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The Real Housewives of Divorce

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann

Kroy and Kim via Instagram

Kim and Kroy have called it quits.

This seemingly loving couple, where Kim bragged countless times about how she was fulfilled sexually when it came to Kroy’s “assets”, are now headed straight to the “Real Housewives of Divorce Court”.

The former cast member of Real Housewives of Atlanta and spin off show, ‘Don’t be Tardy…’, share four children between each other.

I’m so curious, what led to this? There wasn’t any indication they were heading towards a breakup, at least not from my point of view.

But before the divorce announcement was all over the news, there were rumors circulating about their financial issues and how the beloved house which was featured on ‘Don’t be Tardy….’ was in foreclosure, which Kim has denied multiple times, from inside the home.

Bethany Frankel, who seems to run her mouth a lot and offering her opinions on other Real Housewives current cast and alums “dilemmas” and downfalls, made comments alluding to Kim and Kroy spending more than what they have in the bank.

Now, while I am not a fan of Bethany, I cannot discount that comment and this goes for anyone who likes to buy “lavish” items but really doesn’t have the money to spend.

There’s a saying I’ve heard multiple times throughout my life, “having champagne taste with beer pockets”.

I think we can safely say, all of us have champagne taste and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong is spending your money and believing there is an endless stream of funds, without regard of the commitments you need to take care of first like paying your rent or mortgage. Granted, we may have not been taught in school about the value of money and paying our bills in a timely manner, but that painfully becomes very clear when we begin to work, whether in a chosen career or just a regular 9 to 5, paychecks are on a set schedule and so are your bills.

Additionally, social media has a terrible effect on featuring items where influencers make you believe this is the greatest purchase you will ever make. While you fight with your mind of the validity of this purchase, lest not forget the “discount code”, your conscious begins to talk to you about the light bill, which is due towards the end of the month. The juggling of the mind to justify any purchase while deciphering what is going to be paid late, or pay in half so you don’t feel the ramifications of having to pay a double bill doesn’t make any lavish purchase worth it. Think about your priorities and ask yourself, if you buy this now and hold off on paying something important, how will this affect your credit score if you are looking to make a major purchase, whatever that may be.

This is called, mismanagement of money. No one should ever supersede their wants over their needs.

A logical thinker will say, “my mortgage is due on the first, even though I have a 10-day grace period, it’s better to pay it immediately, so the mortgage company isn’t calling me three days later, while I’m at work, asking for payment.”

People who do not think logically and live to satisfy the outside world will say, “this event is coming in the next few months, I need to get my lips plumper and my Botox done so I look great, maybe I can hold off paying the mortgage, ignore the calls and then pay double so they won’t hound me for the next month either.”

But something will always come up and then begins the cycle of catching up.

In no way I’m insinuating this is Kim’s line of thinking but then you look at her face and her daughters faces and you wonder, if this was their logical thinking.

In the world we live in today, people are more focused on their desires and how they look to the public as opposed to keeping a roof over their head and food on the table.

Do I believe Kim and Kroy overspent? Absolutely. If you watched her on, “Don’t be Tardy”, Kim spent an exuberant amount of money, from vacations to various types of plastic surgeries, staying in hotels to recover and those do not come cheap.

On top of that, having four young children, I can only imagine the expenses that go behind having to take care of all of them, let alone, I don’t think they were made naturally, also another expense to freeze those eggs.

Here’s the other thing which disturbs me to no end. Kim and Kroy owe the IRS over a million dollars.

For anyone to flaunt their riches on television, believe me when I tell you, they are being audited. I worked for the IRS for close to three years and trust me when I tell you, they do check everything. On top of that, look at the history of housewives who have gotten caught in flaunting money, yet filing bankruptcy or selling a dream, aka, Teresa Guidice and Jenn Shah.

Obviously, housewives are not the only ones who have ran away from paying their debts, but when housewives first began, it was a show about women who were striving to be successful and growing their business. It has only been in recent years where backstabbing, gossiping and bone collecting have been more of the feature fronts on television than actually being an influence of how to succeed.

Kim was not one of those women. As much as I liked her, it was clear, Kim was all about living a good life without putting too much work. Granted while some women do take the OnlyFans route, they are still putting in the effort to make money whereas Kim was used to getting her money through means of significant others without the OnlyFans aspect.

Yes, it’s embarrassing, especially being a television personality and putting your life on display. Kim still has not learned the concept of you can’t save your face and ass at the same time.

Kroy seems to be playing his cards strategically. He’s asking for full custody of his children. There’s still a question mark of, did Kim go through all his money? Another Youtuber commented that perhaps this divorce could be a rouse to pay what they owe individually as the cost may be less as individuals instead as a couple.

There may be some truth to that but honestly, I don’t know.

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pitmann

Drew and Ralph via Bravcon

When we first met Drew and Ralph, it was clear there were issues in their relationship.

Not just that it was happening recently but something that probably was going on for years.

The couple, introduced on Season 13 of the Atlanta housewives franchise, was, no doubt, a couple with many problems, especially in the communication area of their relationship.

If anyone recalls the solo trip Ralph took, after he and Drew got into an argument during their, what was supposed to be, celebrating their sixth-year anniversary, Ralph walked out and went away a few days to “regroup”.

Now, let’s discuss. Please tell me what wife would allow her husband to pack up a few things to go away and regroup after an argument and not disclose his location?

Anyone who is grown up, deals with whatever issues is happening in the relationship, would not run away. On top of that, to keep it a secret of where he was staying is a red flag seen miles away and sadly for Drew, if the red flag smacked her in her face, she would still not see it.

Drew made countless excuses for Ralph’s behavior. When he made the comment about not adopting Drew’s son from a previous relationship, because he wanted to respect the natural father, I had to laugh. Ralph was no better becoming a father figure example in his stepson’s life than the father was.

In addition, Ralph never respected Drew and seem to take pride in how he gaslighted her all day every day.

When Sanya joined the cast in the next season, struggles she had with her husband Ross and his desires of having another child, Drew’s advice to her was how Sanya should satisfy her husband’s request.


The 411 goes, Ralph apparently filed for divorce first and then contacted People Magazine to give them the 411 on the pending divorce.

Then after allegedly exposing the filing, he claimed in this difficult time to please have respect for their privacy.

If this isn’t an outward display of narcissism, then I don’t know what is.

I’m not sure what prompt this relationship to last as long as it did, but I will say this, as a person who lived within the realms of narcissistic abuse with the person I refer to as “shitshow”, people like that can leave a mark of many different mental anguishes. Mine was more of a “what the fuck was I thinking”. He was not good looking to say the least and he lacked MANY qualities, that I looked for in a relationship.

Again, there are also many different levels of narcissistic people, some do get help and some don’t.

And while Drew believed the lies, she will have to deal with those ramifications of the head games Ralph played on her, when she is alone and having to reevaluate her life.

Eva Marcille and Michael Sterling

Michael Sterling and Eva in happier days via Instagram

Eva came into Season 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta with problems. If it wasn’t baby daddy problems, it was stalker problems and other baby daddy problems and last name problems.

She started off as a friend of the show, being friends with Nene Leakes, which I’m sure Nene may have had some influence of Eva being part of the cast, but like most of Nene’s friendships, that didn’t last very long.

When Eva talked about her past relationships, she would refer to one as the “donor”, as if she never participated in the relationship.

On top of that, she was making it a priority Michael adopt her child, Marley, so the baby daddy would not have a say with the upbringing of her child.

Other than the never ending stories about baby daddy’s and donors, she also made comments about her ex stalking her and how she had to move countless times because he was finding her.

Eva seemed to tell half truths when it came to her personal life and there was never any proof of anything she had to say in front of the cameras. And while she looked happy being with Michael Sterling, clearly, that was all a lie too. I can see why Nene said, she wasn’t bringing anything to the show, which began a feud during the reunion where Andy Cohen had to mute both of their mics. Believe me, it was a priceless moment to hear Nene call her a plum. I still laugh about that.

Overall, as I mentioned before, when the housewives franchise began, it seemed to be taken out of the book of, “Desperate Housewives”, which ran from 2004 to 2012. The first housewives aired, Orange County in 2006.

I get a lot of people who say they will never watch these shows. Quite honestly, I can care less. These types of shows not only give me content, they also give me pause to evaluate friendships and how everyone relates to one another in a time of conflict.

It also brings out the worst of people who are watching these shows, literally inserting themselves into lives of people who don’t even know or care for them.

In that regard, that’s something I will take to my channel since mental health awareness is of the upmost important in our lives to protect, even when people don’t realize how important that is for their wellbeing.

In closing, I want to say this: I hope all of these separating couples find their own personal happiness. Sometimes we get stuck in believing the partner we have, we are to remain committed to them, even through the insanity. That’s not necessarily true. If any relationship and that includes friendships, become unhealthy to a point where it’s bringing you more stress than happiness, it’s time to reevaluate who is more important in your life, in this moment.

Until then. Take care of you.

Photo credits: Bravo, People Magazine, Us Weekly and Instagram

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