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Before you write that character letter…. Keep in Mind – Perception is Everything!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Danny Masterson sentence to 30 Years is now living his own Strange Frequency

“Funny” thing happened to Danny Masterson, on his way up on that Hollywood trail. His perversions got the best of him and garnered him a 30-year jail sentence.

Better known for his character, stoner Steven Hyde on, “That 70’s Show”, was also a Scientologist.

Now if you don’t know what Scientology is, they describe themselves, “…as the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, others, and all of life. Scientologists also believe that people have innate, yet suppressed, power and ability which can be regained if cleared of unwanted behavioral patterns and discomforts.

I remember a friend of mine, who I met when I began making 12 step meetings, we were both early in our recovery when she told me about this book, Dianetics. She gave me a copy and I got as far as the first page.

I think both of us, being naïve and in early recovery, a lot of people I knew were, “looking for a way out”, so to speak, from the grips of how do we learn how to drink again, at a moderate pace. Well, coming from an addict perspective, anyone who is in the grips of an addictive personality, there’s no way anyone I know can use safely, regardless of what anyone else says. If a person has a gambling addiction, can they still go back after a period of time and not blow their whole savings on a slot machine or poker? Probably not.

Fast forward now to the present day, Scientology has been exposed by a variety of bloggers and Youtubers for alleged fraud and alleged abuse they have experienced while as a member of the church.

The exposure came to light when Leah Remini openly left the church in 2013 and two years later, wrote a tell all book titled, “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology”, exposing the concepts of what the church promotes as self-improvement through the use of an “e-meter”, among other “tools” the church suggested use for self-improvement.

According to this google search about the E-Meter:

“The E-meter is a device that measures the strength of a small electrical current passing through a person's body. It was used by Scientology auditors to examine a person's mental state. Scientologists believe the device can uncover "hidden crimes" and "see a thought”.

It further goes on to include: “Scientology is a belief that humans were once godlike and have deteriorated over time. The promise of Scientology is that through auditing, people can regain these godlike abilities. Auditing is a sequence of actions where the auditor takes an individual through times in their current or past lives to rid them of negative influences.”

Having this knowledge and after watching Leah Remini’s exposure on the church, negative experiences were also shared by others on the A&E documentary Leah was involved with putting together, “Scientology: The Aftermath”.

It is also alleged, the auditors are required to pass along this info, thereby using this information as leverage against a member in the event they try to leave….


There are three creators I highly recommend, if you would like to follow people who have had experiences with Scientology or interview people who have been affected by extremist religious concepts.

Growing Up Scientology with Aaron Smith-Levin, who was once a member of the church and also appeared on episode 6 of Scientology and the Aftermath titled “Auditing”. Please note when searching Aaron, you will find links relating to him, calling him a “vindictive liar”, however, those links are from Scientology, in an attempt to discredit Aaron’s experience and what he shares on his channel. You can subscribe to Aaron’s channel here: and his website here:

The Gold Report with Andrew Gold speaks extensively on the topics of cults, cruelty, extreme religions and pop culture. Some interviews can be very painful to watch, however they are very insightful. You can follow his channel here:

And of course, Mike Rinder, who worked closely with Leah Remini on the, “Scientology and the Aftermath” documentary, sharing very disturbing and painful experiences while he was a member of the church. You can follow his channel here:

Now moving on to Danny Masterson, for whom, the most part, has remained “under the radar” since the ending of That’s 70s show” in 2006. He did star in other movies and television series, but seemed to maintain a quiet life.

It wasn’t until the “me too” movement in 2017, women began opening up about their experiences of alleged sexual harassment and rape with well-known celebrities and/or producers. (Please understand why I have to use the word alleged in cases where someone may have been accused but have not been accused in a court of law, therefore, I cannot suggest or insinuate any celebrity conducted or participated in any form of harassment or any type of violent attacks, unless they have been convicted of a felony by a jury of their peers.)

Some have accused “said producers”, giving them ultimatums if they wanted a career, were found to be in “compromising” situations they could not escape from or so they thought they couldn’t.

At this point, I would think any man who engaged in these types of “activities” were shitting in their boots and A-Lister or not, no one had exemption status from being accused of crimes.

This was the second trial for Danny Masterson, as the first case presented, ended in a mistrial with the jury deadlock 8-4, in favor of convicting him for raping his longtime girlfriend. I guess those four people just couldn’t believe when you’re in a relationship with someone, if they have sex with you, without your permission, it isn’t rape? Or maybe he’s just getting what he wants because he’s the “boyfriend”?

In the second trial, Masterson was convicted for the crime of drugging and raping the two women in 2003, who have remained silent all of the years, one of them claiming he was holding them at gunpoint. Masterson was not charged for drugging his victims, as there wasn’t a toxicology report to prove that he did.

Because they were all part of the Church of Scientology, they were forbidden to report this crime to the authorities, having to live in silence about the violent attack all of these years.

Even after reporting the attacks, they were victim-shamed, since the concept of Scientology, according to L. Ron Hubbard, you are responsible for your actions, and you have control in maintaining the ability to fix yourself.

Makes me wonder if Kelly Preston would still be alive, if she wasn’t a part of something where she was made to believe she could cure herself.

History has shown, typical cult behaviors derive from “commercial” religions, racialized to adhere to their perceptions. Examples include, MLM’s, guru style groups, renegade groups where a person has conditioned a group of people to believe, they are their leader and their “God”.

Rules to follow in these types of radical belief systems can include a variety of “laws”, including, but not limited to, what foods they can eat, what garment of clothing is allowed, who they can and cannot speak to and who they are allowed to have relationships with.

Some cults have been known to abuse their members, either sexually or beating them, in most cases both, conditioning them to believe they want those types of actions performed on them or the reasons why they “deserve” to be punished in such a manner.

The judge laid down the law giving Masterson a 30-year sentence.

And just when you thought it was over, here comes part two. That letter from Ashton and Mila.

You know the one where they wrote to the judge, like a character letter.

Yeah that one.

I’m not sure how this letter got leaked and whoever did, better hope they don’t get found out because they may be out of job.

Needless to say, the letter had parts in it, I want to address.

In the letter Ashton and Mila put together on behalf of their “good friend Danny”, they asked the judge for a lighter sentence, because, being friends for so many years, they considered Danny a “role model”. Other than being a “role model”, as he so eloquently stated, he included, Danny isn’t a “harm to society”, and it would be a “tertiary injustice” for his daughter to be “raised without a present father.”

Gee, for someone who pointed a gun in someone’s face while raping them, I’m almost 99.9% sure I wouldn’t regard anyone who does that as a “role model”. In addition, for the “tertiary injustice”, maybe Danny should have used his own critical thinking skills on, what can happen when you point a gun at someone’s face, while violating them.

I guess someone will need to plan out on what days his daughter can visit him – in jail.

It was evidently clear for me which a jury doesn’t need to vote on, Danny lacked using his critical thinking skills and believed he had a church to back up his insane and volatile behavior.

With the letter now out in the open for the whole world to read, of course Ashton and Mila had to put the breaks of “negative social media parade” by creating, yes, another ‘apology’ video, now gone viral, explaining their actions as to why they wrote this letter, as they were doing a favor on behalf of Danny’s family who asked them so kindly, “can they”.

With the internet bloggers and youtubers on fire, everyone sharing their spin on yet another apology video and digging up every interview Ashton has ever done, dissecting every word he’s ever said, on every talk show he’s ever appeared on and it makes me wonder, how long will it take for everyone to forget all of this ever happened.

How many of you remember when Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie?

Ohhh the mighty hath forgiven those actions. “There are children involved” or “we have to think about the children and how it will affect them.”

Could it have been Brad’s “good looks”, where he was able to have a Hollywood career, unscathed by the scandals of being a cheater? Or was it because Angelina was just so hot, why would Brad stay with Jennifer, when he can trade her off with someone “hotter” and wants to have kids.

The problem with social media today is that people want to dig up things and make insinuations without having any kind of evidence to back up their claims or they want to dig these things up because why not? People don’t have a reasoning anymore to ruin other people’s lives or try to.

While we may never know the real reasoning of Ashton and Mila’s “kind words” about their friend Danny, let us not forget, we are the outside people viewing the lives of celebrities, through a small framed window. Celebrities will give just enough to leave you guessing and the rest, they don’t give a fuck.

I think the Youtube community is an awesome community, but sadly, we don’t have that kind of power to change the scope of how Hollywood works. And some dig too deep in conspiracy land, which loses all sense of purpose of why we need to stay informed.

Why do people make apology videos?

People who have been “wronged” and called out for their insidious behavior, make these videos,” because it’s the “best way” to let you see what is in “their heart”. The outpouring of sorrow, admitting the errors of their ways while at the same time, admitting they did nothing wrong, while dancing away in a Tiktok post.

Do you think someone like this ugly bitch Colleen Ballinger, if she wasn’t found out, she wouldn’t even think of whipping out her ukulele and putting together horrible lyrics into a song and sing how NOT sorry she was and how everyone was just “misinformed”.

And isn’t it amazing how day after day, everyone just keeps buying into bullshit, until the bullshit has sprung wide open, spraying everyone down with bullshit muck they just brought into, and to save themselves, let’s make investigative and conspiracy videos, breaking down the bullshit they just purchased into a few years back.

For a long time, I have said, stop worshipping celebrities. Stop believing these reality television stars or supporting their Jen Shah products, or any other movie actors who “genuinely” care about their audience. Yes, I do cover reality television in my videos, but if you’re watching them, you know exactly what I mean. That’s not to say, I haven’t bought into bullshit in the past.

On the flip side, this is not to say, there aren’t celebrities or people in power don’t care, as there are some who do….well, except for Oprah. One would think she would just rebuild the houses in Maui and not ask the general public for money, after all wasn’t she able to give away cars to her audience? Regardless, there are people who do care. We just have to talk more about them.

The one question that keeps replaying in my head is, when does everyone just stop and use their critical thinking skills?

I guess Mr. Owl doesn’t know either.

Until then. Take Care of you.


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