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In the World of TikTok, What is going on here?

I must admit, I have an addiction. An addiction to TikTok.

While I did slowdown at some point, it seems that app and the people on it have sucked me in again.

The other day I ran into someone who reposted a guy who was going off about women and feminism.

At first, I thought it was a joke of some sort, as I sat waiting for the punch line from the guy exclaiming how women have been brought up and told how we were lied to about being queens, when, “in fact we are not”.

I slowly, I realized, this guy is being for real.

Why, I asked myself, would anyone seriously put themselves out there like that, knowing every TikToker in America will have something to say on this or even find info on him someone is willing to give up.

TikToker, @notsloowmoee had many things to say about this idiot’s post. Not only did he mention he dug himself a hole within seconds of @heartbreaknino617 post about the problem with strong women who are still single is feminism and being brought up to believe we are Queens when we are not, followed up with, “okay if you wanted to be with a man, just be with a man, this is 2021, there’s no need to bash women, you can just be gay.”

At this point, I would believe my personal gay friends would not want this man in their circle or even aligned themselves with him after this video.

He also went on to mention, if “heartbreakin” was such a leader perhaps he should change his smoke detector, which of course I still laugh every time I see this video. In addition to that joke, as “heartbreakin” continues his tirade of how women can’t handle a guy like him because we prefer the much nicer man, but…”he’s too weak” and will eventually leave him, @notsloowmoee, brings up a valid point.

He says, “you sound like a walking domestic violence case”.

I whole heartedly agree with @notsloowmoee, this man has issues I can’t even begin to imagine in my mind’s eye.

Also, why would any woman in their right mind want to date a lunatic as oppose to a nice man. There has to be something wrong in a relationship if someone cheats. People don’t cheat on their partner for being nice. Who doesn’t desire a nice partner? Isn’t that one of the qualities we go for? I have trouble believing anyone wants a partner barking orders at them all day and treated like garbage. Show me a profile on any dating site that says, “I want to be abused and treated like garbage” – non fetish please LOL.

I have been in many of relationships and one was extremely abusive. To a point, there was one time we were arguing and he threw me up against the wall, banging my head and smacking me so hard my eye was red the next day.

However, in my stupid mind back then, his abusive nature was a sign he truly loved me. If he took the time out to hit me, this was my sign he cared. Crazy because I wasn’t brought up in an abusive environment. Sure my parents argued but not like the way I let my ass get beat. And my father never laid a hand on my mother.

Now before you think to yourself, what were you thinking?

Here’s the short end of it. I was 18 years old when I met this guy. I wasn’t a popular girl in school and mostly made fun of, so when I met this guy, I felt I hit the jackpot in the good looks department, however, everything else wasn’t good at all. I got along with his mother great but I would think if only he was as loving as his mother. Even through the abuse, his mother would ask me why did I stay with him. That definitely was the question of the century for me back then.

Needless to say, when the relationship ended, I felt it was a quest to get him back, somehow, some way. But being the bad way I was in at the time of my life, I felt I wasn’t going to get any better than him. It wasn’t until I got my shit together, I realized, I deserved way better than that.

In another post, Tiktoker, @Sadistic_babygirl posted some chats from Facebook of a conversation which allegedly took place with “heartbreakinino” and a 17-year-old girl, stating, “16 is of legal age so a 23-year-old being with a 17-year-old is perfectly fine.”

Yeah, if the two commenters didn’t convince you there’s something wrong with this guy, perhaps this one particular Tiktoker will.

@itsmejoelc started off with the most calmest of looks with green and pink flaring eye shadow, anyone watching would already know Mr. “dating coach” was going to have his ass handed to him and then some.

“…tell us all that you’ve been turned down by too many a bad bitch without actually telling us that you’ve been turned down by too many a bad bitch”.

In addition to the stating the obvious, @itmejoelc goes on to mention, lest not forget the reason why he is occupying the space and oxygen we share is because a woman gave birth to him… “by choice”.

@itsmejoelc message was simplistic, without defaming “heartbreakinino”, because he already did that himself, in addition to sharing outdated feminist bullshit.

Now let’s talk about Mr. Dating Coach himself.

First and foremost, to call yourself a coach and then come off like a jerk isn’t a good look for any coach.

What does a coach do? A coach is a person who’s an expert in an area or may have had personal experiences themselves and now be in a healthy position to give back and be able to help others who are having problems in the same areas of their life.

In the business of coaching myself, I like to help people understand their business and how to build upon that.

For this guy to call himself a coach and put himself on one of the most popular apps, degrading women and claiming “we” have issues, because our parents lied to us that we were queens and we are not. I beg to differ.

Not only am I a Queen, so are many of my sisterhood females who are very much Queens themselves.

How I define the term Queen is an endearing and uplifting term. Queen defines who we are and what we’ve come to be. Beautiful people, comfortable in our skin. When we look in the mirror, we are confident, we are proud of who we are.

There was a slogan the Virginia Slim brand had, “you’ve come a long way baby”. Now while an actual cigarette may not be the most perfect example, the marketing that went behind that brand, said it all. It was about women empowerment, a slender, clean looking cigarette for the powerhouse woman.

So, while Virginia Slim made a great marketing brand about the empowered woman, the idea remains, if a woman is empowered, she will only want the best.

Which brings me back to the loser here. It’s very clear, this guy didn’t think about the consequences in putting this video out. If he was looking for “fame”, he found it in the most distorted way. He can’t honestly think all men will agree with this concept and if any man does, well he’s just as insane as Mr. Breakin Hearts or whatever he calls himself.

I will close with this, when I was growing up, my mom would throw on Sesame Street. There was a cartoon, where “Little Lisa” was thinking about popping her sister’s balloon. In her imagination, there were incidences she guesstimated would occur as a result of popping the balloon.

If she popped the balloon, her sister would cry.

If she popped the balloon, her sister would cry and then knock something over.

If she popped the balloon, her sister would cry, she would knock something over and it would break.

If she popped the balloon, her sister would cry, she would knock something over, it would break, her mom would come out and scold her.

You get the drift.

This is a form of critical thinking. Which today, almost the majority of society today doesn’t possess.

Scary. All you have to do is go on Tiktok, do a search on “antivaxxer” and the amount of people and their thoughts they are choosing to share aloud, would have me disown any family member who spoke that way, in private or in public.

On the flip side, this guy is too much full of himself to think about his idea and the actions behind that and the consequences behind those actions.

An action causes a reaction. This isn’t a surprise. The problem is when people have an idea and put it into action, in their self-centered mind, they probably think this idea will make them popular and bring them fame.

Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.

By the way I'm on Tiktok as well, venturing on something, well something I always did. Follow me here @marabelleblue

Until then. Take care of you.


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