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The Women Tell (All) Each Other Off

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a women tell all where the women actually told each other off and they were all in agreement of who the culprits were on Season 26 of the Clayton Echard season.

Now while I have not watched all 26 seasons, I have watched a bulk of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I can attest, this was one of the best.

Let’s start off with Claire.

Jesse posed the question that she may be the only person to get out of the limo, meet Clayton, have one conversation with him and claim she wasn’t interested.

Why is that surprising? In real life it happens all the time. I have met many of people on dating apps and only dated them once and not continue on. Why should I? That’s only giving the other person false hope I am interested in them when I’m not. And I’m sorry, free dinners and or coffees aren’t worth it. Maybe some people can do that, but then those people will fall into the Shanae category.

Also, lest not forget, that lady with the red hair and bikini, also known as Samantha, who disappeared after introducing herself to Clayton, only never to be seen again. Apparently, she did have a conversation with Clayton, off camera, I presume, letting Clayton know she didn’t feel a connection. Funny though, why didn’t we see that on camera but we made a big stink about Salley, who claimed the day she was there, she was supposed to be getting married. That’s still a rejection which should have been aired.

Let’s be ‘real’ here, in the sense of “reality television” drama. Why are we supposed to believe that every woman who arrives will stay for the sake of the Bachelor? We should see people leave of their own accord because they aren’t interested. Yes, of course it robs them of air time, but we can leave that for someone like Shanae who creates drama due to her narcissistic tendencies.

And returning back to Claire and her departure, granted it was unnecessary and immature to use the words, “I hate him”, she could have kept it simple and said, he’s just not the type of guy I’m looking for. Nice meeting you and keep it moving, but the bar was there, hence the reason for the extended stay.

Cassidy's Way of Meeting Guys

Cassidy mentioned she felt she had a surprisingly deeper connection with Clayton, however her way of gauging if she and Clayton did have a real connection was by shoving her tongue down his throat, as we saw during the children’s party group date where she was fantasizing about living rich and having Hilary Duff as her bestie.

In real life, people don’t gauge a relationship on how deep their tongue can go, secondly, while Cassidy tried to make everyone believe this is the way she deciphers on whether or not she wants to be with a person, she failed on making a good impression with the women. Her behavior on the group date, her lack of participation of setting up for the birthday party, the way she spoke to the birthday girl and then dropping the cake, her fantasies about living in a big house and having Hilary Duff as a bestie, notice there was no Clayton in that fantasy.

In addition to acting as if this were a game or contest, when she mentioned about using the word bitch in as a term of endearment didn’t fly with me at all.

I have friends use that term and because we are friends we have an understanding when we use that word, but when a stranger uses that word, I don’t think I would find it endearing at all.

In short, this was truly a game for Cassidy. Her conversation with Sierra about having a fuck buddy back home was telling. She insinuated if things didn’t work out, she was going back to that dude and she didn’t see an issue with this. Funny though, because if someone is on this show to find a real relationship to end in an engagement, why would anyone hold on to someone who has a backup plan.

Ideally, we would all like to have a backup plan, but that backup idea is only to avoid being vulnerable and/or getting hurt if a relationship didn’t work out. Cassidy made it clear from the beginning this was just a game and the other women were bitches in her way of winning the prize. Nowhere near as term of endearment but more like “move bitch get out the way”.

I think Kira had all the points checked when she told everything Cassidy was doing to all of the women in the house and how arrogant she came off. And Cassidy locked in it, when she said, she wasn’t going to break it off until she had a ring on it.

That’s not the idea of a relationship. Nor desiring to make a real commitment to Clayton. To me it seemed like she was “cheating” and using Clayton in the event things didn’t go her way.

The Lies on top of the Shanae Lies

I will probably sound like a broken record, being I’ve made a lot of comments about Shanae on my youtube channel. Her unsorted strategies, who she’s conjured up in her mind about who she thinks she is and comments she made about the other women isn’t someone who’s of sound mind in my book. Her behaviors clearly displayed this on the Women Tell All. And yes, what was she wearing underneath that dress when she took the “hot seat” (they need to give that chair another name)?

While she defended her actions and not really making any sense about the lies on top of the lies and the fake apologies, Shanae continue to display the same negative energy about how everyone in the house was fake, and when they were all going off on her, everyone clapped back with the same question, if this was the way she felt, why didn’t she just tell them to their face, instead of doing these performances on camera. I gathered, if she did make it to Croatia, that therapist probably would have recommend Shanae be put away in a padded room.

Again, no surprise Shanae had nothing to back up her lies about what she accused the other woman of doing, especially to Elizabeth. Mocking a disorder such as ADHD and then claiming she had it herself, I’m not sure why any producer would continue to have her there. If the producers have the upper hand of getting rid of people with ill intentions, why was this different? I certainly didn’t expect for her to apologize, but Shanae has an issue with women who are much prettier than she is.

She also doesn’t have a healthy sense of loss. Her crashing the group date, telling Genevieve to keep her name out of her fucking mouth and then tossing their trophy, accusing Elizabeth of gaslighting her, does anyone think this is healthy behavior?

Probably the only one bitch who held up that sign “Team Shanae”.

I don’t care what anyone says, this is not okay behavior, by any means necessary. And I don’t need to repeat myself why. In addition to lies on top of the lies, she decides to share more lies about Genevieve not really being into Clayton because she slept with Aaron from the Katie season.

It’s amazing what people like Shanae would do to make herself look better than the next person. Again, I’m not a doctor or here to diagnose anyone. I’m simply basing her behavior on a past experience I had with a shitshow.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman, narcissism doesn’t discriminate based on your sexuality.

The "Performative" Sarah

As Jesse displayed the relationship between Clayton and Sarah, she seemed to force tears as she watched the television screen of their relationship play out but it didn’t seem to work very well for her. Even when posing the question to Sarah about where she thinks it went wrong, she couldn’t definitively answer that question, even with the answers staring at her in the face.

I’d be happy to take over from here and answer those questions for her.

Sarah, similar to Cassidy, also lived in a fantasy world, of living rich with famous friends. Sarah is 23 years old, working in the financial sector, which is a great accomplishment. I must say, my experience with young people just beginning their career in the financial sector like to give the perception their lives are pretty much together, while living in a 2-bedroom apartment in Manhattan with 5 other people, just to make the rent.

Sarah knew deep down inside her relationship with Clayton probably wouldn’t be a forever thing, but at least for the cameras, she would make it work for her benefit. Quite honestly, I’m not sure what Clayton saw in her, just my own personal thoughts. In comparison to the other women this season, I found there were other women in the house who were much more attractive than Sarah was, but I guess she is an acquired taste.

Sarah seemed to have fun torturing the other ladies at her personal expense, making them believe she and Clayton had a much deeper connection. She claimed Clayton said she was the rock for him and everyone else shouldn’t even bother trying, especially after the “crying” moment together, which Clayton confirmed never happened.

Even while in Croatia, I don’t believe the therapist was the deciding factor for Clayton getting rid of Sarah. The therapist could have just confirmed whatever Clayton was feeling in those moments during that trip or perhaps beforehand. The problem with Clayton is, he may not have a feeling for someone, but yet doesn’t have a problem making out with them, regardless of how he’s not feeling the relationship as displayed on the two on one with Shanae and Genevieve.

And after having seen the show to the end, we all knew Clayton was never going to wind up with Sarah. The group started to dwindle down and for Clayton and his love journey, it was more about the process of elimination and not so much to think about a bigger crowd and who was going to get roses for that week.

Yes, this is an unconventional setting of how to meet and land a person, but this is also another great way for people to get on television, regardless if they are looking for a serious relationship that can potentially end in marriage, which is the goal of The Bachelor/Bachelorette. This is also a great way to sell one self or a product.

Sierra Doesn't Hold Back in What She Thinks

While Sierra didn’t have a romance with Clayton, she didn’t have a problem calling bullshit when she saw it. And the moment when she told Clayton how she was trying to help him not to make stupid ass choices but he did it on his own anyway, was probably one of the greatest moments in the Women Tell All.

Overall and in closing, I didn’t expect anything different from Cassidy and Shanae. These women weren’t going to change for the cameras and say, that’s not really who they are in real life. In the famous words of the great Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.”

Again, people reading this may not agree with me and think the behaviors of Shanae are completely acceptable and normal.

I will leave you with this, when you meet a person and think they are great and telling you things you’ve longed to hear in a relationship, then realize you are “stuck” with a narcissist and a person who gaslights you at every opportunity they get, then come back and say what a great person Shanae is. I suspect the reason why she can’t stay in a relationship because what partner would appreciate being disrespected?

One honorable mention when Lyndsey directed her message to Shanae: " was a lose lose situation, if we polite – we were fake/two faced bitches if we ignored you we were bullies, fuck you and I hope you rot in Ohio." I'm glad someone had balls enough to say it.

In my next article, I’ll discuss Clayton’s response to the ladies on the Women Tell All and why I think he may have been the worst Bachelor to date.

Until then. Take Care of You.


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