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Let’s Talk About Benz

Diving into Chris and Paige, everyone who’s watching has realized if they haven’t already, Chris is playing page like a sweet Mozart concerto. After 24 days of marriage, they decided on this “reset” mode. However, after their reset, they get a visit from Dr. Viviana to help them “improve” on their situation. Dr. Viviana claimed she was confused by the Chris she met before they got married and the Chris who is sitting before her.

Chris’ response was the same workaround he has given to Paige as well as anyone else who will listen to his bullshit.

Even when Dr. Viviana question Paige’s motives on staying married, once again she came up with the “god” bullshit into believing she was meant to be with Chris and working things out with him. In her unrealistic approach, she also believed this show would have provided a whole road of love and family.

If it sounds like I’m writing mean it’s because I’m writing my truths on what I’m seeing here.

Even when Paige requesting more communication from Chris, he says he feels pressured. If he is asked to do something and he doesn’t feel motivated to do it even if he doesn’t half assed, it’s not enough for Paige.

The basics are simple here. If the guy is into you, he will make an effort to be with you and if he’s not, then he won’t contact you.

Case in point. The guy I worked with in 2019, while I had a vested interest in him outside of work, although he behaved like he did, in reality he did not. I was the one who was initiating the conversations, I was the one initiating the meetups, etc. Nothing he did on his part showed he had the same vested interest in me. So, while I understand Paige’s stance, “well we should give it a chance”, the fact of the matter is, commitment is shared by two people who WANT to make a commitment to each other and if Chris is doing this half assed, why even bother?

To see Paige, go through a list of activities and how they can connect on a deeper level was difficult to watch and at the same time, I’m wondering what kind of level of stupid is she on to believe this whole relationship can actually work.

With Paige chiming away about god this and god that, the minute Chris has a chance to speak on his interview, he claims the reason why their relationship is failing is because they haven’t invited god into their lives, especially after he suggested they do bible study making Paige all giddy inside not realizing it’s just another “Chris” ruse.

Their plan was to have dinner. Chris came in with a big bag from Harold’s Chicken and as they awkwardly crunched away, Paige asks what scriptures will they plan to read. No surprise Chris was unprepared, claiming he was crazy busy and didn’t have time to prepare. Of course, Paige whips out her bible as they read Isaiah 55, coming to a conclusion about being respectful. That didn’t last very long. As Paige brings up about Chris becoming a father, he brings up a very important note about Mercedes.

Chris tells Paige, Mercedes got into a car accident six years ago and has been fearful about driving again, using rideshare to get around. Now that Mercedes is pregnant, rideshare is just an “unacceptable” form of transportation for his child and therefore, he decided it was best to buy her a brand-new Benz.

Do you think Paige got a clue from this clue? Even her conversation with Haley and Brianna in the next episode, claiming this should have been a conversation she and Chris would have had, being he’s still operating as a single man.

My question is when is Paige going to realize, although she is married, she is not in a relationship?

Until then. Take care of you.


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