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Kathy Calls Rinna's Bullshit on the Real Housewives Beverly Hills Reunion

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I just wanted to post something, as I have been doing more videos than writing and I feel terrible about that. I have so many articles in back logged, I really need to do better.

Just a short note, while I did record a video on the last episodes and part one of the reunion, I will be doing a video for parts 2 and 3.

As for tonight’s episode, I’m not sure what is going to happen to Lisa Rinna, but I will say this, this girl is messy as messy comes.

Dare I say, she is just as messy as the disaster I was in from late 2017 to early 2019, when I was able to finally get rid of his lowly ass.

What kind of a producer keeps people like this on a show, who has done nothing but cause catastrophe for others. I know I had said when Lisa Vanderpump left I wasn’t going to watch, and while I did miss a some episodes early on, I was able to catch how she treated Denise Richards and Camille Grammar.

As for Kim, I can care less about her, only because she sat there and claimed sobriety when she wasn’t, and yeah, that hits a sore spot for me, because it makes a mockery of people who have been sober for many years, l like myself, and have people question if we are really clean or not. So in that aspect, I can’t put Kim on the list of who Lisa Rinna screwed over.

I did include in my video about these tweets, now known as bots, which allegedly were purchased by Rinna, being people all over social media have said the IP address led to her.

I have to believe there’s truth to that, due to my analogy of “whoever smelt it dealt it”.

I also think Lisa did this to make herself look like a hero of some sort, maybe to correct Erika’s behavior when she was drunk, going off on Garcelle’s 14 year old child, lest not forget, hitting on Garcelle’s older son earlier that evening.

Rinna has trashed everyone on that set, including Andy and probably everyone outside of who’s not in front of the camera.

Do I believe Kathy when she said Rinna is the biggest bully in Hollywood, without a doubt.

It’s no secret Hollywood is ruthless. We’ve read and heard the stories about people who either were assaulted or ended their lives due to rejection after rejection, never seeing the eyes of stardom for themselves and for everyone else.

Even though Erika is the light of Rinna’s eyes, Lisa only loves Lisa.

The “sad tale” of a narcissist.

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