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The Bachelorette Episode 3 – Did Clare Crawely Give it All Away? And The Clare and Yosef Showdown!

It’s no secret that people who have been cast on the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise aren’t strangers to one another. After all, with hundreds of contestants who have crossed those mansion doors over the years, it’s almost impossible for a contestant not to have known a past contestant or even the Bachelor/Bachelorette themselves as we saw with Peter and Kelley, in his season when they apparently crossed paths at a hotel while each attending an event.

Keep in mind, the producers who follow Clare (and the contestants) around are feeding her information, whether it’s true or false, the Bachelor/Bachelorette is relying on that information in order for them to make a decision on who gets a rose and who won’t, lest not forget Chris Harrison, who’s the ends all, says all on the show (more on that later).

As I was perusing through the “Bachelor Nation” twitter feed, it was pretty clear Clare isn’t a favorite at all. If my memory recollects, I don’t think I was a fan of hers during the Juan Pablo season and with all that being said, I think this season is an array of messes.

In one scene as Clare was walking away with a producer, crying about the roasting of Dale, she said, “I don’t like how they talked about my fiancé like that” (something to that effect).

I was like, “huh”?

Umm, did she give something away? Because one can easily chalk it up and say, she was speaking in a futuristic term. Sure, anyone can refer to a future event in how that can possibly make them feel, but also note, one of the guys mentioned earlier in the episode, how they may have known each other through social media.

Believe me when I tell you, I would not be surprised at all.

Without going through a play by play on this blog, I just want to make some quick notes because this show had everyone reeling.

Let’s start off with Yosef. Not a favorite of mine at all. Disturbing, to say the least, how they have a man who clearly doesn’t like women and is stuck on some old century thinking on how a woman is supposed to behave. Having said that, he felt the need to “address” Clare, on his disdain of the dodgeball game where the men came back naked and how she must “be crazy” to think when no one stood up to take her away for one on ones after the group date. Furthermore, how he wouldn’t want a woman like her raising his daughter.

My mind went to this poor child, having to be raised by a narcissistic father who feels it’s okay to degrade women, given the opportunity and for any woman to find that attractive, please I beg of you, see a therapist because that is not normal behavior. Think of why the baby momma ain’t with him but has to deal with a man who’s not right in the head. When Tyler warned her from episode one about Yosef, that was advice Clare should have heeded from the beginning.

So after Yosef made his degrading statements, Clare sent him packing and when the men heard what was going on, one of them was ready to take off his jacket and bust some ass.

A person like Yosef is not impressive. Bringing him to Paradise would be a bad mistake because this is not a man who will bring “drama” but will create madness in a world where there’s too many “karens” and we have enough hate that already exist. I would highly suggest to the Bachelor franchise, put Yosef to bed and never bring that man back or put any type of spotlight on him. It’s not well deserved.

So, in tears, Dale didn’t waste any time to run and comfort a distraught Clare. And if the night didn’t get any better when the guys who wanted time with Clare (after she cancelled a group date) were met with disruptions by either one another or by Dale. The guys were up on the fact they were just holding up walls instead of having real one to one time with a person who is present and truly wanted to get to know them.

Now, let’s take a step back to my point up above. Clare had a one to one date with Zach J.

Other than not really interested in him, because, you know, Dale, I think the reason why she had a one to one date was to get rid of him. While I’m sure the grab was unexpected after she went in to kiss him and instead it ended up being some weird awkward moment, it apparently brought back some feelings when she was in an abusive relationship right before she was on the JP season.

When Chris Harrison stepped in for the evening date, I knew it was limo time for Zach, explaining that Clare will not be showing up for the date and his journey ends here. Back at the house, his suitcase, in classic Bachelor style, is getting picked up by one of the staffers as the guys reaction of shock filled the room knowing it was the end of the line for Zach.

I’m sure this garnered Zach a “hot seat” for the Men Tell All.

Between the no group date, the roast date, the “you’re not good enough to raise my daughter” moment, it was very clear to me, I was just watching an episode of what happens when you meet the guy you want and you put other guys in uncomfortable situations, bringing about insecurities and what the fuck moments because after all, there’s another bachelorette waiting in the wings.

And yes, no spoiler alert, we all saw Tayshia Adams, make a dip for that pool and step out as the season, (we can all presume) is about to begin.

The New Bachelorette Tayshia Adams

Now, of course I have questions. Why Clare? What was the point to all this? What does Chris mean by “she blew up the Bachelorette”, because she ended the season early? Also, having DeAnna show up….I mean she ended up breaking up with the guy she chose anyway and ended up marrying one of the former contestants twin brother, so, other than being a bachelorette more than 10 years ago, what can DeAnna really offer?

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, not that I’m in full support of this show, because there is so much fakery happening but at least make it entertaining for a sista.

Oh I forgot to mention the roast group date, no one got a rose, because, you know, Dale.

Until next week and Until then. Take care of you.

BTW: I do have notes on Episode 2 and will be posting that but I had to get my notes out for 3 because, you know, Dale.


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