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A New Peach, an Ankle Bracelet, a Condo, Gold Metals, Gaslighting and Shady Tea Parties

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Real Housewives of Atlanta Highlights – Does Marlo Deserve Her Peach?

I finally caught up with the ladies of RHOA.

Other than the usual drama, we have a new person on board and I’m not too sure about her.

Let’s start off with Sanya.

Sanya who’s new to the group and Atlanta has just made a purchase on a house and is fixing it up. Not to be confused with a “fixer upper”.

While Sanya prides on her gold medals, it seems that’s the only thing she has going for her as she states time and time again. Married to former football player, Aaron Ross, they both thrive on family. Sanya and Aaron are introduced through Ralph and Drew as they all work out at the gym together.

It seemed for a good moment Sanya and Drew were going to be the best of friends, especially when she got into that car accident and the first person she called after her husband was Drew, who ran to her to help her as Sanya’s truck was getting towed away.

But Sanya began to question her friendship with Drew after seeing her interaction with Sheree…or was it after meeting Kandi and Kenya. For some odd reason, Sanya felt more of a connection with Kandi and Kenya.

I wonder why is that?

After being called out as a cloud chaser, I can only agree. Why is it suddenly she has a problem with Drew and only invite Kandi and Kenya to a photoshoot for a blog she supports for women of color who are mothers. Drew and Sheree are mothers. Marlo can be considered a mom being she has been taking care of her nephews, but her standoffish behavior of, “I connected more with Kandi and Kenya”, only makes me question her motives. It’s funny how she wants to talk about Drew and call her out on her behaviors but yet Sanya can scream about her medals for so long until that story gets old. Remember when Kenya came on, how many times did we hear about her being Miss USA?

We don’t hear about that anymore because as bitchy as Kenya was, she did come to her own and doesn’t need a crown, so to speak to show how much she’s come along.

For right now, Sanya is on my least favorite list but that can change.

Moving on to my next least favorite is Kandi.

I love how Kandi pretends not to be involved with gossip yet getting the tea and then sharing that tea with others, except for the person who the tea is about.

Kandi shares with Kenya that Drew shared with her, the assistant she has, Sheree just happens to share as well. Kenya shares this information with Sheree, however, when Kandi did advise Drew to tell Sheree about what the assistant was saying, she dodged multiple opportunities to talk with Sheree about this assistant, being she’s focused on Ralph’s “former” assistant and the texts she claims were insinuating she was hitting on Ralph.

In the meantime, Kandi has been working on promoting a Broadway play called, “Thoughts of a black man” which, apparently is doing well. At least what we’ve seen being shared on screen.

And when Kandi sends her own invite to the play, she took “lessons” from Marlo’s, “Le’Archive” invite and had two people dressed in tacky BDSM wear as the “formal invitation” with a bag filled with sex toys, one being the tired vibrating panties.

It’s funny how Kandi tries to incorporate this bullshit “dominatrix style” attitude with zero experience on the lifestyle itself. It’s a personal insult to others who practice BDSM both professionally and personally and quite honestly, I wish she would stop. I can respect the hustle of selling sex toys because I do as well, however, to incorporate a serious topic and have them wear vibrating panties to a play is just tacky.

On top of the tackiness with the gift bag and the invite, Kandi isn’t really talking about the sanctity of her marriage.

Todd has a condo he owns out in Jersey, something with his name and not Kandi’s name. I guess this is a problem for Kandi because it’s something she doesn’t own.

Now, I don’t begrudge her for having a prenup, I get it. However, in the interest of Todd building up his own brand, hopefully that prenup didn’t included whatever he acquired during their marriage, (in the event they get a divorce), he won’t have to give those things up.

Even though they don’t spend as much time as Todd would like to, I don’t think there’s a divorce looming over head. This is a marriage that will most likely outlive the housewives’ franchise for sure. But it’s funny how Kandi seems to live what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. You can’t put yourself in a place where you dictate to your partner how he/she should live but yet you can’t respect your partner enough to follow in those same set of rules.

Drew….and Ralph

Drew and Ralph have an interesting relationship. To be honest, I don’t think Drew would be good enough on this show without Ralph. Ralph is animated by himself, but without Drew, he would probably be like Dennis, nothing much going on but women and hot dogs.

Ralph tends to gaslight Drew and then put his own spin on events or telling Drew that she doesn’t understand men, especially black men. Half of the times she doesn’t even realize she’s being gaslit. She had to look that up during her confessional.

Ralph apparently had an assistant, but according to Drew, the assistant was hitting on Ralph when she suggested she give him a massage so Drew put her foot down and told Ralph he had to fire the assistant.

When Ralph met the guys, he had another story to tell, which was his text was misconstrued. He claims he was looking for a masseuse and could not find one and when the assistant mentioned she should have massaged him, his response was, “I’m a man”, meaning he should have been smart enough to still find one on his own because he’s a man.

Anyone buying this?

Here’s what I learned about dealing with people in the past, when you come out saying I should have been the one to give you a massage, it’s because that person gave you the “right of way” to talk to them like that, which only tells me there’s been some flirting. Just my own personal thoughts.

Now granted, while I don’t believe Ralph did anything with his assistant, I believe Ralph may have way, where he may be flirting just to check in that he still got it.

He coordinated a romantic dinner for Drew, claiming to leave her calendar open and not make any plans, but as soon as the dinner began it turned sideways when Drew told him their therapist called him a maniac, and that comment led to an argument. I think if my man told me that our therapist referred to me as a manic, I would not see that therapist anymore. Plus any therapist that would probably call someone a maniac would probably be Dr. Speigal from the Johnny Depp trial, being he didn’t seem to have much sense in the first place.

Making a date with their therapist, they talked about the dinner and Ralph talked about how he went all out, wanting to make a romantic evening but when Drew started in, he wondered why he wasted so much effort when all she was worth was a lunchable.

The therapist suggested they not argue about anything for 30 days or be confrontational. Clearly “lunchable” may have been a trigger.

At this point, perhaps the focus should be on food, but communicating better with one another. I would not be happy if my man told me I was worth a lunchable, but I hate to say this, I think Drew should be mindful of how she communicates. That’s not to say Ralph is an expert communicator, he likes to switch things up all the time and when he doesn’t get his way, he just runs off to another state, because after all, she doesn’t understand how men work. It will probably take more than therapy if Drew and Ralph are seeking long term commitment.

And while Marlo is busy building her own Le Tote version called Le’Archive style of rental clothing that no one wants, she’s making headway with her nephews, who she took on when her sister was unable to care for her own children.

I will say, even though Marlo loves to throw shade as she has done over the years being a friend of the show, Marlo can be a very good friend when she wants to be. She is doing a great job raising her nephews, ensuring they have a good life and great childhood with memories to look back on and even when Sheree had her heart broken, Marlo was right there and even Drew, although Drew and Sheree had words, she was there to help.

Speaking of Sheree…

Sheree has been on and off dating with Tyrone Gilliams, someone she met a while back. Tyrone was incarcerated for fraud during their “relationship” and they eventually they broke up.

At some point, they reconnected, however, it seems people have questioned his commitment to the relationship, and in so many words have asked Sheree if this is the commitment she wants to make.

Seems as though, the trip to NYC for Kandi’s Broadway play, called to question on Tyrone’s absence from a planned date in Philly, being he could not come to NYC or maybe it was just Sheree making excuses as to why he couldn’t be there as per the allotted miles he can cross being on parole without getting in trouble.

I don’t know, but I would much prefer a boyfriend without an ankle bracelet.

After leaving the ladies to get driven from NYC to Philly, Sheree waited for Tyrone at a restaurant, like a sole table outside in the cold, when she called him and he did not answer. Fifteen minutes go by and no answer, thirty minutes go by and no answer. At some point, she tries calling and the phone rings once and then it pings a busy signal. She contacts someone to ask them what could that mean and they suspect Sheree could be blocked…?

Who knows…

Almost hour and a half later, one of the producers approached her saying they received a call from Tyrone’s attorney, claiming his meeting was in violation of his parole.

Just my own personal opinion, in a world filled with options, why choose to have someone who’s not really available unless that’s exactly what you are looking for and not get emotionally invested in someone for that very reason. We are all human beings having a human experience so for me, having a boyfriend in jail doesn’t work for a variety of reasons, because I like for my man to be present and free to walk around without limitations.

I have a question.

If she’s in Philly and he can only go as far as 100 miles within the limits of his parole, how was he in violation of his parole?

Or maybe it was just he had made other plans…

I’m just saying.

I can understand Sheree’s plight though, even though she blocked him, it doesn’t mean she stopped loving him, especially when we are emotionally invested, which sucks even more.

No one likes to be stood up, waiting around or even waiting for a response via text, because what happens is, when there is no response from that other person, one can think, well this person really doesn’t care about me or perhaps they are just messing around with someone else and you’re the “third party”.

All in all it’s fucked up when you feel you’re in a relationship by yourself while the other person responds when they feel like it.

In the interest of doing something nice for Sheree, Marlo came up with an idea of creating a spa experience for her. Kenya, who was glammed up couldn’t make it because she wasn’t feeling well, Drew connected with Kenya to bring in the deserts for Sheree, putting aside whatever issues which transpired between them.

However, I do question Kenya who couldn’t make it but was all glammed up, how are you sick but have time to put on makeup?

Kenya has been a staple now on the Real Housewives, with the exception of one season, she was back in no time.

Now, I was not a fan of Kenya, but I always a fan of her clap back with everyone else in the cast, sometimes, not all the time.

Although I was able to binge watch RHOA from Season 1, the first time I began watching the show was when Kenya and Porsha were having an argument by a pool and no one budged and continued their drink as the argument ensued, until the hands got up in the air and it was stopped and I was hooked.

The “gone with the wind fabulous” Kenya, grew into her own when baby Brooklyn came along. Although her marriage with Marc was questionable and the same way she called Cordell, Porsha’s ex-husband a “beard”, seems Marc was the same for Kenya.

But Marc was a beard all on his own.

He was rude and uncaring, especially when he referred to her as “Ken”. I’m not sure why Kenya got with him in the first place, but I can understand the concept of repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. While her last relationship was boarding on abusive, Marc was more of the emotional and mental abuser, which I can only say from my own personal experience of dealing with a narcissistic scammer and abuser, some of that is hard to come back from.

According to Kenya, they are still not officially divorced and the one and only person he seemed to have more of a commitment while they were together, their daughter Brooklyn, now has become secondary in his life.

At least according to Kenya.

Even when suggested to Kenya to forget the relationship with Marc and his daughter, she refused saying she was not going to put her daughter in a position of having an absent father in her life, which I must say, is very big of her, considering her mom wanted nothing to do with her, Kenya understands the priorities of parenting and not being like her mother.

I’m sure this is also about not being on the side of wrong, being that Marc seems like the type of person who will be quick to point that out to make himself look good.

The one thing that will never go away with Kenya is she will still read you regardless, all while being an excellent mother to her daughter. Many people think a person who was raised with neglect will do the same with their children. Thankfully, that doesn’t always happen in real life.

Kenya is making it a point to raise her child with love, not badmouthing Marc in front of her child and still desiring for her daughter to have a relationship with Marc without letting their personal issues get in the way of that relationship.

The theme tea birthday party for Brooklyn was beautiful and it was nice to see everyone present, however the grown-up game in a children’s birthday party, we all could have done without.

No one needed to know if Kandi sucked dick in a college locker room and thanks to Sheree who wrote her own card about the shared assistant (I suspect) only to confront Dre about it.

To close it out, let’s touch on the assistant, Anthony.

Anthony reminds me Ali Ashori.

Didn’t Ali Ashouri pull the same stunt in Shah’s of Sunset where he talked a lot of shit about Reza and Adam and while inserting himself feeing he was “harassed” by Adam with the naked jenga incident. I still believe Adam played a big part in the mess, especially the face he made when Reza confronted him about that shit.

Even if Sheree did not pay him and he may have receipts behind that, to know you have an assistant running their mouths is not the person you want to keep by your side. If Drew was smart, she would have him sign an NDA immediately, if she wanted to keep his hot mess of a personality. Otherwise, get rid of him because his gossiping ass is no different than having an assistant who offers massages as not part of their job.

But I would gather by now it’s probably too late as he may know more info since the taping of the show.

That’s all for now.

Until then. Take Care of You.


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