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What Have We Learned with “Ace” and “Queen” Gone?

It was no surprise in Episode 5, Matt dismissed Anna once he found out through Katie, Anna was spreading malicious rumors about Brittany being an escort.

Even before any ceremony was about to begin, Matt addressed the ladies about the rumors he heard which can potentially ruin someone’s life and he tells them “ the bullying mentality is not what I’m looking for in a wife”, Anna, now realizing her time was coming to an end, was claiming how this was “out of character” for her and she said things that were out of line.

Out of character? Out of line?

I’m confused, Ace, clear up something for me. Here’s the way I look at things.

One, where was the time you actually spent with Matt when there was more time complaining how you were not spending enough time with him.

Two, chastising Sarah because she snuck out to spend time with Matt and then calling it wrong and sneaky after she addressed to all what she did, some how she was still f’ked up.

Three, new girls come in and now let’s pick one out of the group, whom you actually know (or she claims she does) and let’s spread rumors she’s a prostitute.

Four, there’s nothing to address when you’ve already spread baseless rumors and then you want to clarify why you said that in the first place.

Out of character you say…. you’re more like in character, babe.

I can sit here and write about that maniacal mouth all day long but that’s not going to help why it was a good idea for Matt to get rid of her.

On top of that we have fried up ends MJ, who’s a hair stylist no less, who’s “advising” Anna on how to fix it so she can have time with Matt to explain herself.

Has anyone ever heard of the term “the blind leading the blind”? MJ is just as much mixed in this shit as everyone else, but somehow was spared.

When Matt pulled her aside, there was so many more excuses she came up with. I mean she’s worse than a pathological liar. “So sad”, upset with myself”, I felt horrible about it”, “I am so sad”.

No matter how many tears this woman had shed, I did not feel not one bit of sorrow for her. What she did was pathetic and not cool. She knew exactly what she was doing. So all this bantering about how out of character it was for her is Anna not taking responsibility for her behavior. No matter how many excuses one can make, what she said without any validity to it, there aren’t enough excuses to justify trying to ruin someone else’s life, and for a man she didn’t make an effort to know.

Now moving on to the “OG” vs the “new girls”….and all the comments back and forth about making them feel uncomfortable and the OG girls not realizing their own behavior.

Are we serious now? How in the fuck do you think it’s okay to sit there and make fun of others in their face, make them feel stupid and then say, wow I didn’t realize I was doing that and I’m sorry.

Did these girls surpass the fourth grade?

Not only apologizing for their lack of recognizing their “bad behavior, Serena C, who’s also one of the hot messes on the show, can’t believe the “kiss assery”….I mean really girl. Get it together. If anyone is betting Serena C. being the final four, take back your bets now.

Even when Ryan was approached by Matt, she didn’t hold back anything on the comments Victoria made on her career choice, because somehow being a dancer is the equivalent to being a ho. Isn’t Victoria unemployed? How does she know about what it’s like to work? I can just see the nightmares now, young company using Victoria as a marketing ploy, breaking all ethics just to be recognized.

Where are we in society where we think it’s okay to spread rumors and name call people because of their chosen careers.

And yeah, this isn’t new news, this is something that has been done for years. If you were a man who wanted to be in ballet you were suspected to be gay, which most times isn’t true. Being a dancer is one thing, being gay is another.

Two different things people.

Confused on how Victoria sees her approach in comments as being playful and not malicious.

I almost fell off my chair after she said that, LI TER RER LEE

I don’t know if I’m writing about the Bachelor anymore or a comedy version of this show.

Even when Victoria had her conversation with Matt, he wasn’t buying anything that was coming out of her mouth. According to Victoria when Matt asked her why did she call Ryan a ho for being a dance, it was “taken out of context”.

When you make excuses for your lack of empathy or respect for another human being, you’re not taking things out of context. It’s a matter of making unfounded statements, and then when she gets caught like Anna did, it was meant as a joke.

I had a friend who used to call me bitch all the time. To a point it made me feel so uncomfortable, I had to tell her to stop. It’s one thing when you’re joking, yet another when it’s constant badgering and it doesn’t sound like it’s supposed to be endearing.

Without further ado, here how the rose ceremony went:

Brittany, Ryan, Rachel, Serena P., Magi, Kit, MJ, Jessenia, Katie, Abigail, Chelsea, Serena C, scoring the final rose leaving "queen" Victoria, very empty handed.

Now that we’ve gotten through that mess, I want to add all of the things Victoria said before she stormed out with her arms crossed, like a big baby.

She claimed she was a great catch, she’s fun and loyal and hardworking (at what I’m not quite sure) and how Matt was not her king but actually a jester.

On top of that, she’s not a trouble maker and made the house real because she wasn’t fake.

Is this girl delusional?

Yes, I think we can safely say she is.

For more on this episode on the dates, read my next blog.

Until then. Take care of you.


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