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The Real Housewives of New Jersey - Drama after Drama

The last four weeks, the crew of New Jersey didn’t waste time in giving us the drama.

The first episode begins with Teresa having a party at her house and we all know what happens when all the ladies come together…you guessed it. More arguments and more calling out on others past behaviors.

Since Margaret’s first appearance on RHONJ, she has stirred the pot many of times. She indirectly upset one former cast member because she wasn’t the one who did something nice for Teresa after her mom passed away, hence taking away credit from her.

And after that temper tantrum the floor for Melissa at her own party, no less, (still talking about former cast member), while chiming to “know your worth”, she finally disappeared into the sunset, leaving us beautiful Margaret, a woman with much common sense, although many viewers may not agree.

I’m not being sarcastic about Margaret’s common sense. I love Margaret. I get her attitude, her style and for sharing her past history with harassment in the work place in addition to uncompromising positions of, “if you want to keep a job”. I commend her for being so honest.

As for Jennifer, not so much.

Jennifer has had some work done. Good for her.

But the work she should really get done is on her attitude.

Jennifer came into this show and was either loved or hated. Doesn’t seem to be an in between. It’s no secret she lives in a mansion, or spoils her children with extravagant birthday parties or that her husband is a plastic surgeon.

It was a secret though (at least for me, not sure if other viewers were hip to this info or dug deep into gossip blogs) Bill had an affair, that is until Margaret shared about it at Teresa’s summer party on episode 1.

Not only does this secret come out, Jennifer corrects Margaret and tells her it wasn’t his assistant but a manager of some sort. (I think it was a manager).

Teresa, on the other hand, accused Margaret of doing the same thing she did at Jackie’s husbands birthday party, as in how was she different from what Margaret was doing. Remember that rumor Theresa was going around telling everyone and didn’t know if it was true or not, but still took the liberty of telling everyone the rumor, but Jackie.

Nope. Not the same thing.

For whatever friction Margaret and Jennifer have going on, let us remember, Jennifer is not a real friend, according to what we all have witness on the show. It seems if you share with Jennifer something about yourself or she hears it through the grapevine, not only does she go running with it, but she uses it against you every time.

How many times have we heard her chastise Margaret and her mother about affairs they’ve had? Who the hell is she to judge?

I guess life is easier when you have money and not have to worry about much, like keeping the lights on, or better yet, making sure that pool is clean or getting the latest Hermes bag…or the perfect nose job.

Of course, I’m being sarcastic but sarcastically truthful.

I’m not a fan of Jennifer, hate no, just not a fan.

She’s a terrible person who judges people and sneaks off trying to find dirt on other people she calls their friend. I can state this is my opinion, however, anyone who’s been watching RHONJ since Jennifer inception, can anyone safely say she is a great friend?

Sure, she’s good to her family, husband and children, but that’s about it. Her charmed life of kindness doesn’t go past the family boundaries.

Not only has she spent at least four episodes crying and “hurt” over Margaret bringing up Bill’s infidelity and how betrayed she felt it this “deep and dark” secret, has now come out, did she forget how she was sneaking around calling people, like Frank Catania, asking if he had pictures of Evan’s said “mistress” to confirm if the rumors were true?


I can think of several people I loathe who I would rather have them as a friend if given a choice between them and Jennifer.

And as Jennifer attends every get together playing victim to Margaret’s “outbursts” towards her, she invites Jackie over to her house, claiming how she’s afraid to be around Margaret out of fear she will “get hurt” again. In addition, when Jackie is explaining to her what Margaret did at Teresa’s party wasn’t the same what Teresa did at Evan’s birthday party, Jennifer didn’t seem to understand because Teresa and Delores sided with her immediately and how can Jackie not feel the same way.

In the meantime, on the other side of town, while Margaret and Delores went shopping, and Margaret spilled the tea on Jennifer calling Frank, claiming she heard he had a picture of Evan and this girl he was messing around with. As soon as Delores heard this, she immediately changed sides. I guess it doesn’t take much to convince

Delores and being the person she is, why would she side with someone like Jennifer in the first place?

Did Jennifer get an advance copy of the Bachelor and took tips from Shanae and Sarah. Those feel sorry for me tears can only go so far. Perhaps Clayton will buy into the tears.

By the way, Frank told Jennifer he didn’t have pictures of Evan at all.

All those in favor of Jennifer being full of shit, say Aye!

Moving on to Teresa.

Teresa has a conversation with her daughters about Louie and his kids moving in.

Another “things that make you hmm”

Now of course, I don’t know anyone on this show personally, like everyone else, from what we see on television. Louie, however, has social media questioning his intentions with Teresa. The overall consensus is that something isn’t right about him.

And me coming from a place of having a disaster shitshow live with me thinking oh maybe this can be everlasting love, the joke was truly on me and my finances too. Had I known I was going to adopt a spoiled child, I would have been more prepared to rip up the “adoption papers” and send the bitch back where he came from.

But this isn’t about me LOL.

If I were Teresa, I would definitely reconsider this whole “blended family” option. While things may look good in our imaginations, real life can definitely predict a different story and once Louie and his kids are in there, it will be hard to get them out, especially if things don’t work out.

Teresa has always stood her ground, even being wrong, multiple times.

Even not address Gia and her nasty attitude towards her own uncle. At 21, you don’t know everything in life. Also at 21, if I ever spoke to any of my family members out of turn, it probably would accompany a smack in the face.

While I don’t condone abuse, Latin family values are very similar to Italian family values so I can relate on every level when it comes to respect. That’s not to say other cultures aren’t the same, we’ve seen all the memes on Tiktok.

That being said, it seems Gia has been making a name for herself on this show for the last couple of seasons. Her attitude displays about knowing the laws better than attorneys and judges made her believe she had the power to keep her father in the states after he served time for bank fraud, (among other charges). And I get it, that’s her dad, but Gia isn’t above the law or had a say in what was going to happen to Joe Guidice.

In addition to the major changes in their lives, way beyond anyone’s control, we all knew from the beginning of RHONJ, Joe Gorga was not a fan of Joe Guidice, as displayed in the fights we’ve seen in past episodes. However Joe feels about Gia’s dad, I think Gia was way out of line when she spoke to her uncle out of turn. And as Teresa stood back and said absolutely nothing, Melissa was the one who stood up to let Gia know this is not the way we speak to family members.

Can anyone see Melissa and Joe’s children being so damn disrespectful to Teresa? I don’t think so. Gia has an air of arrogance about herself now where she believes being 21 gives her the right to speak her mind and being a know it all at the same time, it just isn’t lady like when you think you can step on toes because you got a big house and a pool to go with it. Last I checked, smart mouths don’t give you the ladder to climb success faster.

Oh wait, what am I thinking? With money you can accomplish anything. Stupid me.

Moving on to Delores and David. Oh wait, there I go again, there is no Delores and David.

After many seasons of seeing this half assed relationship, David, in Delores’ words was more committed to his career than he was to a relationship. While that may be understandable, maybe David should have opted out of trying to be in a relationship and just stayed by himself.

Doesn’t that make life easier?

I would think, isn’t it just easier to avoid the consistency of false hope in leading someone to think you can make a commitment? It was pretty clear early on David wasn’t ready for any real commitments.

To his career, yes, to Delores, no.

I think David behaved selfishly. Does this make David a bad person? No, I don’t think so. I think, perhaps, he’s a bad communicator and stayed with Delores longer than he should have and she may have stayed longer than she should have too. At the end of the day, relationships are a two-way street.

It may have been pretty clear to everyone else David wasn’t ready to make a real commitment with Delores, as in putting a ring on it, no one knows what’s being shared when the cameras are not on. It’s not like we are privy to those private conversations David may have said things to make Delores believe it was worth the sacrifice to stay in the relationship longer than she should have.

It's funny how that works, when someone wants you to wait around for them or schedule you on “their timetable”. I have learned time and time again, when a man makes time for you, conveniently for own selfish purposes, he’s not ready to have a relationship with you.

Sexually, maybe. But a real commitment takes work and when someone wants to be with you in the sense of building something with you, they will make time for you. They won’t make excuses as to why they can’t attend an event with you. How many events has Delores attended without David but making excuses for his lack of attendance? I think he may have attended one event but that was all.

Delores is not a stupid woman. I have my days where I’m rooting for her and then other days, I’m like, “really Delores”. I think she definitely got the raw end of the stick with David, being he was building relationships with her children, even her ex-husband Frank Catania.

But who hasn’t been in that type of place, countless times, thinking perhaps a certain relationship can work out and we all hang out a little longer than we expected? There’s nothing wrong with being hopeful, yet another when feeling like a side piece and being in a relationship.

Delores has set up a temporary place until Frank can get his shit together in some house (I think they are building) for her to live in.

In the world of Jackie, as we have moved on from the lies that were spread about Evan, no one took notice on how this has affected her eating disorder. Not that they should care, but eating disorders are very serious and not to be taken lightly. How we deal with our day-to-day problems can affect how we eat and take care of ourselves.

While at first, I didn’t like Jackie, I have come to respect her choices and how she deals with them and yes, while she values her friendships, she also puts her foot down about Evan and any discrepancies about him fucking around put to rest. Jackie doesn’t have anything to prove like Jennifer because Jennifer doesn’t really have anything going for her.

Personally, I find it completely disrespectful how Jennifer took it upon herself to even call Frank to see if he had pictures of Evan. And let’s just say he did, does she think Frank would so graciously pass that info to her?

Notice the men have a completely different relationship than all of these ladies do. While the ladies throw jabs at each other, all the men get along great. They don’t use what happened in their past to “stab” each other in the back. Cleary their attitude about Bill having an affair was like “shit happens” and don’t do it again.

So we find out Bill had an affair some years ago. But for Jennifer – it has become a devasting blow as she has to keep this from her children and how devasted they would be if they found out about their dad cheating on their mom.

Not a good look. I understand.

I will share my personal experience. In my family, yes, I have seen infidelity. It has hurt family members, but some how trust was rebuilt.

Jennifer, on the other hand, seems to be trying to find fault with Margaret and making it a bigger deal than it should be. This is a private and personal matter between her, Bill and her children. Not a conversation savored for the cameras either.

Also, because of what I have seen with my eyes growing up, this is not a subject matter that should be thrown around or taken lightly. Perhaps Jennifer should get a grip on that instead of showing off for the cameras and crying about it as if she was a helpless victim.

Life isn’t perfect and shit happens. I think most people in the world have an understanding of that. Look at what is happening now in the Ukraine. And that shit isn’t remotely close to infidelities that occur day to day within couples. People cheat and it happens. Not everyone does it, but it happens.

Overall, I’m left to wonder what’s really happening with everyone here. I feel like I’m watching one walking disaster after another.

And seeing things on social media about Melissa and Joe being crooks. I think everyone needs to be really careful on making accusations without having solid proof, like if you, yourself worked with Melissa and Joe on a project and didn’t get paid.

Also, let’s pretend the audience, including myself aren’t perfect.

Finally, Tiki’s wife. I forgot her name and I’m not going to bother to look it up on the internet either lol.

For her to defend Jennifer is just stupid. She doesn’t know Jennifer. She is just “empathizing” on Jennifer’s victim tears.

I’ll be watching this past week’s episode. I switched services from Dish back to Cox, so it’s been a matter of trying to set up recordings to watch everything and hopefully not miss any episodes.

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Until then. Take care of you.


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