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“What’s Your Dream?”

Updated: May 17, 2020

So....Dorit‘s dream of being successful and/or famous didn’t sign up for the chastisement of her financial situation for all the world to see on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The fact was she was sued. The fact is she owed money. Wasn’t she recorded on one of her exotic vacations when someone confronted her regarding the money she owed?

What did Dorit do?

She ran away or rather “scurried off” without a care in the world.

Now here she is, on a new season, in a six million dollar house and crying about being questioned about her finances and PK’s account being frozen and she‘s complaining about being shown in a bad light?

Let’s dive a little bit of episode three which aired Wednesday night.

As everyone is apparently getting to know each other more, when question about what Aaron does for a living, he gets into the whole spiel on "everyone has cancer" but the reason why it doesn't kill us because of....", just bizarre and strange where at some point Denise started whispering to him to not discuss it anymore while he’s whispering back, “you’re protected”. From what? They even cut to them when they were driving and Denise mentions how they are being followed by "that weird car again".


I have no idea what that was all about what he believes in, we have a lot of conspiracy theorist who has theories about health, about aliens, about the matrix, about the world and it goes on and on, but when your wife has this uncomfortable look on her face and she tells you to shush, just do it.

While everyone had an uncomfortable look at the table - let's dive into the whole "honesty" thing about first thoughts of when everyone met each other.

No surprise when Sutton open her mouth about crybaby Teddi when she said she honestly thought she was boring and then finding out she was pregnant, "God help up" - I think those were her words, two things when to my head, wow that is funny, "I think Teddi is boring as hell from day one", and then the baby thing, "wow that's fucked up".

Look, Teddi set herself up from the beginning when she was telling everyone she didn't care if they showed up at her retreat or not. The only reason why she's staying that because she knows, no one has a desire to sit through any accountability bullshit.

Why con yourself into thinking any of these women care when they don't.

Also why did her business grow from 10 clients to the thousands, thank Bravo for that sweetie.

Seriously, if it wasn't for her being on this show, no one would be running trying to find the next best thing to lose weight. Aren't we all? It's really not that serious people.

Accountability begin with you. The day I want to spend hundreds of dollars for an external mommy making sure I eat what I'm supposed to be eating, take my money and put it towards a charity like LVP dog rescue organization.

Notice, Kyle is going, but leaving the same day and driving right back home to be with her family.

As for Sutton and her snarky comments about Teddi's baby, I don't agree with. Don't drag a child that's not even here yet and making it seem like the baby is going to be fucked up over the parents they have. We all know people can have the greatest parents and we'll see them being featured on Investigation Discovery because the kids they had and gave them the world done killed them.

So Sutton, not cool. Leave the baby out of it.

On top of that, I'll give Teddi a pass for the waterworks. After all she was pregnant during the season.

So I will account all tears from here on in to be pregnancy and hormonal changes.

As for Lisa Rhinna, sticking up for her couture, fabulous, has money up the ass friend, I think LR will say anything to anyone who she can kiss the ass that will take her places. Does anyone really think Lisa Rhinna cares about anyone but herself. She is too busy trying to stick the "knife in the back" of whoever gets in her way, her husband spends more time away from her while her daughter is starving herself and she's dancing around on camera, behaving like she is living this fabulous life but living vicariously through Erika, even though Erika doesn't wear couture.

Also the rumor mill was buzzing that Ms. Sutton doesn't have the money she claims she does. Perhaps she lives off from gifts? Who knows. My thing is if it ain't in my bank account and it ain't paying my bills then it has nothing to do with me. But for Lisa Rhinna, of course.

I can't find anything good to say about these women at all. Other than Garcelle, I dare for anyone to say anything to her because I'm sure she will put them in their place real fast.

As for Dorit not feeling like she's not being featured in a better light, look as I said from the beginning, these reality television shows are getting more ruthless than ever. It's come to a point where now cast members are doing live instagram so they can explain what happened in that episode.

Because, after all, the youtube vloggers may not get it right.

I just want to say on a personal note, I really wanted to do some videos to tickle your sense of humor with my sarcastic take on all of this but I have been sick now for the last two weeks and just working for a full eight hours takes a toll on me. I literally have to take breaks in between. I do not have Covid thank goodness but I am battling a nasty ear and throat infection, something I lived with my whole live and the antibiotics are kicking my ass.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this review, look out for more content and be sure to check out my other videos I did on Shahs and the Real Housewives of ATL.

Until then.

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