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The NOT so Fab - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review Episode 2

Updated: May 17, 2020

Well I watched episode two of the Housewives and it wasn’t any different from the first one although I have to say I did enjoy the digs and Dorit and the financial questions LOL

So as we all know, Dorit and PK tried or did declare bankruptcy and also trying to avoid paying 1.2 million dollars to a man by the name of Nico Kirzis after paying him $250,000.

So he sued them.

After that it was a game of cat and “house” with PK and Dorit running away from answering the questions as to why they just don’t pay this man back.

Usually you pay a person back and they leave you alone, right? And hopefully the loan was on good terms but I would suggest not to go back and borrow money again and also that said person not loan money again.

You know it’s fucked up in a “rich” world, one would think why would rich people need to borrow money from someone.

They call it “investments”.

It’s hard to believe Dorit and PK or just Dorit alone is rich from some bikini line. I’m frugal so it wouldn’t behoove me to by a bathing suit that’s worth $500 as oppose to one I can get at Target for way less.

Believe me when I tell you, let me have a small sum and you won’t see me at Rodeo drive or purchasing a Hermes bag anytime soon. I can think of much better ways to spend money than buying a handbag for 7K.

That’s just me.

So it was funny to me at every turn, even the producers asking about PK’s account being frozen and the lawsuit being over, etc. Even when she attended Sutton’s boutique opening, I have to give props to the reporter who threw in in her face, behaving as though she was carrying in asking about the frozen bank account when we all knew that reporter was just throwing jabs.

Under normal circumstances, I would be the one throwing jabs at a reporter for asking such stupid questions but because it’s Dorit, it’s more fun to watch her cover lie after lie after lie.

Does one expect me to believe when Dorit met PK, he was just dead ass broke and Dorit coming from Connecticut just fell in love with a broke man?

Try again.

I saw the looks on their faces when they were discussing money. Ever so cautious the both of them, making sure their stories match.

Now let me just say, I am not one to begrudge on anyone making money but not in the case if you’re being a slimeball of some sort.

Now enough of Dorit, let’s talk a little bit about Sutton. Not the good replacement of a greater than rich woman who received settlement beyond her or anyone else for that matter dreams where she’s able to buy all of her fashion “couture” style, “Because Sutton, we all need to know everything you wears is couture.”

I think Erika said it best, it’s couture and ugly. LOL.

She has this party and the mayor shows up, she didn’t know who he was and while he was giving a speech, she interrupts him to ask him about parking.

I mean really?

A simple thank you would have been enough.

This is when I think to myself, perhaps it’s a good thing this woman is not a boss (well in a way she is now owning this store), but she would be the worst boss to have. Her rudeness goes beyond something she can’t even see herself because I’m sure in her mind she thinks she just being proper.

The one thing I did like, when after the party, Teddi who was in her feeling’s, discussing how she didn’t care if some of the ladies didn’t come to the retreat when Sutton responded to her, “thanks for coming hope it wasn’t too much trouble”.

Funny how the did the replay earlier in the show when they all got away to some house Teddi owned and Erika opt of staying because she had her period and got a hotel room. Here’s the other thing with Teddi. When she first came on to the show, she was the “no frills” girl.

It’s amazing how in one whole season she changed all that no frills attitude, also believing anyone on this cast is her friend. Teddi is the girl these ladies need when they need back up to cover their tracks. And, when shit hits the fan, not only is she throwing everyone under the bus to cover her own tracks, she sits there and cries and plays victim as she did last season with LVP trying to set her up for the whole doggate starring none other than the other liar and cohort to Teddi, Dorit.

I will say this, it seems though, this season there will be a lot of bashing amongst each other and all this friendship support is all bullshit.

Does it make sense they would go after Denise? Of course it does.

Denise is not like any of these women and again I ask why bring Denise into this show. Yes I love hearing about her husband’s well endowed penis, however, it shouldn’t be her story line as being part of the cast.

Now let’s talk a little bit about Garcelle. I like her. When I heard her tell her story about how her marriage ended I was sad for her. To ask your husband can she use his phone to make a call and he gave it to her without thinking, not realizing there was a text from his other woman, only makes me wonder did he just want the relationship to end and this was his way of doing it?

I don’t know. Perhaps he was prepared to “buy “out of the marriage and knowing that text was there, he just handed her the phone. I mean this man was having an affair for five years. WTF?

I never know why people get married if you just decide you’re going to have a side piece and not get caught but I would suspect in this case, he wanted to get caught. The one thing about being a celebrity of some sort, behind or in front of the camera is at the end of the day when scandal happens, you will be in front of the camera and chastened for all the world to see.

Some things should just be private and sometimes those angry emails will make you look worse than a victim. Needless to say, I can understand Garcelle’s pain, especially when you’re married and pregnant and your husband is gallivanting with some other bitch. Not cool at all.

As for Denise, having an operation to have hernias removed was nothing short of a day in the life of a person who was having health issues and it needed to be address. We’ll just have to keep watching until the contorted face of Brandi Glanville makes her appearance.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll remember to set up my DVR to catch up with all of the episodes and of course look out for more articles and videos.

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