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Reality Television Updates and More!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Hey everyone! Just a quick update on the happening’s backstage on Unfiltered.

First let me just give a BIG thank you to all those who support and are ever so patient as I continue to build more content for my channel and site.

I have been strategically been managing my time so I can put in more podcast, as well as videos on Youtube and Patreon which I plan on uploading Married at First Sight content. I will definitely post content on Youtube but I also want to provide a good user experience where we can break down couples and discuss certain aspects the “experts” refuse to address.

I mentioned in the past, Youtube is super funny about how much video clip you use before they tell you, you can use the clips but you won’t get paid for it, which is completely unfair, especially since I’m not posting more than fifteen minutes of footage from any show. This of course has my wheels turning to have everyone involved to share their thoughts on their favorite Reality TV show on my Patreon channel.

In addition, I just created a new Youtube account, Coach Marabelle Blue, which I will be discussing topics such as the Law of Attraction and how to make things work in your favor, from a realistic point of view when it comes to relationships and business, and life as a whole. Please be sure to subscribe to my mailing list on to get updates on new videos posted to that channel.

Relationships are a challenge by themselves, however, establishing a relationship with yourself is the best way to see better outcomes in your life.

I’m looking forward to working with all of you so we can aspire to be better, even through those tough times, when we feel stuck, detached or even attached to a person who we think may be our person, but they are causing more grief than happiness.

Be sure to join for more info on this new channel.

Until then. Take Care of You!

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