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The Premier of Vanderpump Dogs

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Earlier this week I saw a tweet of someone promoting Lisa Vanderpump’s new show Vanderpump Dogs on Peacock.

Being a big fan of Lisa Vanderpump, I was pleased to see a show focused on her most precious charity work of rescuing dogs.

After the whole fiasco of Housewives of Beverly Hills and how both Lisa Rinna and Kyle treated Lisa like trash thanks to the other hot mess Teddi, don’t get me started, it’s refreshing to see Lisa in her own element in doing something she loves.

With Vanderpump Dogs opening in 2016, it fell right into place as Lisa was working with lawmakers to end the Yulin dog eating festival which I find nothing festive about it.

I have a hard time seeing things like that, it will literally give me nightmares to see any suffering of an animal for someone’s amusements. I see zero logic of hurting animals for fun, but I will say this, if I knew a “Dexter”, I will gladly hand over anyone who does this to animals.

So, with all that being said….

The premise of the show is meeting people who wish to adopt pets at Vanderpump Dogs. We also get an inside look at the dogs who come in and the care they receive, including a full vet work up and training, before they are considered for adoption. The show also includes a bit of history of where the dogs came from and any traumatic experiences they’ve experienced before arriving, with the staff members sharing the dogs’ achievements since arriving at Vanderpump.

I was happy to see no celebrities, although everyone in L.A. may think they are, the platform gives everyday people an opportunity to share their personal lives and what they can give to a Vanderpump dog in their forever home.

Potential adopters fill out an application and they get a home visit before approval.

I think after the disaster with Dorit, sometimes, your friends aren’t the best people to adopt.

My own personal situation, a friend had a yorkie for almost two years when she decided to surrender her to me. I will never forget the mess I was greeted with but the love I experienced for 15 years of her 17-year life. Some people are not meant to have pets, because it truly is a lifelong commitment. Believe me when I tell you, if I can take in any more animals, I would.

The first couple was looking for an addition to their growing family. As they were introduced to three different pets, the first one really grabbed their heart. Little did the girlfriend know, the adoption would also come with a wedding proposal, which I found myself crying my eyes out.

Another potential adopter was also looking to add to her family as well.

While the show was short, it was very sweet and to the point.

The idea of seeing inside Vanderpump Dogs, is to see another side of Lisa, in her quest of rescuing animals from disastrous situations.

It also gives us a chance to see Lisa away from the Bravo clutches, namely Andy Cohen in his quest to make any woman look stupid on his panel of reunions.

If you love animal rescue stories, this show is definitely for you. Besides, who can resist the wonderful Lisa Vanderpump!

Until then. Take care of you.


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