about what has happened with police brutality but every day living. When people I knew had a goal, they accomplished it. No one stopped them from accomplishing their dreams.

I also come from a place to be unassuming.

In today’s world with technology, everyone assumes too much and/or gives too much credit to someone who doesn’t know shit about anything.

Take for example Rachel and her attendance to this antebellum party.

I will admit, due to my own ignorance, I didn’t know what kind of party this was. Have I heard about it? Yes, thanks to cancel culture. But let’s play “devil’s advocate” and assume Rachel wasn’t familiar with this concept and was told this was a southern style costume party.

If anyone heard this, they can assume, it could be like a toga party.

Everyone stereotyped Rachel into assuming because of her attendance at this party, she was a racist, in addition because everyone expected for Chris Harrison to be the behavioral inspection police, they all assumed he was a racist too.

There are a variety of problems here:

· How people respond without thought.

· How people react without thought.

· And then accepting the response of “we’ll just fix it and put a person of color to host”.

Explain to me, cancel culture, how does this third option fix anything?

This isn’t a correction. This is patronizing someone or a group of people. This is by far not resolving a real-world issue problem, that is racism. Acting as if, let’s just put “this person” in there so we can stop hearing the complaints doesn’t resolve shit.

Sorry but I have to be real here.

What happened in this season of the Bachelor was beyond stupid.

If Matt was really in love with Rachel, he would have given her the opportunity to understand her actions instead of being dismissive and accusatory. I thought love came without conditions?

And it isn’t just on this show, this is, once again a real-life problem that goes beyond television. No one takes the time to talk to each other, we talk at each other. The whole entire show was based on being accusatory of everyone’s behavior.

Again, playing devil’s advocate with Rachel’s behavior.

Here is the other thing. The issue with, “well she liked certain things that were thought to be racist”.

I have “liked” some things in the past just to keep on record if I’m writing something and including that response for my research. If someone judged me based on my own likes, they wouldn’t even know the real person that is me.

Are we all accustomed to believe “likes” are the ends all that says all of who you are? No one saves likes due to research or to have to use for future notes?!?

How does one get to know me? You follow me, you can listen to what I have to say, you can read my blogs. I don’t hide who I am, but I also don’t hide what I don’t agree with or what I do agree with and what is outright ridiculous.

What I know about “cancel culture” are people who easily gets their feelings hurt and or are into their feelings and cry to the world, fix this for me because it’s hurting my feelings. And then, they make up a series of events that have been around for centuries, label it racist and want to shut everything down, because why, “it’s hurting their feelings”.

Here are the variety of wrongs of why feelings don’t validate facts:

· Did anyone do valuable research?

· Your feelings don’t validate shit of what is going on in the world.

· The word racism is slowly being devalued.

Again, these are just my opinions from what I’m seeing on social media. But trust when I tell you, I’m not alone in my feelings.

If you’re not with “cancel culture” you’re suddenly the racist. All the banter of the Prince Harry and Megan interview, anyone who didn’t care were racist.

Why is that?

You can’t just not care?

Quite honestly, I don’t care about Prince Harry and Megan or the entire royal family for that matter. Not caring doesn’t make me a racist. In fact, not caring just simply means, this isn’t the news I’m interested in or care to watch.

The simplicity of explanations has been thrown out the window instead of one person just saying this isn’t’ the type of news for everyone.

What is going on in the world is much bigger than what we realize. Erasing that beautiful American Indian girl on the Land O Lakes cover didn’t resolve shit. Taking off the Aunt Jemima off the label of the box and syrup bottle, for me took away that home and warm feeling inside.

Look at what is happening within the Asian community. The backfire of a people who work so hard and take pride in their culture, people are just bastardizing them and mocking who they are, telling them to “go back” where they came from.

My question to anyone is, who the fuck are you to tell anyone to go back? Anyone who accepts the stereotype of “go back where you came from” and “we don’t want you here”, has no clue about humanity.

Here’s the deal, any kind of hate towards another human being is unacceptable.

What happened on the Bachelor and all the changes was something a cancel culture couldn’t grasp their feelings and with like everything else, they cried like babies until they got their way.

Cancel culture is all about putting a band aid on real serious issues. And until we stop putting a band aid and start doing our homework and finding real solutions, we will remain stuck in that social media dilemma and cry like a baby, using our keyboards as weapons and never getting up from our chairs, getting involved with public service and making a real difference in educating ourselves.

Like with everything else in life, soon, this culture will be phased out and a new one will come in.

Until then. Take care of You!


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