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The Bachelor – Clayton Echard and Jesse Palmer – Bringing in "Another Dramatic" Season for 2022!

Happy New Year!

First, I have to say, ABC Television doesn’t waste time having us glued to the TV on a Monday night and second, my failure to watch the Michelle season was due to not having enough time and all of the changes I’ve been working on for all of my websites.

As a result, I had to dive in and do a little history on Clayton. According to our Wikipedia source, Clayton had a short-lived football career going from 2012 to 2016 and now works for Skylar Corporation as a sales rep, which means he probably has a good rap going. Appearing in the Michelle season, Clayton was let go during their one-on-one dinner date. Michelle expressed during her interview, as great as Clayton was, she felt something was missing. Feeling there wasn’t the vibe of a future relationship, Michelle sent Clayton home, leaving him out of the next phase, the hometown dates.

Needless to say, there are many women who are happy to meet the new bachelor. Take for example Rachel, the flight instructor who shocked us when her 63-year-old wing woman, introduced her, leaving us thinking for a moment, she was going to be part of the bachelorettes looking for love. Which, by the way, there’s nothing wrong with that. We all deserve love. I just didn’t like how they presented it.

In the line of bachelorette “personalities”, we have Gabby, filled with “jokes”, the real estate agent, Elizabeth, who claims to have made a name for herself, the questionable Shanae, which I’m not sure at this point what her motives are, and Teddi, deciding to keep her virginity instead of giving herself away to anyone, seems to have a good head on her shoulders. However, this will beg the question if she will give Clayton some type of ultimatum not to sleep with the other girls on the overnight dates, if she is one of the three standing at the end of this journey.

Of course, the Clayton season doesn’t fail with drama right from the jump, as we get to know Salley, before the other clownery of women who introduce themselves to Clayton in an unconventional way like jumping around, arriving in a small tub filled with bubbles or a doctor who left nothing to the imagination under her lab coat.

Oohh Salley, SMH. One must wonder why the show producers thought this would be a good idea to bring her on. Also, why would Salley even consider applying in the first place. In the world of rebound, it almost always never works, especially if you’re still crying over a past relationship in a current relationship.

Salley did not waste time in her tears, as she shared her journey of being engaged, picking out her wedding dress and under the circumstances of finding out something, she didn’t get into the details of it, her engagement and potential wedding was done.

She also went on to mention how she was supposed to be getting married on the day they were filming her interview, (considering the timing of the filming being we are going to assume this happened three months ago). I haven’t followed up on any stories as to whether or not she reconciled so that remains to be seen.

As I watched, I’m wondering, where are we going with this? Salley approached his room, knocked on the door and introduced herself. She stated the purpose of her visit, expressing it may not be a good idea for her to stay due to the past experience of the relationship she was still having trouble resolving. Having difficulty and crying through parts she was unable to talk about, she expressed to Clayton it was probably not a good idea for her to stay. Well, why did she go ahead and say that?

Clayton to the rescue.

Clayton tells her he will be right back and we all know when any bachelor has said that, what do you think he’s going to get?

“Surprisingly”, as Clayton dashes back in the room, camera cutting off the part of his arm where he’s holding the rose behind him, he sits down and shares how it’s important for her to know she should stay and would like the opportunity to get to know her more and offers her the rose. Now, not for nothing, why would Clayton want to be with someone who’s crying over a relationship she hasn’t gotten over yet? The woman was supposed to be getting married that day, instead she’s in L.A. pining away in tears.

She rejected the rose and walked out wishing him well. Literally the worst 15 minutes ever.

Notable Highlights

As the women went on to introduce themselves, Teddi seemed to encaptivate Clayton, so much so, he went in for the kiss during their one-on-one time. It wasn’t long after, naked Doc Kira and the others followed through, tasting Teddi and everyone else who followed kissing Clayton.

Claire, who took the opportunity of her one-to-one time to share food with Clayton, became annoyed when her time was disrupted by Mara as she lingered around, not giving them privacy.

I understand the need to get to know someone, but the annoyance of someone standing there would piss me the hell off too.

Since the party of three was a bit close, Clayton, opt out of his time with Claire so he can go to the other one. After all, that kiss with Teddi steered all the ladies into competition mode quickly.

Claire was clearly upset and I can understand, however her disdain took to her going to the other ladies, talking about Clayton wasn’t her type. I believe the words she used were, “he’s too nice for me” and oh this one, “I hate him.”

Was it because Claire’s ego was hurt? Did she get a boo boo when he decided the time was up so he can move on to get to know the other ladies?

This is a television show, where all of these women are crying for love. So either, “man up” and deal with it, or move on.

In much earlier seasons and I’m talking about years ago, when women bashed the bachelor to other women, those women normally kept their mouth shut in the hopes he would figure it out. It always seemed when a woman warned the bachelor about another woman may not be there for the right reasons, it was her who paid for it and the evil troll got to stay. Take for example the Ben Flajnik season 16. Courtney was clearly only in this for herself. This wasn’t about a journey to find love; this was solely about “winning” by any means necessary. And not only did Ben choose her, nine months later their relationship ends.

To add insult to injury, almost three years later after the break up, she writes a “tell all book”, I mean let’s do the math here. If anyone still believes Courtney Robertson was looking for love with Ben and can prove it, I’ll turn over my lottery winnings to you and don’t bank on that either. LOL.

We must keep in mind, not everyone who signs up for this show, isn’t looking for love and the Bachelor producers are pretty clear about that shit. If Claire didn’t run her mouth, she probably would be the villain of the show, but being she did, Clayton didn’t waste any time escorting her out.

We didn’t even get privy into their conversation (no hot mics around?), it was more like, “Claire can I talk to you?”

They both walk out and he comes back and practically spills a drink all over himself.

With one villain gone, we can only guess how many more villains are left in this group of crybabies.

Whose idea was this?

Ivana, the Bar Mitzvah Dancer, who sashayed her way to Clayton without saying a word, seemed to attempt to derive an air of mystery which didn’t work at all. If anything, she left an air of confusion. It was only after the rose ceremony, she decided to be her normal self, thanking Clayton for the time, although I can’t recall any one-to-one airtime. Maybe next time a proper introduction and actually speaking may help.

Melina and her bouncing shoes, I didn’t get that at all. What producer told her this was a good idea?

Then we have Samantha, who if anyone didn’t notice, conveniently disappeared. The occupational therapist showed up in a tub, filled with bubbles and champagne, and as she got out from her solo tub, the infamous black box appears, covering the essential buttocks and hoohaa. From what I understand, this wasn’t her idea. No surprise there. Apparently, someone noted about her religious background of Christianity wouldn’t allow for such an entrance. Not sure how one affects the other. The fact was, after meeting Clayton, it seems she didn’t have that connection with him she thought she would. And out of her risqué bikini or as one bachelorette said years ago ling-ger-ray (also known as lingerie), she and her blue dress had a private conversation with Clayton, therefore saying goodbye, without an interview and without a crying exit announcement to go with it.

Now here’s a woman I can respect, regardless of the bubble bath entrance. She wasn’t feeling it, exit stage left.

As for Kira, the Harvard physician, once again, whose bright idea came to her and said, why don’t you meet Clayton with a lab coat and have nothing underneath but lingerie.

Hmm. I don’t know about you, but unless I’ve been dating a guy for quite sometime and we are doing some role playing, that would be the only time I would dress like that. If I’m making a first impression that way, who am I to complain when the guy thinks he is getting sex that night and does not and calls me a teasing bitch to his friends.

In short, impression is everything. We want to be true to ourselves but in the world of reality television, we must have some kind of character, even if that doesn’t play out in “real life”.

Who Got the Roses?

If you haven’t watched yet, the list of spoilers is about to begin for the rose ceremony.

First impression: Teddi

Serene, Susie, Eliza, Rachel, Ency, Sarah, Kate, Cassidy, Elizabeth, Kira, Shanae, Mara, Marlena, Genevieve, Melina, Gabby, Jill, Lyndsey W, Hunter, Tessa.

I hope I got everyone. I haven’t looked back to rewatch, however I will be doing a video on this as well as other shows. Be sure to subscribe to my and hit that bell notification to get updates when I post new videos!

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Honorable Mentions!

How about Jesse Palmer as the new host of the Bachelor. I think Chris Harrison groomed him well. He used the words, dramatic and amazing at the right time and content. While I personally miss Chris Harrison, sometimes it’s time for a change and change is a good thing. Sorry I just couldn’t get with Kaitlyn and Tayshia.

Get ready for more sarcasm in my next blog for the new season of Married at First Sight, Boston!

Until then. Take care of you!


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