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Big Changes for 2024

The inception of GPT Chat, A.I. art generators has been a game changer within our culture.

Some like it and some don’t and I can understand the reasons why. As a writer, I’m not too keen on someone who’s not trained to write in relying on Chat GPT to get them through which most times than not, Chat GPT will not be grammatically correct among other things.

They do make note, they are not the ends all that says all in reliable information. Honestly, what sources on the internet today can be considered “honest” information.  

And then we have “team irresponsible”, the ones who use these types of generators to create things that aren’t real, never were real, but because we have so many people who thrive on their own hate, they justify their actions with other haters in using these tools for bad rather than good. Especially those in the romance scammer department.

I’m very fortunate to have connected with really good technical people who have helped me along the way, straying away from the ingorance people have incited about A.I.

I always say, staying educated is what keeps you informed. Behaving as if it doesn't exist in your realm, is just your personal problem.

That being said, there will be significant changes to all my sites,, and yes, KEM will be coming back with a whole new look and a whole new format. I will be making a formal announcement on that soon.

Recently, YouTube has made unreasonable changes that has made users extremely unhappy. It seems they are trying to match themselves in the “cable” market, which is the primary reason, more people began streaming while straying away from the conformity of cable bills.

Once upon a time, YouTube was the “go to” in whatever you wanted to watch. Were there ads? Yes. But nothing like what we are seeing today.

YouTube isn’t the only site cluttering a user’s experience with relentless scam ads, fake products on how to get rid of fat in 30 days. These ads aren’t new either, it’s because of the internet, these predator advertisers, advertise wherever they can and whatever they want according to what is trending.

Who hasn’t done an online search, maybe looking for an article and you click on a news site asking you to please disable ad adblocker and support journalists, so you go ahead and whitelist that particular site.

Once that adblocker is disabled you are met with a barrage of gif ads unrelated to what you normally purchase and then the ads where you’ve been tracked upon visiting other sites.

I’m not going to get into the whole thing about ads, adblocker and YouTube, you can actually read that here:

The changes I anticipate in making is for my subscribers to have a better experience when watching my content.

No, this will not stop me posting on YouTube, I will utilize it for what it’s worth, the advantage of reaching out to new and potential subscribers who are looking for an experience with content they enjoy.

Because I work during the day, it has been difficult to get videos out in the time I want to get them out, therefore, I fall behind.

My new series, the Unfiltered Rabbit Hole, will launch next year. This will be posted on YouTube, however, there will be a full extended version here and on Patreon (, which is still a work in progress.

As for my coaching site,, following a subreddit group, discussing the intrusive ads on YouTube, especially with meditation videos, people have been startled from the ads playing in the middle of the meditation video and not just one time, several times, depending on the length of the video. I don’t know anyone who enjoys their meditation being disrupted with an ad and also the ad playing loudly. Personally, I think this is absolutely disgusting on YouTube’s part.

Meditation is a practice where there should be zero disruptions. Intrusive and unrelatable ads take away from a person who’s meditating for a variety of reasons, from PTSD, anxiety or just wanting to unwind from the day.


Meditation sessions should never be disrupted under any circumstance.

I am creating a series of meditation videos which will be exclusive to Coaching Life Realities. There will be no ads in place, the meditations will be a variety of focuses from rain sounds, sound baths, Tibetan bowl sounds, all for sleep, intentions and relaxation.

I’ve set up the page for sign up only and it’s free. You can log in any time at your convenience and utilize any video posted.

I hope these videos and future videos I am working on will help you on your journey.

Until then. Take care of you.


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Truth Teller
Truth Teller
19. Dez. 2023

I am so excited. I can't wait for 2024. And forget the haters. They suck ass big time. You know that's the truth! Coming from the truth teller. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Gefällt mir
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