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Gregg Leakes has passed away at 66

NeNe Leakes husband Gregg passed away this week. I was very shocked to read this as I thought he was in remission and was cancer free. I can’t imagine the pain NeNe is experiencing because I know Gregg was a positive force in her life.

We first got a view of Gregg when the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered in October 2008 at a party. NeNe talked about their 10 years of love and hard work.

As we all know, at some point, there was a disconnect with Gregg and NeNe, leading to a divorce in 2011. But that divorce would be short lived, when they remarried in 2013.

NeNe Leakes, one of the first, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and a staple of the franchise since then, has never made a secret about her life, how she met Gregg and their extended family, with Gregg having 5 children from a previous relationship and NeNe having one, and they do share a child together Brentt.

And while their relationship wasn’t perfect, Gregg has always been the number one supporter of NeNe, even when she struggled with on her friendship with Cynthia.

With fame, stardom and making various appearances, NeNe’s star continued to shine, opening up Swagg Boutique and becoming a spokesperson for several businesses and charitable organizations, both NeNe and Gregg were able to find a balance in their relationship, in their second marriage.

Although NeNe was absent for season 8 from RHOA, she did make appearances thereafter and came back in 2017 for Season 10.

In 2018, Gregg was diagnosed with colon cancer, which became of the main storylines of NeNe’s struggles with Gregg’s choices on not doing chemo therapy, with believing a spiritual power will heal him. After much consult with his doctor and I’m sure with NeNe, Gregg took the option to do the chemo and was successful in remission and declared cancer free in 2019.

Sadly, the cancer returned in June where he had undergone surgery.

I have always been a fan of NeNe, even when it looked like she was in the “wrong”. Her struggles with Cynthia and their friendship, have always been a thorn on her side, but like NeNe, she would overcome her feelings and not let it get the best of her.

As for her relationship with Gregg, I struggled myself, when I read, they were getting a divorce in 2011, as I always felt Gregg was NeNe’s rock. And seeing the video she posted on Instagram of them dancing, just affirms all the more, what we see on television isn’t the ends all that says all about anyone who’s featured on this franchise. We can’t just assume anything anymore like everyone does on a daily basis.

Although we weren’t seeing the struggles NeNe experienced with Gregg’s illness, I can speak from experience, having lived with someone who was dying. It’s extremely stressful and unpleasant to say the least. The painful realities would begin the minute I woke up until I went to sleep. I just wanted a day where I can wake up to a miracle and not see my partner suffering anymore.

Gregg has always stood by NeNe’s side, in the good and when NeNe’s was riled up with anger at Kenya (y’all remember), when Gregg whispered, “choose your words wisely”, at the charity event she was “asked” to speak at.

And while I did not know Greggg Leakes personally, from what I saw in the show, he was respectful, calm and always giving of his family. He will be missed by many. Most importantly by the Queen who stood by his side. My sincere condolences to NeNe and her family.

Rest In Peace. --

Until then. Take care of you.


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