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Between the RHONJ and MAFS, Who Has the Most Drama?

First I have to apologize for the delay in content. Between editing this video and writing an array of blogs, I became ill. Not to worry, I don't have covid, thank goodness. I'm just a person who internalizes a lot of shit and if I don't have an outlet, I literally make myself sick.

I'm excited to share with you the video posted tonight on my Youtube channel.

Between Jennifer's attack on everyone in the Real Housewives of New Jersey, with the exception of Teresa, because, you know that's her best and only buddy, then we have Oljauwon, who seemed to have signed up for the wrong show. I think he was looking for Maid at First Sight, not Married at First Sight.

I can't believe the things that came out from his mouth about his relationship with Katina and what he expects from her.

Please enjoy another sarcastic video. If you haven't subscribed, please be sure to do so and don't forget to like and comment!

Coming soon, more Bachelor blogs and videos!

Until then. Take care of You!


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