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Is this Even Real? Khloe questioned the paternity of her children, suspecting it could be her brother's kids (thankfully they're not).

Today, E! News reported Khole Kardashian had paternity tests done on her children to ensure their father was Tristian Thomas and not Rob Kardashian, her brother.

It’s no secret many celebrities today store their eggs for later use. Although the radical Christians will be upset with that concept, believing cells are real babies being frozen to death. Needless to say, when you’re a celebrity with endless amounts of money, there’s nothing that can’t be done to appease, “said” celebrity.

In addition to frozen embryos, celebrities are also well known to change their facial structure, some well done, while others are a replica of Jocelyn Wildenstein, which can be quite scary to say the least.

And for anyone who’s sensitive reading this, please go online and search for “hurt feelings report”, because this isn’t a blog to appease the masses for sensitive snowflakes. As my old boss used to say, “Go cry about it Christopher”.

As I was reading the article, several things stood out for me.

First off, why is Rob Kardasian using the same clinic to have his sperm stored? Perhaps the clinic has an outstanding reputation in the storage facility field…?

Also, if everything is outlined and labeled correctly and most importantly, legally, how would someone get Rob and Tristian’s sperms confused and use Rob’s by accident.

I doubt that facility would desire any types of lawsuits unless they want to shut down permanently.

Also, I just cannot see a medic saying, “wouldn’t it be funny to use Rob’s sperms with Khole’s eggs”. Granted there are medics with questionable ethics, however, in this case, let’s just believe the medics at this facility actually have ethics and are not in the business of creating freaks.

The other part was the part where Khloe said the baby looks so much like her brother.

This is where the plastic surgery part comes in. Anyone who decides to get any type of cosmetic surgery or Botox, whatever it is, your child will not inherit what they look like via cosmetic changes.

That’s like saying, I’ll redo my bathroom and make all these interior cosmetic changes in my house, but the outside of the house doesn’t change because you changed the inside of the house.  

Also, if someone with darker skin decides to lighten their skin, does that mean their child will be born with lighter skin? No.

There’s a thing called DNA, something you cannot change, even though you can change the exterior part of yourself, how you view yourself and how you want the world to view you.

For her to say, the baby looks like her brother is like saying, the baby looks like her mother or has behaviors or little things he does that remind me of my brother or my mom.

Let’s incorporate science and biology for a minute.

I have yorkies. My dog Lady became a mom at about 8 years old, twice. The second time was an accident; however, the babies are a blessing.

Her first litter only resulted in two puppies, which one was stillborn sadly. Sebastian, her son, incorporated many of Lady’s behaviors, not because Lady was showing him how to rub on the floor and mess up his hair after I carefully brushed it, it’s in biology.

Sebastian will do things that remind me so much of Lady, as a human, who is aware of these behaviors, it’s not unusual. In addition, this is what we learned in science class, which was mandatory.

Una, who’s Tessa’s baby, also exerts some of the behaviors Tessa had when she was alive. Granted, Tessa passed away at a young age, it still doesn’t take away things Una does, because it’s just inherited, DNA. Even one of my mom’s dogs does the same thing her yorkie grandma did and she probably was around her one time.

You can be adopted, and still have the same behaviors and patterns of your biological parents. No matter what happens on the exterior level you cannot take away biology.  

D – N – A!

If Khole is expecting any of her children to look like her the way she looks now, she is sadly mistaken. All the work she has done on her face, she will not see a resemblance of her face within her children.

She can see it with her eyes but physically she cannot and neither can we.

The children look very much like their dad Tristan Thompson, adorable and happy.

While Khole claims she and Tristan get along very well after their breakup, she also admits, according to the E! News report, she and Tristian were not meant to be, he was just meant to be their dad.  

Well, that’s a good note. I’ll put that one in the archives.

It’s not unrealistic to believe that people break up and maintain a healthy relationship for their children and it’s also not realistic to not believe they can actually get along after a breakup. I think it was the way I may have read the statement as he was just a sperm donor, but from I understand, Tristian seems to be a willing participant sperm doner when the opportunity presents itself.

I’m not a follower of the Kardashian clan, however, I am not unfamiliar with the antics they supply to the public, whether it’d be relationship drama, makeup, or both, wrapped up in a palette of sorts.

Well, I think we can all safely breathe a sigh of relief and that we won’t have to be subjected to another reality television show of inbreeding.

Until then. Take care of you.





Truth Teller
Truth Teller
5 days ago

Or why she’s thinking in the first place 😂😂😂😂


Truth Teller
Truth Teller
5 days ago

One never knows what that woman is thinking day to day 😂

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