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The House Without Victoria – As We Move on to the Dates

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Before the date card arrives, Chris Harrison informs the ladies they are now at the halfway point, which means more time with Matt, and having the relationships become more serious. It also means it will probably be easier for Matt to see who’s establishing stronger connections with as oppose to who he’s not connecting with on a more intimate level.

As Rachel prepares for her one-to-one date with Matt, a driver arrives to pick her up to meet Matt, as she gets a taste of the “Cinderella” life with a shopping spree and Louis Vuitton shoes to complete the look.

She comes back to drop her shopping bags off when all the girls are seared with more jealousy because of the shopping spree date. As for Pieper, her main concern was how Matt is making all these connections and she’s not sure he still has a connection with her, as is Katie.

Rachel heads back for her dinner with Matt, the date card arrives for the group date, reading the names: Serena P., Bri, Katie, Pieper, Serena C., Ryan, Michele, Brittany, Magi, Abigail, Chelsea, Jessenia and MJ, leaving Kit with the one on one and having Abigail and Katie questioning where are they at with Matt and why didn’t they get a one on one date.

When Matt mention on his interview he recalls Rachel telling him she’s never been in love, only made me think is Rachel a challenge for him and the main reason why he’s attracted to her. You know what they say, we want what we can’t have.

So now we know why Matt is interested. See in relationships, why does one gear to someone they find as a challenge? It seems Matt’s ego may want to bring Rachel to fall in love with him, you know like a first.

Rachel admits she has strong feelings for him and in turn Matt confesses he feels the same.

And while Matt and Rachel are busy talking about falling in love with each other and he giving Rachel the rose, back at the house, the girls are expressing concerns about where their relationship is going with Matt.

Even though we are five weeks into this, Matt still has plenty of other women he’s pursuing and him having strong feelings for Rachel, only makes me wonder, where is he going with the rest of the women?

On the group date, as it pours in at Nemacolin, the women learn what it’s like to work on a farm and no surprise, MJ isn’t thrilled. Let’s be honest, for most of this generation, I would be surprised if they know how to scrub down a bathroom.

MJ decided she was going to be the “star” of the group date, doing things to get Matt’s attention and all of the ladies noticed. Matt toss and egg she tried to catch, and while chasing Matt down, he ended up running into the arms of Pieper, making out for like five minutes with MJ watching on the sidelines. Thankfully this date didn’t eat up all the camera time and went right to the after party.

Seems Matt is getting the hang of this and taking opportunities to gauge where the ladies are with him, as though he is doing the process of elimination.

With Chelsea he made it a point to let her know he likes her.

During her time, Abigail expressed concerns and fears about having children who can possibly turn out to be deaf as well as having a father who walked out of her and her sister’s life and how that experience affected her. Being Matt had the same experience of having grown up without a father, he talked about, not only having Abigail being vulnerable but also having challenged him and keeping him challenged and that’s what he looks for.

So if that’s the case, how is he falling in love with Rachel? Did I miss something?

Moving on to Michelle, who also aired concerns about her connection with Matt, I’m sure the making out made her feel batter.

As for MJ, she is not off the hook. Matt had suspicions MJ is a part of the whole thing and when he confronted her about it, Brittany came in to steal him and Matt dismissed her, seeming he was more interested in talking to Brittany than having to sit there and look at MJ’s face.

Of course, being the “Victoria” the second, while Brittany is taking her time with Matt, MJ confronts the girls about someone calling her an antagonist.

Now why is MJ getting mad at the truth. She was right there with Victoria and Anna and didn’t have a problem goofing and making comments on the new girls, as a matter of fact, earlier in that episode, wasn’t MJ trying to help Anna “fix this”.

Also, what does she mean by she leads by example? And she’s owed an apology? LOL, it’s like Victoria all over again.

Kit gets her date card and while she and Rachel are sharing excitement about the date, back at the after party, the women are boasting about their time with Matt was just where they wanted to be but when Abigail got the group date rose, it brought them right back down to reality and uncertainty.

The next day, while MJ stews in her shit, Matt prepares for his date with Kit, cleaning everything and making his hotel suite look presentable for her. When she arrives, Matt tells her how he orders dessert before his meal and as they bake away, Kit discusses her privileged life and how important it was to spend time with her mom…in the kitchen.

Long story short, she says she is falling in love with him.


But Matt doesn’t say it back though.

In closing, I want to say, I’m glad Matt is finally taking control of the situation but does he really see what was going on from the beginning? It seemed for almost 5 weeks, it was just watching a bunch of spoiled brats calling each other names and clicks who were part of a club you couldn’t be part of. It wasn’t Victoria and Anna who were instigators, it was MJ, Serena P. and Serena C. and even Kit, although she wasn’t really as vocal as the other girls.

It wasn’t until Sarah admitted about her feelings for Matt and having to cut into the group date was when all this shit began and all of these girls who claim they are there for Matt, not one of them shows they are. And as for Kit claiming she is falling in love with Matt, I’m not buying it.

Now because Jessenia told Matt how MJ was part of the whole thing, she wants to take blame off herself and claim Jessenia is attacking her character and how she comes from this “peaceful harmony” type place who “leads by example”. It only makes me wonder how much hair she’s fried at a salon. Color mixing is not her strong suit.

I’m going to venture a guess, Matt isn’t that stupid, so why would he keep her over the other ladies from the last rose ceremony is beyond me. Think about who he sent home. Mari, Catalina and Lauren…what was wrong with these ladies to not keep over MJ?

Matt hasn’t shown not one bit of attraction to MJ, nor has he made any real effort to spend time with her. What bothers me more, is how he got rid of Marilynn not ever giving her chance and actually believing Victoria over her?

Marilynn was a casualty in the mess of these girls who boast about how they are there for Matt but let’s be honest, they were only really there for themselves.

How did Matt miss Victoria’s transparency in addition, the cronies who surrounded her when they initially didn’t like her in the first place?

Is love really that blind?

Maybe it is.

Until then. Take care of you.


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