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Jada Pinkett's New Strategy Selling her Memoir

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Jada Pinkett
All Eyes on Me – Jada Spills Another Confession

Here we go again.

As if the slap wasn’t enough to ruin Will’s career.

As if the “red table talk” embarrassing her husband moment “when I was getting filled with that fresh dick from August”, wasn’t enough”.

As if exploiting her children, just wasn’t enough, here is Jada again, exploiting herself in her memoir of what she has learned about herself.

But how will that book sell?

“Hmm, let’s see, oh here’s an idea. Let’s announce to the world how you and I have been living separate lives since 2016 and that way I can sell books”.

Believe me when I tell you, nothing in the celebrity world surprises me anymore.

Since the inception of my magazine back in 2002, my efforts have always been to keep the focus on yourself and forget trying to mimic celebrities and how they live. I definitely failed.

Not that I expected anything I did to make a major difference, but when you have other parts of your life you need to tend to, becoming a writer for People Magazine or Entertainment Tonight wasn’t in the cards. Besides, I was not one to advocate celebrities who talked a lot of shit about nothing.

Needless to say, here we are in 2023. People have evolved and some have changed drastically, and not in a good way. Either celebrities have changed their faces to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein or even some modeled after Billy.

You know Billy. He’s that puppet from Saw.

Anyway, sarcasm aside, last week Jada took to the media circus disclosing she and Will, have not been together since 2016 and raised a lot of questions, like, why, did Will Smith smack Chris Rock, after he made a joke about Jada’s bald head, thus ruining his career and oh yes, he referred to Jada as his wife.

Hmm. Well, anyone who legally separates from their partner, normally would begin to refer to that person as an “ex” and not as a current state of what their partner signified when they were together.

Regardless of the circumstances, if you and your former partner had a conversation about getting a divorce and you both agreed “this is the end of our relationship”, you wouldn’t call them, “my wife/husband” in the current state of where the relationship stands.

Granted some relationships do not end well, but the fact that Jada decides, right before her book is about to come out, to disclose this information, making Will Smith look more of a fool, while she sits back with her arrogance in tow as to why this was a good time to share this information.

Are we all left to wonder what other cards she has under her sleeve to further promote her “victimized” life and yet continues to make excuses for her own behaviors. Is that also included in her memoir?

Funny how that works because since 2016, she’s been deceptive, in my opinion and probably, well before, she met Will Smith.

Anyone who “finds” themselves in a place to pen a memoir, normally behaves differently. They are more humble and less assuming. They don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Remember Madonna when she was in her ‘Ray of Light’ phase, after she gave birth to Lola. She was extremely protective of her, avoiding any pictures of her, that is until a famous photographer offered to do a photoshoot, respecting her boundaries, careful not to exploit her young child.

She shared how she was exposed to a form of Buddhism and the Kabbalah, which in turn, centers in NYC and probably California began charging an exuberant amount of money to take courses to find spirituality, (I had gone to a center, and they wanted way too much money I wasn’t willing to part with).

Madonna was definitely at a different place in her life, her music and her personality showed it, that is until she just went back to her former self.

I was never a fan of Jada Pinkett. I never watched a movie with her in it, at least I don’t recall and even if I did, that should speak volumes on how unforgettable she is, for me.

What disgusts me more is how she continues to flaunt her arrogant excuses as if these statements should just be accepted as eloquent behavior.

Then it gets better.

Allegedly, amidst all the rumors of divorce, she claims Chris Rock asked her out on a date.

Didn’t she have a relationship with Tupac in 1998?


Celebrities were not meant to be idolized, not even reality television stars. They act like they are right there with you (the viewer) and they understand the struggle, when they actually don’t as most aren’t struggling financially. This is not to say all celebrities take the “idolize me” stance. There are celebrities who are very realistic about the lives they live and if they have children and don’t want them in the spotlight, they will make sure as not to exploit their children or even themselves. Most importantly, not to exploit their relationships, since most relationships in Hollywood seem to have an expiration date.

In addition, they should not be hated for the choice of life they live.

The less power we give them in idolizing their outrageous sort of nonsense, we can look at them as a reflection of the work they produce as an actor and shouldn’t be taken any further than what’s being presented to you.


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