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Are You That Girl? An Opinionated Look Into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Social Stance on Racism

I know I said I wasn’t going to watch the Beverly Hills Housewives, but with the Erika Jayne drama on board, Lisa Rinna lying her way to defend her own insanity, Kyle pretending to be the good friend to all and Garcelle calling everyone out, I just couldn’t resist.

With two new faces, well one being Crystal and the other being Sutton who was just a friend of the show and is now part of the show, it seems the uncomfortable topics of racism have arrived in Beverly Hills.

Last season on the reunion, because Kyle and Garcelle had a falling out, Kyle called out Garcelle for “not paying” a charity donation she pledged to pay, embarrassing Garcelle on the reunion.

I knew Garcelle paid, but let’s get real here, when shit happens like this. Rich people have accountants who take care of the bills. Most times, they aren’t checking in to see if a certain bill was paid, because for rich people, the lights go on magically, as well as anything else that’s considered a bill a person like myself, let’s just say, will pay attention to because after all, I like to have electricity, as well as any other “amenity” like water and gas. So I can understand if Garcelle assumed this was something that may have been paid…however, anyone who’s rich should be mindful of their money.

There are many of celebrities who turned a blind eye to their accountant and the accountant became very rich as a result of that bullshit.

The second part of this, which bothered Garcelle is because she is a black woman, living in Hollywood, making her own money and extremely well off, having Kyle embarrass her questioned Kyle if she were white, would Kyle have done the same thing.

While Kyle had her mouth hanging open, my thoughts are, yes she would have. I don’t believe any of these women are racist by far, if anything they have their asses up high due to the fact, they are rich, so they may mix with the same company, as far as money, but they won’t mix with anyone who can’t afford that lifestyle, regardless of color.

Keep in mind, Kyle’s husband, Maurcio, is Mexican and Jewish. If anyone has done their history, like actual history, not the made-up shit you see on social media, Jewish people are not a race. Judaism is a religion where, anyone who wishes to convert, have the ability to do so, regardless of color.

Anyone watch the Shahs of Sunset? Mike Shouhed is very Jewish and he doesn’t have one piece of white skin on his body.

It’s this ignorance that gets me every time with people and in today’s world I am sick of the assumptions about this race and that race, and “we need our own social media”.

Why? Why does anyone need their own of anything? People want to complain about being separated but yet, they are very good at suggesting separating themselves and then want to blame other people for it happening.

Think about that for a minute.

So now that I’m done with that rant, let’s move on.

Garcelle brought up good points about why she was offended by Kyle’s comment and I understand. Until someone makes these valid points, without sounding angry, I am a person who will listen.

Yes, people have created stereotypes that are true. However, these stereotypes do not apply to everyone we see on the street in passing.

Let’s talk about what happened with Crystal and Sutton.

Crystal is new to the show. She’s Asian and her husband is white. She grew up in a very traditional Asian up bringing as anyone with a strict culture would. She shared an incident she witnessed as a child of a man who approached her dad at a gas station and they began harassing her father about his culture and stealing jobs, etc.

See, this is the very ignorance that irks me to no end and why do people do this?

Because they are listening to bullshit reporters spewing inaccuracies on a daily. Reporters today (like GMA) use very poor critical thinking. They are not doing research, or reading updates to prepare for an interview so they can ask the appropriate questions. Most people today who are reporting the news are either celebrity types or people who have switched careers and because they were already “famous” so to speak, they had their foot in the door.

The other part of the conversation, came from Sutton, when she refused to engage in the racial topics and conversation, which led to Crystal asking Sutton, if she was that girl who didn’t see color.

I’ve heard the term before. I’ve actually used that term. Crystal’s thoughts were, if you are a person who doesn’t see color, you are a person basically denying a person’s existence. I’m not sure how she came to that conclusion, even insinuating that term is outdated.

Really Crystal?

Let me exaggerate this concept of “I see color”.

I have a party and invite all my friends.

All my friends are different races as well practice different heritages and religion.

Imagine me introducing my friends to others and mentioning their race, nationality and religion to avoid any stereotyping. Because after all, we should live in a world to make people uncomfortable by acknowledging their race.

Let me put it in script format:

Marabelle: “Hi Steve, I want you to meet my black friend Tajah. She’s black as you can see, she’s not an angry black woman, she actually has a very high IQ, she’s also a dancer, although people say, ‘black people can’t be dancers because they can’t point their toes’, I beg to differ. Tajah, show Steve your toes.”

Imagine going to any random black person and asking if they are black? Or are they angry or do they pay their rent, points Garcelle brought up to Kyle in their conversation. There are black British people who just call themselves British, because hello people, that’s what they are. Can we assume, because they are British but black, do they not pay their rent either. SMH.

To acknowledge color in the sense of reassuring someone, “hey I’m not a racist” isn’t the answer. It’s actually insulting.

I wrote an article about are women getting scammed in business and I questioned if I were a man, would have been treated differently?

These are realities very still present in our lives. In addition of adding insult to injury, the salesperson tells me about a local business here in Phoenix, emphasizing, “black owned”, as if just shared something very special with me.

When someone shares a business prospect with me, there’s no need for that emphasis to get me to contact them. Yes, we recognized small and minority businesses, however, to make it seem as though, you can go with those people over there, insulted doesn’t even describe.

And this man was not white.

For those who were reading and assuming he was white, check yourself.

And there lies my point.

As soon as we become fixed on singling out people due to race and culture because we need to recognize, we are still creating a problem.

It’s one thing to celebrate cultures, its one thing to explore and understand the values of these cultures. And if you’re a person who likes to travel and seize these opportunities to educate oneself on these cultures, that’s great! It keeps you opened minded.

But once you put yourself in a place of assumption about people as Sutton expressed, then you have to ask yourself are you being racist.

See racism happens ACROSS THE BOARD!

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day who has been contemplating about leaving New York, but her idea of moving to a “white predominately state” has given her reservations about leaving.

I was confused? What state was she talking about? Sure, there are some cities where they may be a dominate race, however, it’s not for the whole entire state…right? Someone check me on that, with accuracy please.

As uncomfortable it was for me to tell her this, I had to say it. “If you are in a mindset that every white person is a racist, then you are being racist too.”

People don’t like to hear that. They really don’t.

Thankfully she heard me loud and clear and she valued and respected what I said to her.

Anyone reading this, may not agree, and that’s okay. I’m not here to appease your outrageous sort of nonsense. How I grew up and what I believe is that we all are here to afford the same opportunities and success as anyone else. By comparing myself to this “white privilege” doesn’t help me not one bit and it shouldn’t because that concept doesn’t stop me from being successful.

If you don’t like something, fix it.

No, not by complaining on Twitter. Keyboard warriors truly believe they think their stupid 160 characters are making a difference in the world.

Making a difference is getting involved. Do public service for a day and see how that makes you feel. Go out to a soup kitchen to feed the homeless. . Maybe volunteer at a charitable organization.

You see ignorant people do and say stupid things that have no accurate content to back up what they are saying. YES, this goes for these crazy ass religious right people (yes, I’m judging), because what they are saying, makes zero sense. Their goals are to take your money, that’s it. And people are just giving up their savings, thinking, “God” is using this person to speak through them, so let me give them my paycheck or I won’t hear from God.

Does that make any sense? No.

I agree with Sutton, racism is like a virus. Anyone can be a racist.

Personally, I would not like to be treated any different because I’m Latin. I’m a woman, I’m a person, I’m a human. End of fucking story.

As for these reality TV shows, while it’s great we are addressing these topics, I’m beginning to feel, it’s all about being “politically correct”, to a point of stupidity. It’s one thing to acknowledge, yet another doing it as a favor is even more insulting, in my opinion.

The same shit happened with Southern Charm. Did we forget why these shows hit the airwaves in the first place? Just to get into everyone else’s business and have fun watching other people living out their lives, and now we have to stop for this politically dumbness as if, “let’s do other people a favor and acknowledge them.”

Don’t do me any fucking favors because if that was the case, the correction should have been done in 1492.

But no one likes to talk about that.

Until then. Take care of you.


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