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Hey Everyone! Welcome to all that's
Marabelle Blue Unfiltered 

First let me say Welcome!

One of the things I always felt passionate about was writing. 

As a young girl in school, I was extremely shy and my only way to express myself was to write. There was a liberating experience to be able to express myself through words, even if they didn't make sense to others, they made sense to me.

When I realized I wanted to seriously venture in my writings, it happened in 2000 after my breakup. I've shared this numerous times - so my apologies for redundancy, however, it is part of my history of all this all came to be.

Marabelle Blue Unfiltered has been years in the making, although, I didn't know what I was building up at the time, it wasn't until recently, when I began putting all my "ducks in a row" so to speak.

So, here we are. My own little spot where I can discuss non sexual related topics, most of my favorite, of course making fun of reality television shows, especially, The Bachelor. 

While of course this will take time and commitment, it's not something I don't enjoy doing, on the contrary, it's part of my love of writing. 

Will videos accompany this? Of course. 

I'm excited for this new chapter in my life and I hope you will enjoy this ride as well. 

Don't forget to subscribe and join, this gives you the opportunity to read my thoughts as well as share your thoughts in the comments sections of all of the blogs I plan on posting.

Join my as I plan on expanding more Unfiltered with the new Unfiltered Rabbit Hole. I will dive into discussions of the unusual, crime stories, ghost stories and lots more.

Be sure to follow my Instagram account for everything Unfiltered at and

​Until then. Take care of you.

Loves and Hugs, 

Marabelle Blue~


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