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YouTube, We may have a Problem...

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Getting back into the flow of life, especially after last year, with personal family health issues, challenging to say the least, I’m happy to be getting back to doing what I love. Now that I've been updating and working on a variety of new shows, the one video I spent three days updating to perfection was blocked from YouTube, due to SILENT clips shared as I was discussing highlights on different shows, claiming copyright issues.

First and foremost, it is clear none of the footage shared is mine as I am blogging about different reality TV shows, second, I am not monetizing anything from YouTube with this type of content, if anything it will be the original content I am currently working on.

What concerns me if bloggers are getting blocked with this type of content, will YouTube have a problem with picture share on videos if they have issues with silent clips? This is very concerning.

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for content creation. Of course, when Google took it over, they implemented policies which may have not been in place before the takeover.

When a new company takes over, it’s customary to implement new policies for the "user experience" because after all, it's all about keeping people addicted online, right? But also, because, once upon a time, there was content on YouTube that was and still is completely unacceptable, from animal abuse to hate speech. And quite honestly, it’s not content I wish to see. However, if someone comes across this sick content, if you have something to say about it, like threatening a person to do the same thing they did to an animal, then censorship comes in informing you this isn’t okay and your account will be banned if you continue to use this language.

Funny how that works…

Personally, what a person does to an animal, it should be done to them. I’m just saying and I as usual I veered off course.

What becomes the issue is when a person, like myself, who wants to give subscribers a real time experience, now cannot because of the policies that seem to grow over time. Yes, we know there are certain limitations of lingo or language we should adhere to, especially in this day and age where people are so sensitive, most times, applying their own insecure emotions to whatever it is they are watching or reading.

Now people don’t like to hear this, because they expect everyone to correct their behavior to make them feel better and here’s some breaking news, it’s not right to make other people to be responsible for your feelings. Of course, if a blogger is outright making statements that are offensive, i.e., hate speech or name calling or making threats or sharing inaccurate information just to jack up their numbers on their channel without fact checking (and this goes across the board, not just gossip bloggers but anyone sharing inaccurate health information), we are responsible as a society to report that content.

What is sad is that people are so quick to cancel without doing any research or because they don’t like the person and they want everyone to jump on the bandwagon of their own hate – which is what I consider most of “cancel” people to be. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if you said something in jest and someone stopped associating with you because of it.

Again, I say this because some of the context within this “cancel culture” is excessive and unnecessary. And while people may not agree with me, I’m not in the field for that. I’m in the field to provide entertainment or information.

With all that said, I wanted to share my disdain of Youtube blocking my video over silent clips that’s not even a full episode of a show. Thankfully, there are alternatives, which has allowed me to share the video in full on my page.

I will absolutely continue to use Youtube to keep my content fresh, however, some of the content will be limited, inviting you to watch the entire video either using this site or my Patreon site which will have exclusive member content you won’t see anywhere else.

In addition, I am working on a new variety show with a friend of mine – filled on a generation we celebrate and live through us forever and how that era continues to define us.

I invite you to join me and I’m looking forward to doing more videos.

Until then. Take care of you.

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