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More Drama Creates More Content

Hello everyone!!! I hope you enjoyed this fabulous weekend.

I've been hella busy working on varieties of content I'm so excited to share with you. Last night (after three days) of putting this video together, I'm thinking there's gotta be a way for me to do this and not spend three days, while editing excellent content for you.

With that in mind, I want to remind everyone to please take a moment to subscribe to my channel

I'm so happy to be in the flow of content creation as it's been too long, plus depression ain't fun, hence the reason why I lagged a lot in putting Youtube videos together.

I'm working on a new show with a friend of mine where we will be focusing on everything GenX. I'm super excited about this, because who doesn't love the 80s. Please stay tuned for this new content.

The Bachelor tonight was definitely off the hook. A new "villain" came through, however, I can understand why. Look out for a new video this week.

In the meantime, check out the latest content here:


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