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It’s Over! Gabby and Erich End their Relationship!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

As we all watched Gabby and Rachel find their “fairytale” endings, Rachel’s was short lived when her pick was found out to be cheating on Rachel, as Tino explained himself, he thought they were on a break.

Friends much?

Minus the 18 pages, “front and back”, Tino was a sweaty mess on that final rose episode. I did record a video on this, I just have yet to post it and I will.

While Rachel’s choice was based on who was the one ready to propose at the end of the journey, because, exploring the relationship wasn’t a viable option, in addition to listening to her friends, who twisted Aven’s words around in claiming he wasn’t interested in getting married, Rachel choose Tino and look how that turned out.

Thank your friends Rachel.

As for Gabby, wasn’t she also making a similar choice? As in there has to be a ring at the end of this?

I don’t dispute the fact that everyone who is looking for real love on this show, most times don’t find it but leave with an experience and maybe hook up with another contestant from past shows, or Bachelor in Paradise.

However, in Gabby’s case, she was left with three guys, two of them adamant, they were not ready to make any type of proposal at all, Johnny and Jason.

As a matter of fact, they both weren’t sure they wanted to make real commitments, so why even bother coming on the show in the first place?

Then we have Erich, who seemed elusive at first but then he seemed to show interest in Gabby, even up to the very end, realizing the stresses he was experiencing on the possibility she can go run away with Johnny or Jason.

Know, once it gets to the end, none of the men are really speaking to each other and telling the other person how far their relationship as gone. In addition, after their overnight date, Erich was experiencing his own stresses thinking Gabby would have an intimate overnight either Johnny or Jason, or maybe both.

And when he made the “sweet gesture” leaving her a card to come see him, his only motive was to find out if she did anything on her last date, which was with Jason (I think).

Shit, if he knew then, what we know now, Gabby and Johnny didn’t even see night time when they parted ways. She went one way and he walked over to the Paradise set LOL.

And after the tears and the uncertainty and even defending Erich’s actions, from the blackface (and one would think that people would figure out by now, just don’t fucking do it), and the miserable woman who couldn’t get over that Erich actually found “true love” not with her but with Gabby, he seemed pretty committed to their relationship, regardless of the hurdles.

So, what happened?

According to different media sources, they had a “busy” life and couldn’t maintain a relationship.

Well, geez, ain’t that some shit.

Could it be after months of being on a locked down set with a bunch of the same people, until eliminations, and then having to follow up with staying in hiding until the entire season is played out, I would think, in those three months, they didn’t have time? Were they that busy?

Or were they just on a break?

And then to follow up with the Dancing with the Stars bullshit, is just played out. Why not focus on a relationship we were watching flourish, instead of focusing on making these contestants into stars.

If the initial search was to find love, why is anyone who’s on this cast concentrating on fame?

I was watching a video on Jo Jo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers, who both shared on the challenges of their relationship. Jo Jo chose Jordan on Season 12 of the Bachelorette in 2016. They had to postpone their wedding twice, until May of 2022, when they finally were married.

Now of course, their relationship didn’t go unscathed by the news reports of Jordan “this and that”, which I’m almost sure, it’s past relationships where miserable women can’t get over themselves they aren’t in the spotlight. The same thing happened with Erich, when a past relationship shared texts with the producers and put Erich’s integrity into question about how serious he was looking for a relationship.

How many people continually say the Bachelor isn’t real? Erich isn’t the first one. So for anyone to think, “oh my god, how could he send such a text”, I’m sure there are far worse texts have been sent in regards to this show, any cast members, etc, even behaviors for that matter.

There’s a reason why people become attracted to one another and feel they found their ever lasting person. Yes it sucks when one person feels it more than the other, however, we can’t take away a persons path to finding their true love.

If Gabby and Erich were meant to be, they will find each other again. It’s not a matter of who did this or who said that, because it’s really none of our business.

The entertainment outlets have sensationalized getting into other people’s business because most reporters don’t have a life of their own, or at least that’s what I like to believe.

Sure, that’s not to say, there are reporters who do have a life, but let’s be honest, most people love the idea of getting an inside peek of people who live in the spotlight while continuing to make assumptions about other people’s lives.

The bad thing about entertainment news is when stories are created to disrupt the lives of someone who lives in the spotlight. That’s what I don’t agree with.

I think it’s important to note, despite of the way relationships are challenged on reality television, Gabby and Erich are very real people with very real feelings and whatever happens between them, whether they work things out or not, I’m rather hopeful they do, they don’t let the public get in the way.

Until then. Take care of you!


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