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It Wasn't Me.

Yes. I know.

I’ve been horrible about not blogging on the RHOA but after catching up on all the episodes and not being properly fed by Kenya, it was time to jump on.

Let’s state the obvious that Nene and Eva aren’t on the show, however Eva (who's not missed) does make an appearance on the Cynthia and Mike wedding episode (which was tonight 3/14/2021).

Let’s also state the obvious about Cynthia having her wedding, in what looked like a small venue, with lots of guest huddled on top of each other, but I won’t go there.

With two new ladies on board, Latoya and Drew, and Marlo showing her face more on the show, it looks like Bravo is ready to move on with some new blood, while keeping the “aunties” around.

Let’s go back to the South Carolina trip, because after all, this is where the current drama is stemming from.

Kenya comes up with a “bright idea” of let’s plan an all-girls trip. While planning she leaves out info, like how she and Latoya were getting on a private plane to go there, while the rest of the ladies were driven via a limo bus, oh and letting Drew know in a text, “don’t tell the other ladies about the private jet”.

Tonight, she mentioned how she couldn’t trust Drew for opening up her mouth about the private jet as she claimed she wanted to tell the other ladies herself. Now we know damn well, she wasn’t going to say shit.

She also failed to mention, she was bringing her daughter Brooklyn, which brought up the chief complaint how everyone else left their young children behind and not given a choice to bring them.

After what transpired, I’m sure they were glad they did not.

With Kenya giving Marlo the tiny room to “stick it” to her because of how Marlo has treated her in the past, (let’s forget how Marlo invited her to her opening event and Kenya came in with a small band chiming, “Kenya Moore hair care), Kenya, who was the hostess of this event, seemed to have forgotten to feed them the next day but making sure she got her own fish and chips on.

Fast forward to a few nights later (or so it seemed), here is Kandi, perpetuating this “dominatrix dungeon” persona, and having the girls dress up in “mistress” attire (believe me Kandi doesn’t know the first thing about dungeons or Mistress attire), they all get ready for a surprise bachelorette party for Cynthia.

Cynthia who looked more terrified than surprised, it’s gifted to wear the vibrating underwear, where Kandi has the remote for the vibration.

The other surprise was waiting for them outside, a stripper by the name of Bolo who was clad in oil, in some kind of a clear cage, dancing sexual for all the ladies to feast on.

The party was then taken inside, where everyone was getting their drink on and Bolo was showing them more than just his muscles.

As the party became freakier, and the hours past, the camera crew was seen through the cameras that were set up around the living room space area, taking off the mics from everyone and bidding their goodnights.

Then the ladies took it one step further, by covering or turning the cameras inside the house so nothing would be caught for the “bloggers” to report on.

That should have been a note enough to tell the audience watching, something was about to go down. In one of the camera views, we can see a piece of Porsha and Latoya making out and apparently, Tanya was on top of them, grinding away.

There was a camera outside, where you can see through the window shades, with some serious grinding going on but I couldn’t tell who Bolo was grinding with.

The next day, we see Bolo leaving at about 7 am, with Kenya, the “reporter” looking around to see if she can figure out who Bolo could have been with after allegedly hearing some moaning and it sounded like three people, not just two.

Coincidentally, during that time, she conveniently makes up with Marlo and apologized for giving her such a small room.

If no one sees the writing on the wall yet, you let me know.

No sooner were fingers being pointed at each other over the night’s event, all ladies deny nothing happened with any of them or the stripper.

But it doesn’t end there. It seemed Kenya was doing enough research on her own, every time they met thereafter, she questioned everyone, where were they and what time did they go to bed and “suddenly” the tabloids, got wind of the party AND pointing the finger at Porsha and Tanya as the two ladies that got a taste of Bolo.

While everyone is blaming Kenya #Itwasntme, the one who also suspected Kenya, her new buddy, Latoya was also called into question if it was her.

Here are my thoughts.

Kenya has always been the trouble maker of the show. While she sits and cries about failed relationships and her estrangement with her mother, in the same breath, she will lie on others to make herself look good.

My own personal opinion.

Does Kenya have fans? Of course she does. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be on this show. Nene has fans too, but Nene doesn’t have a storyline other than to call other people’s bullshit out and sometimes that can only go but so far.

Do I believe Kenya leaked this story to the tabloid?

I would leave my whole career, I worked so hard for if I didn’t.

I would not put anything past Kenya that didn’t position her to make herself look good in the end.

Remember, she is going through a divorce with Mark (at least that’s where it seems their relationship is going).

She also brought that child in the house (with a stripper no less) and for television’s sake, Kenya must make herself look good at all times. Even while she was showing her couchie to Cynthia while she was stripped up to that sex swing.

Kenya, like Nene, (I hate to say this), also chooses people of whom she wants in her life for that moment and how it would benefit her. Remember how Tanya and Nene was so close and the minute Tanya did something Nene didn’t like, (the fashion show with the glasses), Nene took that to heart and from there, Tanya was no longer in good standing.

Okay, I must admit, being I had my own issues with a former friend who went and purchased some jars of spa shit, when she knows damn well I sell it and have better product and prices, she too is now in my shit stool, so I get it to an extent but I don’t use people, nor snitch.

Getting back to the party, we all know when Kandi planned that party and the camera crew is sent packing and the house cameras are blocked or moved out of view, shit was gonna go down.

We should also know that without the tabloids exploiting this party, there would be no drama on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, other than Cynthia’s wedding.

And you know what? So what if any of them got off on the stripper.

Aren’t we grown?

On the flip side, who said this all really happened other than Kenya?

I’m just saying.

Until then. Take care of you.


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