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New Podcast on Critical Thinking with my Guest Mistress Rage

Hello everyone and thank you for listening. This is probably one of the best episodes you will listen to and it will change your life and how you think.

With so much going on in our world today of technology, I paired up with Mistress Rage, who has moved on to retirement and now focusing her goals and into Parapsychology and getting her degree to become a clinical therapist.

In our talks today, we dive into the ethics of business and using critical thinking as the process to make informed decisions when it comes to your business on who is advising you and what their credentials are. In addition, we talk about the laws of attraction and how that can really work for you and in the critical process of finding people who can guide you in the right direction, without stealing your money.

Finally, we also discuss on your goal settings and what you are looking to achieve with your goals.

This is one of the best hour shows that will change your life and your outlook, especially when it comes to social media, how much time you spend arguing when that same time can be used to perfect your business ventures.

Thank you to Mistress Rage for offering her time in making this show happen!

Music: Grove Bakery by FSM Team

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