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The Marabelle Blue Unfiltered Interview List

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Hey Everyone!

Unfiltered is coming back, bigger and badder than ever!

I wanted to make this interview list of people I am searching for to be interviewed on my Saturday night show. So if you're into the following, let's talk about setting up your interview. Remember this is a non adult topic show!

Paranormal Investigator/Enthusiast - Scary and haunted places you've visited, randonauting and much more.

Relationship Coach - are you an expert in helping couples resolve relationship issues?

Surviving Abuse - this can fall under the categories of relationships/child/emotional/mental abuse - let's talk about your inspiring journey of survival.

Reality Television Enthusiast - Do you like reviewing reality television shows? I want to hear from you!

Are you and up and coming musician? Do you want to share your music and your inspiration on my show? Let's talk about your musical journey and the inspirations for your songs.

Becoming a TikTok Star - What made you become a TikTok star and playing out your comedy skits. What keeps you inspired?

Are you a Positive Coach Guru? Do you help people with their journeys on their paths to life? How how you come to become a positive coach and how the laws of attraction helped you?

Alternative Religions - Are you into Witchcraft, Dark Arts and/or Tarot Reader? Has society have been misinformed about what they believe of what are the true philosophies of these alternative understandings. Let's hear your thoughts!

Work life! - Did you ever have unpleasant work experiences? Bullied by coworkers? How did you find ways to over come this? How did this affect your personal life or the ability to work?

Social Media Antics - Is social media causing a problem for society? Have you found yourself in encounters of arguments which have gone no where fast and then became a victim of online bullying? I want to hear your story!

There will be more topics added in a new blog but if I missed something and you have ideas and suggestions, please reach out to

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Until then.

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