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New Podcast! MAFS - Alone Together

Welcome to a new episode of Marabelle Blue Unfiltered.

Tonight's episode we focus on the cast of Married At First Sight, namely Chris and Paige, which have been the problematic couple on the show. Yes there are others, Virginia and Erik who have been doing fairly well, if she can stop focusing on why he needs to accept she likes to party.

Haley and Jacob, where is seems Haley isn't too interested in her husband's monotone life.

Then we have Clara and Ryan, who seem to be carrying on pretty well, along with Brianna and Vincent, who are doing pretty well in the getting along department.

And finally Paige and Chris. Where do I begin and when does this end?

A couple's beginnings coming with lots of challenges, I'm finding Chris to be part of the ShitShow (my past life live in problem) choir, sharing the stage of someone who doesn't see the error of his owns ways. Paige, sadly, is caught up in something she should walk away from. It makes me sad to know, a woman who's made a sacrifice of marriage now thinks she has to fix things, let alone fix a person.

Enjoy, yet another sarcastic, episode.


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