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My Life Coaching Realities Channel with a Mix of Tarot and Oracle Readings

First let me share my education and experience.

I have 63 credits in Business Management and Communication, in addition I’ve been clean and sober for over 31 years.

I didn’t start this channel to get anyone clean or sober. I began this channel due to the influx of “gurus” offering overpriced advice and multi-level marketing bullshit that doesn’t make you rich. People get trapped in an “influencer” world either hating the person and worse off, hating themselves because they are too busy comparing their insides to someone’s outsides.

Yeah, I get it, life coaching is way different from any form of professional therapy and no, I am not a therapist. I will say this, if you need therapy, I will direct you to the best therapist we can find for you, because when it comes to mental health, we just can’t play and ignore options for your wellbeing.

What I do offer is a guide or a path.

With so many outlets and online resources, there are too many of us taking people or resources at face value, instead of taking the time and doing your homework. If we don’t understand something, most people will choose to ignore it, instead of dealing with it. This isn’t effective communication and because of this, it will become a reoccurring problem.

Trust me, it will.

As a life coach, my jobs isn’t to fix you, but to give you options so you can make healthy choices for yourself.

Entrapping someone to make choices is only to benefit them and when that happens, you will only find grief and resentment.


Think about the people who do it every day, your coworker who sends you a specific email to do a part of a job, you already know what needs to be done, knowing full that email will upset you, your partner or family members who may say hurtful things and maybe not aware, or they are, cuz you know we got some family who do just that.

We cannot build our self-esteem if we are too busy appeasing everyone else and their needs.

This is just one of many aspects of how I can guide you to be better for yourself and making better choices.

How do we avoid making decisions in a haste of anger?

How do we push ourselves out from relationships where we may have become an option or have always been an option?

Avoiding misdirected anger and learning how to effectively communicate with your partner, family members and peers.

Making business decisions to benefit the growth of your business.

​There are too people feigning experience and because of this, there are people worse off than where they began their journey to improve.

Keep in mind, we are all different and we should all be celebrating our individuality, regardless of what anyone thinks or says.

The internet of people can be a cruel world, but it does not mean you have to feed into it.

​And together, you can overcome anything!

I am very alternative in my thinking and use tarot and oracle cards as part of the guides to help you on your journey.

I am currently study Reiki healing and will announce when I will be including these services in my practice.

​To set up a consultation, please use the contact form and let's have a free 15 minute conversation of what you're looking for. From there we can coordinate a rate and time to map out your plan. to success.  For more info log on to

For tarot readings, you can visit and use the site to make your reading purchases there. Please be sure to connect with me first before making your purchase so we can schedule a time for your reading


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