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The Mean Girls are Alive and Not Well at the Bachelor “Mansion”

The last two episodes of the Bachelor with Matt James have been brutal to watch. It’s one thing when a group of women are forced together in the search to find love, yet another when women come in as a group and chastise and attack one woman even after being honest about her intentions and actions.

Without going into the sorted play by play details about the last two shows, I want to highlight from Sarah and over the “new girls” vs the “OG”.

It was clear Sarah was having difficulties with the whole process. However, she isn’t the first to have problems seeing other relationships in her face and wondering what connections are stronger than what she has. It was clear Matt like Sarah but in the interest of the show and all of other woman who were there, it wasn’t going to be another Dale and Clare situation (and they broke up will discuss at a later time).

Whether or not she left because of her father only having “weeks to live” or she used that an excuse to leave, the fact of the matter is, this wasn’t for her and there’s nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong is how Victoria led these girls, who initially had issues with Victoria herself, now teamed up with her to bully and gang up on Sarah because she had feelings. On top of that to accuse her of making a show while Sarah was passing out even though she had a rose. What the fuck? Seriously?

No one, who isn’t a fucking doctor in that cast, has the right to measure someone’s mind and assume, if she has a rose, she should be okay.

Just like in “real life”, I have found people easily buy into bullshit. Why this happens, I’m not sure. When I figure out the answer, I’ll come back.

But this didn’t fly with the girls (no more calling them ladies they are far from it), as they were accusing Sarah of doing this just to get more attention from Matt.


She had a rose, so what does that have to do with her passing out?

In addition to that, we were seeing the end of Marylynn not getting a rose while Victoria surpasses another rose ceremony without question, as she continues to chastise everyone in the house.

This is the part if I was one of the women there (and thank goodness I’m not), I would pull Matt aside and let him know what a terrible person Victoria is and I’m out. I can’t understand how any of these women have such levels of low self-esteem, but I see this is a new age of reality television for anyone to make a name for themselves, without much of the hard work.

Let’s just say, after this season is over, Victoria, along with every other vindictive woman, who were solely on this show just for camera time, will eventually disappear, hopefully with Anna’s maniacal grin who reminds me of Ace Ventura.

Bachelor Matt James at group date

The group date where everyone was trying to be an erotic writer, including Chris Harrison (who knew?), Victoria sounded more like a Niteflirt goodie bag then trying to sound like someone telling a love story.

Having the rest of the woman who were not part of the group date, as the audience, Sarah included, only made her more insecure, because later during their “after party”, Sarah busted in on Katie’s time, hence leading Sarah to let the girls know what she did but they still used it against her.

I’ve noticed the last three weeks, all of these girls have been constantly complaining on how they have zero time with Matt, but yet none of them made an effort to make the time.

Also, why is it in past seasons, when that one person sneaks out to get some one-on-one time, no one holds a grudge as the way these girls did. Would it have made a difference if any one of them did the same thing, or would it just have made it okay? Let’s call it what it is…these girls are a bunch of grimy bitches who believe they are right to behave the way they do.

Before the episode ends, Katie approaches Sarah because she didn’t like how the girls ganged up on her and I can tell this isn’t the type of behavior Katie is used to being around making her feel uncomfortable. After asking Sarah if she was okay and thought what had happened was uncool, Sarah discloses she’s leaving because of her dad having ALS and only has weeks to live. (I question that because he looked pretty healthy, despite the ALS).

I wondered for a moment if she was using her father as an excuse to leave, and while she claimed that was part of the reason, the other part was, she was not able to handle the experience as it was going. One of the things Katie said, set her apart from all the other women in the house, she would prefer

Sarah to give the opportunity to explore the relationship then having to leave and Matt choosing Katie as a second choice just because she was there (something to that effect). In addition, Katie shared about her losing her dad in 2012 and if that was the sole reason why Sarah was making this choice, she would stand behind her.

When Katie said that, I found a new respect for her. This is no longer the dildo girl, but a woman who is looking for an opportunity of a relationship with Matt and is comfortable enough in her own skin and refuses to be part of the bullshit.

When Sarah did see Matt, she told him her choice to leave and for a second, I thought she was going to change her mind. But she did not. Despite Matt, trying to convince her otherwise, Sarah made it clear, she knows this is all about making a commitment and this was something she wasn’t prepared for.

It’s funny because as endearing as she was, there’s a bunch of girls, other than two ladies, Abigail and Bri, who most likely have sincere intentions with Matt.

While some of the ladies may be sincere, the producers of the show are not. Before the cocktail and rose ceremony were set to begin, Chris Harrison pulls Matt aside to let him in on a surprise. Chris tells Matt, there was so many women who applied and was interested in meeting him, now pulling up in the limo, five more ladies are ready to begin a new journey with Matt with the girls back in the house having a full view of the ladies in waiting.

So much for self-confidence. These girls actually thought Sarah leaving the house was going to make a difference. This is probably the only time I like how dirty the producers are playing.

Without getting into the dates, I will say this. I believe Michelle will be one of the top 4, which is one of the new girls in the house. I don’t think Brittney will last long but she will be the catalyst to end the reign of Victoria as well as Ace Ventura, who’s also known by Anna.

Do I believe Matt will find love at the end? Maybe.

He doesn’t seem as serious, that’s just my take on this whole thing.

I have found, watching this show for so many years, one never knows the motives of why anyone comes on this show anymore. While I’m sure the some of the contestants believe they have been picked to find the potential mate and fall in love, the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise continues to prove to be a joke with every season.

Before I close, let me just touch on Anna accusing Brittney of being a call girl.

For someone to make such accusations is beyond hitting below the belt. No one should assume, just because a woman aligns herself with rich men, it doesn’t make her a “sugar girl”, being supported by a sugar daddy.

And if she did, so what? If she had ONE man who was giving her a lavish lifestyle, how does that make her a prostitute? What woman doesn’t enjoy being in a relationship with a well to do man?

So now I will have to ask the question, if Matt has money can and support his future wife and give her a lavish lifestyle does that make her a prostitute.

I think Anna should pull back on that ugly ass mouth of hers and keep her trap shut. She’s no prize I see any sugar daddy would spend their money on.

Just saying.

Until then. Take care of you.


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