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Marabelle Blue Unfiltered Podcast - What Are Your Paths For Your Business

Hey Everyone! Thank you for taking the time out to listen to the Business Edition Podcast right here on Marabelle Blue Unfiltered.

On today's show, I focus on "The Escalation of Commitment", a term coined by Mr. Barry M. Staw

The idea of "The Escalation of Commitment" is to realize and learn about the commitments when making important business decisions according to your business model and if you don't have a business model, this is where things can get messy!

I also touch upon those who continue to serve fraudulent advice who can hurt a person who are working to achieve their goals and how important it is to do your research, ensuring the persons you work with understand your long term or even short term goals.

In addition, I discuss the popularity contest people seem to endure in joining the "podcast ranks", creating content where there is already content being made on topics people are talking about on social media. One of these podcasters is Mistress Rage, who continues to give great and informative content when it comes to the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle and education.

Support her show here:

When it comes to business, do you want to continue to reinvent the wheel or reinvent yourself?

I hope you enjoy this podcast. Support my show by signing up to any three monthly subscriptions on

Interested in one to one coaching? Email me at and let's talk about your business goals.

Intro shoutout: Mistress Rage

Commercial music: FSM Team, "Grove Bakery" and "Over the Ocean"

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