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The Bachelor Notes Week 2 – The Cliffhanger

My Dish guide was all screwy this week and it had a program in there that wasn’t the Bachelor, so as I had to manually record, and then got a phone call and missed some parts of recording, but alas, Hulu to the rescue.

If you haven’t been keeping up, this is the best place to get a play by play as well as sarcastic comments in between. And if you like sarcastic humor, especially when it comes to this show, you found the right blog.

After all, you won’t find this on E! because they are too busy kissing ass.

As the bachelor Clayton continues his journey to find love, some of the women, like Cassidy, didn’t hesitate at throwing herself at Clayton, trying to establish exclusivity.

A very weird brain that one. But we’ll get into that in a minute.

Jesse Palmer formally introduces himself, sharing that he, once upon a time was a bachelor too and although he is married, he certainly didn’t marry the girl he chose, back then, Jessica Bowlin. In fact, by the time the season was over and done with, Jesse and Jessica were long over. Jesse is now happily married to someone unrelated to the Bachelor franchise.

He drops off the date card for the ladies as Rachel excitedly reads who gets to attend the first group date.

Teddi, Ency, Melina, Gabby, Kira, Mara, Sierra, Genevieve, Serene, and Cassidy – the card message “This is what dreams are made of”.

Since Cassidy found herself on the group date, assuming she thought she would get the one on one, she decided to “take the reins” leaving no stone unturned of how much time she can steal with Clayton just to stick her tongue in his mouth.

Here were the two things that bothered me. Her face when she realized they would be interacting with children, knowing full well, after the Michelle season, how important that aspect for Clayton in his life is when he has children of his own. Second, if this was a party to see how the ladies interact with children, why was he so open to having her steal him away so they can go make out. Was Clayton oblivious to the fact Cassidy didn’t care to participate?

The party was hosted by Hillary Duff, who is a fan of the Bachelor and mentioned how she watched the Michelle season and his interaction with the children. Only, Cassidy was living in a fantasy suite in her own head, gallivanting in her own mansion with Clayton while schmoozing with Hillary Duff.

On top of the lack of participation in building the doll house with Gabby, when she did decide to participate at the party, she mentioned to the birthday girl how she didn’t like being around little people. Coincidently, Clayton wasn’t around to hear that comment.

To make herself look even more stupid, while Hillary Duff was standing there watching everyone engage, she took a moment to walk over and talk about the strong connection she feels with Clayton. Umm Cassidy, you do know this is the first group date…?

The look on Hillary Duff’s face said it all. But poor little Cassidy, diluted in her own world in thinking she has it all with Clayton, didn’t even noticed how Ms. Duff wasn’t impressed.

The rest of the group date left nothing more but Cassidy talking about herself and this make-believe relationship she has conjured up in her mind about Clayton, leaving all the other ladies with pure disgust. Especially Genevieve who made the cake, only for Cassidy to show herself off at the last minute bringing out the cake and dropping it all over the grass.

During the one to one time, Clayton assured Teddi he still has very strong feelings for her, and she should keep the focus on their relationship and not worry about the others. I can see why Clayton would give Teddi the first impression rose. The girl is naturally beautiful and I love that. She doesn’t need to be extra like Cassidy who desperately needs to feel justified of her existence. It is very clear there is a strong attraction between them but will that outlast any other relationship he’s developing. It’s still too early to tell.

I don’t know how men think because I am not a man, however, I can’t understand how Clayton doesn’t see how shady Cassidy is as opposed to the other women. Are men’s mind condition to think if a woman is all over them, they actually want a long-standing relationship or in the moment he’s thinking with his other head, while trying to make a decision who is the best fit for lust and who’s the best fit to take home to mom.

While Cassidy was flaunting fake news about her connection with Clayton, the other women were getting more repulsed by her attitude and little Mr. Clayton, after all the time he spent with the other ladies, guess who he gives the rose to? Of course, Cassidy.

Because why would he give it to Serene who clearly is there for the right reasons and actually spent time with the children at the party. SMH.

Moving on the one on one date, where one chosen bachelorette gets to spend the whole day with Clayton, the date card arrives with Susie’s name with the message, “Let’s take our love to new heights”. Oh, did I mention the other loopy one who goes by Shanae. I knew this girl was off her rocker from the moment they introduced her.

Small town girl, only a certain amount of people who all know each other and she’s still single should be speaking volumes right now. While one group of girls is battling Cassidy, the other ladies are being subjected to crazy Shanae who believes in her mind this is a game and it’s all about winning and nothing more.

I’m confused. What game are we playing?

Susie confesses to the group she’s nervous about her date, and on her interview her main concerns were, will their personalities vibe. Which is an understandable and of course, common sense thinking. I would gather anyone seeking a relationship under these circumstances would have genuine concerns about how well they will mesh with the bachelor.

But the next day after the first group date, both Cassidy and Shanae were discussing Susie, as if she were pathetic in questioning the possibility of a match and she didn’t seem to excited about the one on one.

In the meantime, while they are both delusional land, Cassidy “advises” Shanae to take the rein and don’t stand back and let the other girls take Clayton from her.

Funny…right? I was thinking to myself, so…as the numbers get smaller and smaller and let’s just say, for example, they were two of the four left I would think one would start throwing the other under the bus because why would the two self-centered bitches in this group of girls want to help the other out in keeping Clayton? Hopefully, at some point, Clayton figures out this is only a game for them and nothing more.

As the group date card is read, the women are painfully aware, not all of them will be on the final group date, which means the ones who aren’t will have to take advantage of time at the rose ceremony, considering there is no drama. But we all know how the concepts work here.

The next group date card arrives with the following attendees: Marlena, Elizabeth, Kate, Sarah, Lyndsey, Rachel, Tessa and Shanae (which Cassidy cheered her on). The date card reads, “Let’s take our love to new heights”.

Without going into the sordid, “never have I ever, game details with Ziwe, the comedian, well known for her sarcasm and straightforwardness, the game really began when they all sat down and Elizabeth took a seat next to Clayton, which seemed to have upset poor little Shanae, who in the same mindset as Cassidy, is actually playing a game amongst the women and not really looking for something valuable with Clayton.

Being upset with herself for Elizabeth sitting next to Clayton, Cassidy decided to take it out on Elizabeth during the obstacle course game, knocking her off the “bread crumbs”. Since her concentration was set on tackling Elizabeth, it cost her winning the game with Sarah getting the extra one on one time.

Funny how that works Shanae.

Coming together in the evening when they get more time with Clayton, the negative vibes only increased with Shanae playing the victim of “cruel” Elizabeth. Instead of focusing on any relationship she may think she has with Clayton, she used her time to make up stories about Elizabeth not being sincere. Being Clayton had just spent time with Elizabeth and sticking his tongue down her throat, I’m surprised Clayton cannot recognize who is being sincere and who is not. Needless to say, Clayton bought into Shanae’s bullshit and called back Elizabeth, confronting her with what Shanae just shared.

Now mind you, all of this drama is now taking away from the other ladies who would like to spend time with Clayton.

And even after Clayton had his conversation with Elizabeth, Elizabeth confronts Shanae about what transpired asking her why did she just tell Clayton a pack of lies.

The whole back and forth senseless argument led to Elizabeth disclosing she has ADHD, which Shanae seems to confuse it with a forgetfulness condition, (i.e. dementia) which is not what ADHD is (that is unless it’s coupled with inattentive ADHD which Elizabeth did not mention having – here’s more on that topic

Shanae’s unchecked behavior used that information against her running to the ladies’, claiming Elizabeth has ADHD and she forgot she told Shanae she loved her. By the way, Elizabeth never said those words. If anything, it seemed she tried to end things with her in a cordial and endearing way, pretty much saying listen, fuck you in a nice way, at least that was the way I took it. But talk about the “clutch the pearls” moment when Shanae dropped the mic after disclosing that piece of personal info on Elizabeth.

By now we are stuck in the mindless stupid arguments, which at that point, prompt Lyndsey, who was clearly upset, to get up and walk out.

If anything, Elizabeth should have just said to her, Clayton mentioned you were talking shit about me and let’s get something straight right here right now, if you have nothing good to say, keep my name out of your fucking mouth.

End of story. Put the bitch to shame and walk away. Instead, Elizabeth, being kind hearted and naïve, so it seems, shares her issues with ADHD and the challenges she meets. She seriously did not have to say anything.

The next evening rolls in and it’s rose ceremony time, the time you know when the show is about to end, but there isn’t enough time for the drama and the rose ceremony, letting me know the show will leave with a cliffhanger of sorts.

Shanae is still making trouble for Elizabeth mocking her for having ADHD to anyone who would listen and claiming she has it too. It came to a point where all of the woman confronted Shanae about her unnecessary behavior.

Even Cassidy, who also is diluted about her relationship with Clayton, couldn’t condone Shanae’s shenanigans, saying she was acting like a jerk.

Go figure. She threw her under the bus sooner than I thought.

But the best part of the show was when Sierra uses her time to tell Clayton of one, Cassidy having a side piece AND not only telling Clayton about her side piece, but going back to Cassidy and telling her she ratted her out. Props to Sierra.

Talk about epic.

The bachelor doesn’t return for the next two weeks.

Until then.


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