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The Real Housewives Final Reunion Episode - Yey or Nay Nay?

Well if you haven’t seen my video on parts I and II here you go

Once again, here we are in the mess that is the Real Housewives of Atlanta Virtual Reunion.

Once again, we are subjected to Eva running her mouth while her boobs are also running North and South.

Once again, we are subjected to more of Cynthia’s banter on why Kenya gets a pass.

Once again, we are subjected to more lies from “that bitch you know”.

It’s funny how Eva is suddenly friends with someone she claimed not to know and her husband is now representing Yovanna because Nene sent a cease and desist letter to her and it seems like Eva is desperate for friendships.

Also, why would Mike suggest, (if I got it right), for Yovanna to delete anything incriminating?

Huh? Wouldn’t you keep the shit as evidence?

I find it hard to believe Nene would go out of her way to recruit Yovanna, have her insert herself to be friends with everyone, just to record them and then send that information back to Nene. What would be the point or the purpose of it? Unless Nene had real legal reasons, everything that came out of Yovanna’s mouth for this reunion segment was all bullshit….seriously. It was just another way for Yovanna to hear herself with Eva the plum chiming in like some kind of lost cause within this show.

Now I can see Yovanna taking it upon herself to record Cynthia, Kenya or anyone she may suspect who would talk shit about Nene and come back with this info. Maybe to make herself look good and be more a part of the show. If this was the case, it absolutely backfired in her face.

On a side note, anyone who’s anyone wouldn’t be smart enough to leave a recording device behind to find out what your friends would say behind your back - trust y’all are gonna catch feelings and be hurt. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them, people will always talk shit about you behind your back, friends or not, good or bad.

Also, Kandi brought up a good point, why would they come with plans to strategically built trust on people to come back with information and Yovanna willingly went with the idea.

Does that sound like a real friendship? Anyone?

I’ll wait.

As for North/South boob fest Eva, she showed her true colors by showing how full of shit sticking up for Yovanna.

If Eva is out of the show, leave her out for good because she was the worst for two seasons (if she was on for three, then I probably fell asleep on that season).

So, what did we learn from this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Kenya Moore is still playing some sort of victim while yet being “empowered” and convinced Nene is always coming for her. Also, the thing with the cookie lady, not cool.

Kenya is still not a real friend to Cynthia.

Cynthia is still stuck on thinking Kenya is a real friend and Nene was not.

Even after Kenya spilled the beans she had a “premonition” Cynthia was getting engaged the night of her wine store opening and Cynthia did express at the reunion she was not happy with Kenya sharing this info and basically ruining the moment, she still didn’t believe Kenya was coming from a bad place by doing that.

I also didn’t enjoy Cynthia putting her daughter on a spotlight as if being gay was something new and innovative and it’s never been done before.

Mike Hill definitely used the show to promote his book on what life was like being a “man whore” in front his friends and his daughter of all people.

Eva was nothing but a nuisance. Her constant badger of comments were blatantly annoying and not useful to the show. She reminds me of Plankton from Spongebob, finding ways to insert herself to be heard when no one really cares what the fuck she’s saying.

While Nene wasn’t around a lot this season, we learned one thing, she’s had enough of the bullshit.

We weren’t subjected to an “Kandi” gatherings of her weekly gossip on how everyone is fucked up and her life is perfect.

And as for Porsha, hopefully things can work out with her and Dennis, regardless of what all the gossip rags say, that includes Kandi aka “KMZ”.

Which now leaves the question of what next season will be like. We all know Kenya needs the paycheck more than anyone in the cast. I doubt her Kenya Moore Haircare will keep her afloat.

Other than needing that paycheck, does that mean we get to be subjected with watching Marc all her “Ken”.

Will Phadrea come back to fill in the shoes of Nene?

Will Nene make an appearance now and then as a friend to the show?

What else are we going to get from Kandi? I can’t see anything else we can get from her other than another restaurant? More stories from Mama Joyce on how her lunch box money got stolen?

As for Porsha, hmmm I’m not sure.

I heard somewhere because Cynthia could be moving to LA to be with Mike Hill, she may be a cast member of RHOBH. I don’t think that will mesh well at all….the women on RHOBH are just plain old bitches who have nothing better else to do but kiss their reflection and the RHOA, for me, was always based on friendships, even if they get carried away shading each other out.

We also have to consider this Covid shit going around and if they begin filming towards the end of the year, will that happen?

My thoughts on the entire season was this show was not as exciting as past seasons. Dare I say, it hasn’t been as exciting since Phadrea left.

What are your thoughts?

Until then.


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